Do you love Christian music more then doctrine?

Posted: December 16, 2007 in Music, The Bible, Theology and Doctrine
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Let me say this first of all. I love christian music (in fact music in general) and if you catch me at some christian events, you would no doubt see me shake a foot or two. However one thing that bothers me, especially with the young people but not exclusive to them by any means, is that generally, they know a lot about the latest gospel tunes and what is happening on the music scene, but when it comes to doctrine, their knowledge is very shallow. If there was a toss up between a hunger for Gods word to understand it vs music, music wins hands down. Of course there are a few exceptions. Check out my fellow blogger Black Reforming Kid who turned 17 not too long ago (Happy Birthday again).

I believe that doctrine should shape everything we do and if you do not know doctrine through scripture, then you are on shaky ground if your doctrine mainly derives from your christian CD collection. If I hear anything off key, whether it be preaching, teaching, or a song, I do not rush to the latest Kirk Franklin or Fred Hammond CD to check the lyrics on the inside cover, I go to the bible because that is the final authority. So that tells me that we should make understanding the word of God a priority otherwise we will be swept away by every wind of doctrine.

If you had two believers. One listened to 90% gospel music and read/studied/applied the bible 10% of the time and the other read/studied/applied the bible 90% of the time and listened to gospel music 10% of the time, which one do you think will become the more mature Christian?

I am not saying that music is not ministry and that it is no important but I am talking about what our priorities should be. You have some people who are really into the music side of things, yet never really pick up the bible. If we take the new testament model and the early church, the priority seems to be the preaching/teaching of the word and not ministering through music even though it does have its place so dont get me wrong, but it is only through a correct understanding of doctrine that you can correctly minister through music and not vice versa.

If you look at gospel rapper, Flame’s website ( he makes the point himself saying:


So to conclude, if you love Jesus then you’ll love doctrine.

  1. Daniel says:

    its great to see other young brothers in the faith like BRK, im only 16 myself. FLAME happens to be like my favorite artist….he is very doctrinal and theological in his songs.

  2. keyofdavid says:

    I think you’re totally right. If I may just put down what’s going through my head here.. I think the solution here is the preaching and teaching of the Word that brings the Body to the place of hunger for the Holy Spirit and casts a vision for deep relationship with Jesus. If our preaching focus more on the depths of fellowship with Jesus to be had through the word by the Spirit with fasting and prayer then our church would be connected to the very thing they hunger for. A hunger which is being fed by media and entertainment, christians artists mostly seeking to promote themselves.

    So, if we focused less as a church on religion and pushing each other to ‘do’ more, and also got less concerned with worldly things, like the 5 principles for success etc, and started awakening in each other a hunger for the depths of what the Holy Spirit will give a person who seeking relationship with Jesus… well we’d only be gravitating to the music which leads us deeper into worship of God, that we could sing it to Him and not just entertain ourselves.

  3. blackreformingkid says:

    I thoroughly agree with you, Bro. Alan. It’s a baseless theology that based on music – especially a lot of stuff called “Gospel” music these days.

  4. Alan Higgins says:

    I totally agree with you both. Our foundation for EVERYTHING should be the word and that will reflect in our music. You can see how dodgy theology is creeping into the lyrics of Christian music also so I hear what you are saying about ‘gospel-less’ music BRK

  5. Angelea says:

    Yep..definately agree (and I’m a teenager)

  6. Special K. says:

    If I may, I would like to share with you my take on music and hopefully bring it back round to the initial article. I am 23 and the one thing that I have noticed about young people whether Christian or not, is that a large percent (not all) would opt to listen or watch as oppose to read. However, when it comes to Christianity just listening and not reading come with a severe warning. I will explain. In 1 Cor 1: 23, Paul says that ‘we preach Christ crucified’ (We meaning Paul, Early Church and Christians today) will preach this which is the Gospel that Christ commissioned us to spread. The verses continue to say that it will offend the Jews and sound foolish to the Gentiles. If Christian music does not mention this (Christ Crucified- The Gospel) and do not offend, confuse and/or save – it’s not Gospel music.
    I would then say that the music I hear is mainly Christian entertainment for edification of the saints. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it is encouraging (it reminds us of whom God is) and edifying (it encourages me to worship and say thanks). Although, its testimonial content, sings about ‘How God saved them’ as oppose to ‘How can Jesus save you’. Therefore, for the unsaved, this shows to me that they still need the Word as the Bible says ‘So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’. God’s doctrine is essential for the unsaved. For the Christian, All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Tim 3:16-17). Not all Christian entertainment can rebuke, correct, instruction and reveal your sin. God’s doctrine will. Don’t we all want to be perfect before God? This can only be achieved through the knowledge of God’s doctrine.
    I know that this is a struggle for many young people so if you are struggling to read the bible, opt for the audio, but you need the Word.

  7. HQ19:7 says:

    Good post brother Alan. I often take issue with people who say “I just got back from the service and it was so good” or others may say “I don’t enjoy going tehre on Sundays, it doesn;t give me what I need”. It seems that some people confuse the purchasing of a CD with accepting God’s message, or they confuse attending a concert and going to a service. These are feel good people who don’t understand that we worship because God made us and because HE TOLD US TO. He doesn;t need us. We need Him. When we know THAT, then we fear God and that brings us to Wisdom and understanding. I think this tendency is a result of so much consumerism, hence people shop around for the right message and the right parish or community. God put me in a place. I must be a representative for Him as far as I can be one.

  8. Jacey says:

    Jeremy Riddle has some of the best lyrics of any contemporary musician I have come across.

  9. naikuu says:

    simple solution: music where the lyrics are Scripture. amen.

  10. Hi Brother

    I am francophone so please excuse my poor english .Do you know what brought me on this website?Few times after my conversion I noticed that some very famous gospel artists were not very consecrated or were in some confusion so I decided not to listen to them.I must say it’s been very difficult because apart from what the Spirit had revealed to me , The Devil was also trying to make doubt of everything, some kind of paranoïa if you know what I mean. Sometimes I could not listen to any music and I also had the pression of my younger sister who’s not yet christian and doesn’t understand why there are some gospel artists I don’t listen to.

    To make you understand when Jesus saved me I was already trying to start the recording of my album and I love very much music as every member of my family.But what prevented me from giving my life to Christ during many years is the fact that most Christians in France and Africa, even some in the USA do low quality music AND I JUST CANNOT BEAR IT.

    So the devil was disturbing me a lot when I realised that the more I get close to God The clearer is the situation and my duty to me.

    What brought me on this website is that I lately took some songs of Tonéx in the computer of one of my brothers and some details appeared strange to me though I haven”t felt the spirit telling me not to liste to his album. First of all the cover of the album unspoken, The title OAK’Park xxx and the song love me for me I wanted to know if it was a song for asking his wife’s hand or something else. I was studying all these details and trying to know if there had been a moment when he had turned his back on God between songs like make me over and 2009. When I saw the picture I asked myself if it was really his hairstyle or a bird was standing on his head ?

    According to you he really did.Is it the same person who sang Holy-Ness ? I was just reading to hime while reading the post and I simply stopped the music.Thank u Bro I’ll try to make motre investigation about him.

    God bless u

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