It simply is this. We are all sinners and have broken God’s laws and as a result the wrath of God abides on us. God must punish sin because he is holy and he SHOULD punish us all and throw us ALL into the lake of fire but Christ showed his love to us by taking the punishment on the cross that should have been ours, and dying on the cross provided a way out for us so that we can receive the forgiveness of sins and be made righteous. Simply said, we broke the law, but Jesus paid the fine. Unless a person repents and puts their trust in Christ ALONE, they will incur God’s punishment and his wrath. For a more in depth explanation, click here.

  1. Jayne says:

    I have been reading many of the posts on your site and have found most of them to be very true….however, I was disappointed to come across the post here about Christmas. Christmas is a false/pagan religion, originally the festival that was used to honor Saturnalia…..there is so much information on this….it’s origins come from Babylon and Christ Mass actually has nothing at all to do with the true Christ, our Savior, of the Holy Bible. I would challenge you to please research more about Christmas and Easter (Ishtar, Oster, Ashtoreth) and perhaps share what you learn on here in the future, as I believe your heart is truly seeking the Lord and truth.

    God bless you.


    • Mark Nolan says:

      What they are teaching is correct, Chrstmas,is for Catholics not real bornagain Christians.
      We celebrate Passover, because Christ is our Passover lamb.Read 1 Corths 5:7
      Mark 16. May the Lord open your eyes to the truth. Mark N. God evangelist,

    • Sherry says:

      Dear Jane, I respect your concern for the body of Christ and I have studied on the origin of our Christian celebrations….in the midst of that the Holy Spirit lead me to Romans 14 and it opened my eyes to how we should approach our individual beliefs the entire chapter is really humbling read it then share how you feel about celebrating Christmas….may God’s peace and Grace be multiplied unto you!!

  2. w1sdumb says:


    that you mean well I do not doubt, yet I feel you miss the point.

    The word Jerusalem comes from ancient Egypt, and ‘salem’ has nothing to do with ‘shalom’, but God in His infinite humour allowed this to be, because it was on a hill outside ‘salem’ that he re-introduced the ‘shalom’ we gave away long before ancient Egypt existed.

    That days have names in all religions does not make the day any less a marvel created by God. If we focussed on sharing the good news and had time left over to ponder meaningless matters, then I would say ‘well done, good point’, but focus we don’t so there is no time left over, because it seems the church doesn’t look out anymore.

    So how about we skip the silly and meet the call?


    • Mark says:

      Dear friend, The Bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge.
      The name Jerusalem in English is Yah-rusalem
      If you look at psalm 68 v4 this will give you a clue.
      would you mind if I asked, are you bornagain?
      regards Mark

  3. Laurence says:

    Shalom Denis

    What has the name of a city have in common with a pagan ritual; wow!!
    Have heard it all now, the ritual of Christ Mass is both Roman Cahtolic and Pagan in origin and structure in its current form .
    We now know for a fact YAHSHUA was not born on the 25th and nowerwe near the month of December.

    I believe you own Jayne an apology, but hen i wonader if this will happen with your current attitude of arogance.


  4. Donald Jay says:

    There is no exact date from which date Jesus born..we celebrate Christmas at least once a year..December because according maybe to scientists,the bight star always appears on december..thats my opinion folks..

  5. Donald Jay says:

    astronomers should i say, sorry

  6. brow c says:

    Today, tomorrow, the 25th december who cares. why the argument lets just celebrate christ and give him all the glory every chance we get. If its a day to witness to the unsaved, hey thats the most important thing.

    brow c

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