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Happy New Year everybody. As we have entered 2008, I would like to challenge you to stop, examine yourself and ask the question “Where does your Christianity stop?” Which ‘STOP’ below best describes you?

STOP 1: I am a solo Christian. I dont need to go to church or have fellowship with other believers
STOP 2: I go to church every week and that’s it
STOP 3: I go to church every week and all the big church conferences/meetings and gospel concerts and that’s it. Nobody else knows that I am a Christian

STOP 4: I let my light shine. People can tell that I am a Christian by my life alone so I do not speak to them about Christ unless they bring up the subject
STOP 5: I have only told my friends and family about Christ but no-one else
STOP 6: I have told my friends and family about Christ but also look for opportunites to give strangers the gospel

Whichever stage you are at, may I encourage to move from your inner circle and move outwards. Also remember those who have gone to other countries on missionary work to spread the gospel, sometimes in very dangerous circumstances and risking their own lives doing so


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