Whilst I do not agree with everything that G Craige Lewis says, he had an interesting interview with Karl Reid (pictured below) formerly of the gospel group, Commissioned.

Karl Reid

To me, Commissioned were it back in the day and this was reflected in their scripture based lyrics.

To listen to the interview, click HERE


  2. CJ says:

    Let’s see….Did Jesus stand in one place and wait for people to come to him or did he go out among the sinners? Did Jesus try to “Look Christian” or did he dress like most of the other people? Wow- back in the day the preachers and the mafia guys dressed alike – maybe the preachers should change how they dress. If a murderer gets caught wearing a blazer, should we be cautious not to look like a murderer and stop wearing blazers? Ridiculous!

    When will we judge a tree by its fruit?

    While it is true that MANY of the Christian artists have compromised, it seems as though the issue Mr. Lewis has with some is that of doctrine. While G. Craige Lewis is more on the “Everyone is healed who believes” misinterpretation of Isaiah 53:5, there are those he attacks with false allegations merely because they hold to the accurate view that Isaiah 53:5 was referring to our sickness of Sin.

    And what makes a “way” worldly? According to scripture it is something that goes against the things of God. So does a musical style go against Him? If so, please show me contextually in Scripture (No opinions please).

    By the way, I don’t need old time “Religion” and neither does this dying world. We need Jesus. If we take Paul’s advice and become all things to all me so that by it some may be saved, then we are doing the right thing – as long as in the process the glory is completely the Lord’s and we do not compromise.

    The Bible never said to use cars to pick people up and bring them to church. It never said to use the internet. It did not specify many things that can and should be used as tools to reach this world – music included.

    By the way – Mr. Lewis made more money last year than most of the people he criticizes. Ironic.

    • People like CJ says:

      Mr. CJ, and people like Higgins you both are ignorant!!!! Ever learning but not able to come to the knowledge of truuth! You are dangerous, you know just enough truth to use it to fit your lack of true relationship with God. Life will teach you this one day that is if you really saved!

      The reference was that not about Jesus going places to reach people it was about the spirit drawing them no matter where they are by preaching the Gospel.and the spirit is the one who does the work not the musical or a praise team or a Gospel rap group! The Gospel does not have to lower standards to reach people that’s what the enemy want so surface thinkers like you who are not accepted in true Gospel circles can be confortablle in their ignorance!
      People receive the spirit of God through the introduction of Jesus. He is right people like you have been desensitized with the hype. It seems you are unchurched and have no ideas what you are talking about…

    • Aaron Sherron says:

      I just read your response to Rev. Ellis Jones. I disagree with what your saying. I don’t think at any moment did Rev. Jones mention style of dress or anything tangible. You mentioned that. I think you don’t realize there is a standard. If the gospel world continue to adapt secular ways, when do you stop? Is there a standard?

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    CJ, I agree totally with you. If you look around my site, you will see that I have no problems with christian hip hop. See https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/a-treat-for-you-holy-hip-hop-heads/ for example. But like you said we should judge a person by their fruit and it seems that the fruit in some gospel music (not all) does seem to be bad and it is more about business that ministry. I think it is some of that old time religion that has left a lot of people in ignorance of scripture

    Being ‘worldly’ can be defined as partaking in the values, desires, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviour that characterize unredeemed human cultures. The worldly person is one who is squeezed into the mold of the ‘kosmos’, in contrast to one whose whole world view has been transformed by God (Rom 12:2). Worldliness is not necessarily a matter of participating in questionable activities or adopting certain styles of dress or appearance, as some christians in every generation have supposed. It is rather the acceptance of the values and assumptions of a society that has no place for God

    • Attention Mr. Higgins or whatever your real name is!!! says:

      Higgins you do not qualify to comment on the Church when you yourself are a church reject. Your position is bias! You should have stayed in Church!! Being from the UK doers not help your position to speak either. Wher you live is speaks of your mentality. We speak as African Americans in the experience not a world view and not a view from someone not Churched cause if you are not Churched then you are a rebel… Shut up!!! Speak on what you know!! Just like South African to tell you about God…. or even Africans who know nothing of the original Church..

  4. Karl Nova says:




  5. Lisa says:

    I think that many are missing the mark and finding scripture to justify their point.
    I have looked at Gospel video and had to check the channel because I thought I was looking at BET videos. I have taken children to church praise dances and those little girls shook more then they do in the teen center.
    I believe that if you preach the word and stay in the word people will come regardless. The teewns tell me they don’t want to come to a church that they can do the same thing they can do in the world. The church is the rock the foundation for the stability. But when people in the world come into the church and our environment is the same as the world it causes that person to drift back into what they left. I quoting what has beed told to me by new babes in Christ. They enter with higher expectations and we as a body of Christ have lowered them.
    I thnik if we get back in the word God will direct our path on decency an order.

