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Here are two very powerful videos.

“Questions and Answers” by UK artist JayEss

“For You” by Knine. This is the Passion of the Christ meets Holy Hip Hop


Squeeze a lemon and you get lemon juice

Squeeze an orange and you get orange juice

Squeeze a mango and you get mango juice

Squeeze a Christian and you get ……….?

Jesus said that you will be known by your fruits (Matthew 7:20) and he also said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34)

What ‘fruit juice’ do you display when you are ‘squeezed’? Is it swearing? Lying? Anger?

Whatever it is, ackowledge it, take it to God in prayer and through the Holy Spirit, let him deal with that area of your life.

We all have a bid of bad fruit in us, so check what comes out of you when you are ‘squeezed’.