Below are the tracts that I pass out during the normal course of the day.

First of all there is the Million Pound Note tract:


These are great because they look realistically like a £10 note so are easy to pass out or leave on a train or bus. For information about the tract click here.

Then there is the ‘Are you a Good Person?‘ tract:


This is excellent because it goes through what I would normally ask a person face to face and if for any reason, I do not have time, the tract does it for me. People like comics so are more likely to read it in this format. It also goes through the law for ‘by the law is the knowledge of sin’ (Romans 3:20). The gospel is very clear in this tract. To see the whole tract click here.

Then lastly there is the ‘It’s Your Life‘ tract

It’s your life

This is another excellent comic-book style tract which I love and makes people think about what will happen after they die. I give these out to black people as they are more likely to read it if the characters are the same colour as themselves. See an explanation here. To see the full contents of this tract , click here.

I am no big evangelist but just a simple born again believer who recognises the commission that Christ gave to ALL believers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15.

I try an incorporate it into my normal day when going to work, going to the shops etc. It is not always practical to speak to a person depending on the circumstance so giving out a tract is an ideal way to give someone the gospel in these situations and it only takes a second.

Many people have got saved through gospel tracts. Imagine, if you just gave out one tract a day, that would be 365 people that you would have reached with the gospel in a year and thats just one person doing it. If you cant do one a day, how about one a week? One a month? All I am trying to say is start somewhere.

Do not underestimate the power of the humble gospel tract.

  1. Jennifer says:

    I was looking for the most effective tracts and google listed this page. Thanks google! I’ve found some good suggestions.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    Im glad you like them Jennifer. Find a tract that you love to hand out and go get ’em

  3. Halima says:

    Great!!! Im also a black person living in london uk, and its nice to see someone givving out tracts- (and teh same tracts i do from livingwaters/way of teh master!) i give out the comic book one most as it goes though everything clearly and teh million ppound needs additional conversation atatched. Great!!

    Serve the lord, pass out those tracts and witness so God can be glorified!

  4. Alan Higgins says:

    Amen Halima. I agree 100% with what you said

  5. David says:

    Thanks bro, I ordered the 1million pound tracts yesterday and by God’s grace hope to hand some out soon.

    God bless you!

  6. david sanchez says:

    glory to God

  7. david sanchez says:

    Chick Publication cartoon gospel tracts are the best tracts to use to share the gospel containing both cartoon format and biblical references. Ron Wheeler’s COLORFUL- cartoon gospel tracts are also great to witness to young, middle age and old population. Ron Wheeler’s gospel tracts are found in the american tract society and good news and crossway under the category of cartoon. normally many people in america don’t want to hear or know about the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but if you and I present the gospel that will grab the attention of the reader, they will read it and the Holy Spirit could convict them of sin. Therefore it is better to present the gospel using cartoon format and not a gospel tract with MANY, MANY WORDS THAT WILL NOT BE READ.

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