    • People Like CJ says:

      Go Lisa,
      I can tell you have been fathered in the Lord and have a real relationship with him!
      This generation is like water they seek their own level…. but there are higher heights.

  6. Christ chosen says:

    I totally aggree with Lisa, we need to be on point and what I mean is this. For instance there are certain holy hip hop artists such as Lecrae and others who I like their style of ministreing and so on; but my problem with their phylosophy is how they always cling to the name of hip hop to promote Christ agenda. I’m not saying they are dogdy but what I’m saying is that as Christ like we should set a stand and be known for being christ like instead of whatever the world want to call us.

    [1cor 9:20] The apostle paul state somewhere in the new testament that “to the Jews I became a jews in order to win them to Christ”. Now that scripture can be taken into the concept of adapting before adopting and stuff like that. However although the apostle Paul use that method to gain others to Christ, he ensure that his identity was not lost while doing that.

    My advise to any gospel artist is that let yourself be know as a minister of Christ and not just cling to the name of whatever your doing. For example you might be doing a genre of music that sound can be seen as grime but don’t classify yourself as a Gospel grime artist, but rather let it be known of you as a minsiter of the Gospel.

    Yaweh bless and keep you all

  7. Monroe says:

    I agree with lisa a little, because gospel videos are becoming to look more like a BET video, but I think that gospel rap is a art and has nothing to do with the anointing that draw people to salvation. I never wanted to listen to Holy hiphop before I was saved, because it was not the beat I was attracted to it was the nature of the lyrics, and that nature is sin, cursing, money, sex and drugs ext.. Lets put holy hiphop in the right perpective it is talent and talent can sometimes get attention of people, but it will not transform them. We must preach the Gospel with boldness and love and compel them, so do not say God called you rap to reach the lost. He called you to preach and teach and make disciples. Don’t get me wrong I listen to some Gospel rap and enjoy it, because it gets me hype to preach the Gospel, but some young people who are not in the word of God may not be as hype about it for the right reasons Selah. Remember be Holy because God is Holy.

  8. Latoria says:

    As a musician, I don’t agree with what they said with regards to emotion in a song. It’s impossible to be or become a Christian without an emotion. Fear is an EMOTION and it’s needed to be a Christians, we must fear God right?? Moreover, LOVE is an emotion and that’s also required to be a Christian. Check out David’s psalms, it’s loaded with plenty of emotion. However, I do agree that the songs should be biblically sound and contain wholesome lyrics that clearly pertain to Jesus….even then, there’s no evading the emotion aspect of it b/c God is love, so if it pertains to him, it will be heartfelt.

  9. Jesse Leroy Greene says:

    So we need to be on point and not be worldly right? I totally think that anyone who agrees with this quack job lewis needs to do a serious evaluation and get checked into a mental hospital. **** RELIGION. It has nothing to do with that. Gospel music is about spreading christ’s message in whatever way possible, by any means necessary. It is a new day and while we are sitting here condemning others for trying to live prosperous lives, we could be out spreading the gospel to a friend or a co-worker or even someone on the street. Thats why people will not deal with most people in the body of christ because many of you over-religious christians tend to criticize what you don’t understand and when you don’t understand it, it becomes of the devil.

  10. Alan Higgins says:

    Jesse, James 3:9-10 says “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.”

    How can you be swearing in one sentence and then talk about spreading the gospel in another?

  11. becomming like sinners is not becomming a sinner we are different from them because we are don’t have a sinful lifestyle

  12. Many of the so called gospel music we see today are anti-christian. As Christ Ambassadors our music should reflect our position in Christ

  13. michael m says:

    IT’S long getting used to looking at a screen to sing modern songs in the church .. I don’t often like the content of these modern songs either.I much prefer most older hyms and sung out of a book . The old hyms seem to have real doctrine , real christian expression , real emotion and they mostly mention whom they are singing to or about .
    I havn’t yet got used to noticing older people jerking about , flicking a shoulder or shaking or beating down a fist to emphasise a feeling to the beat . .The tunes can be a bit mesmerising making up for the mystic repetitive content perhaps .?. It looks as though they are trying to prove a point ; but to whom ? . And for me they look slightly ridiculose
    But I say nothing and try to ignore these thoughts as I don’t want to judge them , or ridicule them . I suffer the discomfort .
    Some of the songs , supposedly hyms , if not ant-christian could be sung to any god I feel. We are meant to assume its GOD or JESUS without a mention of them .
    I can mention this here as you don’t know me and if you did you may not mention the local church I speak about . But the situation could be mentionedas happening in your church or a church near you and a minority , like me , do not happily concur with the fashion nor voice their discomfort and distress .

    I understand these modern song writers have become quite commercial and their songs are licensed and copywrited and can only be sung under payment of a licence fee and royalties just like the pop industry ?. Can anyone say if these ‘fees’ are token or serious big business and who are the megastars and millionaires ?.

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