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Spiritual abuse from todays churches is something that has bothered me for the longest of time. From burning people out in ministry so that they do not spend any time with their families to manipulating and controlling people about their money, this type of abuse leaves many people disillusioned with church and more importantly with God.

In the same way people suffer in silence when it comes to physical or sexual abuse, people suffer in silence when it comes to spiritual abuse. It was only the other day when I was speaking to someone who was doing this very thing. The only reason why he has stayed where he is is because he brought his friend to church and he would not feel right just upping and leaving because of what his friend might think. But he is not happy at all, especially when the Pastor is constantly begging for money to fund a new building

I came across Pastor Jay Cameron of Urban Change Ministries who has done a stage play called The Church Mafia (which I havent seen but it sounds good). I am sure there are many people who can relate to what he is saying in the following interviews.

Freedom From Bondage Part 1 with Jay Cameron

Freedom From Bondage Part 2 with Jay Cameron

Freedom From Bondage Part 3 with Jay Cameron

I know nothing about this ministry but going on what he says below alone, he seems to have his head screwed on and I just pray that many people will have their eyes opened by what he has said.

There is too much of this stuff going on and when someone stands up to speak out against it in this manner, there will be a backlash from unexpected quarters (i.e. church people) because people do not want truth but want their ears tickled. Lets pray for Pastor Jay Cameron and also for those who are caught up in this mess

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