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Before I say what I am going to say, let me make it clear from the start that I am in no way saying that the people that I am about to talk about are not sincere, nor am I saying that they are not saved. That is not the point of my topic but I think there is a bigger problem which needs to be addressed and that is the understanding of a new believer about salvation.

So what is my problem? The problem that I have is that whenever I listen to a tesimony before a baptism, I seldomly hear the person say that their reason for coming to Christ and getting baptised is because they recognise that they have sinned against God and that they have repented of their sins and put their trust in Jesus Christ alone recognising the work that Jesus did on the cross in paying the penalty for their sins (or words to that effect).

On the contrary what I do hear (and if I may say, on a regular basis) is something along these lines.

I was bought up in church when I was young and I knew about God and then when I got older and decided to do my own thing, then ‘fill in the blank’ happened in my life and then I realised that I needed to go back to church etc


My friend invited me to church and it was very friendly and the people were very nice and I have never stopped coming since


I gave my life to Jesus because my life was empty……


Even though I enjoyed my life, I knew that there was a hole in my heart that only God could fill…..

Why is this? Could it be that we do not make it clear to them what the actual gospel is? Or is it that we have reduced God to a person who just helps us through life like a spare tyre?

One time I asked a few people why they came to Christ and they basically said the above statements. When I mentioned that they should have come to Christ because of their sins…well lets say that I was not the favorite person in the room and I got a backlash. Now of course people can grow in their faith and understand this later on but isnt this the basics of christianity? Shouldn’t they know this foundation upon which everything else is built. Even if it is not articulate, surely it should be mentioned somewhere but the fact of the matter is that I hardly hear it. Once a person truly understands the sacrifice that Jesus made by diverting the wrath that they should have received, you cannot but mention it.

I think that this is indicative of christianity on a whole where we omit the gospel out of so much these days that we are suprised when we come against a train wreck later on down the road. Lets get back to repentance and faith (Acts 20:21)