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Imagine you are a non-swimmer (or you may well be one already) and you went into a time machine which took you 12 months into the future and landed you by a swimming pool. While sitting near the pool, you see a small 2 year old boy accidently fall in the deep end and you are the only one present who has enough time to save him. Then instantly the time machine brings you back into the present.

My question is knowing that you will be at that same pool with that same boy in the future, and knowing what will happen, what would you do between now and then? I presume you would learn to swim.

Well in 12 months time, in 11 months time, in 1 weeks time, tomorrow, today, you know for a fact that people will be ‘drowned’ in the pool which we call death. 150,000 people die every day and after death, they have to face judgement. Christian, you KNOW that death is certain for the unbeliever. What are you going to do? Are you going to tell them of their impending judgement? If you dont know how to, in the same way you would defintitely learn how to swim to save that boy, start learning how to evangelise


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