Thought for the day – What can wash away my (or your) sin?

Posted: January 13, 2008 in For Non Believers, Thought For The Day
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  1. acynth1216 says:

    Wow..This is intense…but necessary. Would you mind giving me the code so I can put this video in my blog? If you’d rather not because of some reason that’s fine…But this video was really good.

  2. kk says:

    This is great but I WAS told that he shed his blood 8 ways.

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    7 or 8, the fact is he hed his blood for us. Hallelujah

    Glad you liked the video KK. Thanks for stopping by


  4. saritha says:

    What can wash away sin Nothing but the blood of Jesus

  5. Alan Higgins says:

    Amen and amen

  6. Tanya Hobgood says:

    That was truly amazing….made me send out text msgs to friends and family to remind them that Jesus is the only way! 😉 thanks you so much

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