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Seriously, if you want to know more about evangelism, please click here to know about the two teachings that opened my eyes
“After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, ‘Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.'” (Genesis 15:1)
Prayers for February 26, 2008
From The Voice of the Martyrs
Pray for CHINA
CHINA 21 House Church Leaders Simultaneously Sentenced to Labor Camp – China Aid Association
China Aid Association (CAA) reports 21 senior house church leaders were recently simultaneously sentenced to a labor camp by the Linyi City Re-education Through Labor Commission. According to CAA, “The leaders were detained on December 7, 2007 when they gathered for leadership training with 249 other leaders in Hedong district, Linyi city, Shandong province. After paying fines and finishing detention ranging from a few days to a few weeks, 249 leaders were released. The 21 most senior leaders were sentenced to three years to one year and three months.” The Public Security Bureau has accused and labeled the house church leaders as “evil cult” members. Of the 21 leaders sent to the labor camp, 12 are men and four are women. Pray for these believers and their families during this difficult time. Ask God to protect and encourage them. Pray they will be a good witness of Christ’s love to other prisoners and their captors. Psalm 27:1Pray for SRI LANKA
SRI LANKA Pastor Killed, Wife in Seriously Injured in Attack – National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka
On February 17, Pastor Neil Edirisinghe, of the House Church Foundation, was gunned down by two assailants outside his home in Ampara, Sri Lanka. According to a report by the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL), “Pastor Edirisinghe was engaged in the Lord’s ministry in Ampara for many years. The attackers also shot his wife in the stomach. At last report, she was in the hospital in critical condition. Their two-year-old son who received a minor injury in the attack is also suffering from trauma.” NCEASL added the motive for the attacks was believed to be in response to Pastor Edirisinghe’s ministry. The Voice of the Martyrs is assisting the family during this difficult time. Pray for peace and comfort for Pastor Edirisinghe’s family. Pray for a speedy recovery for his wife and child and for them to rely on the great Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 107:2Pray for GAZA
GAZA YMCA Library Bombed – VOM Sources
On February 16, unidentified assailants bombed the library of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) compound in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza city. According to VOM sources, shortly after midnight, at least 12 gunmen entered the YMCA compound and kidnapped two guards at gunpoint after asking them why they worked for “infidels.” The men stormed the building and detonated two homemade explosive devices inside the library. All 8,000 books in the library were destroyed and the floor, walls and ceiling were damaged. The attackers stole computers and other equipment from other YMCA offices. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. . However, sources in Gaza reportedly believe that the perpetrators were Muslim militants acting in response to the reproduction of cartoons “ridiculing” Muhammad in a number of Danish newspapers last week. Praise God no one was injured in this attack. Ask God to protect and give wisdom to believers in Gaza. Pray the attackers will come into contact with the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Joshua 1:9 Pray for ETHIOPIA
ETHIOPIA Christian Couple Beaten and Chased From Mosque – VOM Sources
On February 10, Muslin Christian converts, Jemmal Abdo and his wife, were beaten and chased out from a mosque where they both worked in the capital city of Addis Ababa. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, “Jemmal and his wife accepted Christ two months ago. Soon after their conversion Jemmal’s friend saw him talking with Christians and told the imam of the mosque. Jemmal and his wife were interrogated in the mosque during a meeting called by Muslim leaders in an attempt to persuade the couple to recant their faith. The couple refused to do so, even after the leaders offered them higher positions and salaries if they denied Christ. The couple was beaten and dragged out of the mosque.” Jemmal and his wife were able to flee to a new location for safety. Pray for the speedy recovery for Jemmal and his wife, who were injured in the attack. Ask God to strengthen them and provide for them as they stand strong in their new found faith in Jesus Christ. Isaiah 54:17

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HT: Sicarii

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Thought for the day – What can wash away my (or your) sin?


How many times do you hear Christians say that? Now I do not have a problem that in and of itself. If we look at the Psalms, we can see the various psalmists ‘keeping it real’ with their struggles, their pain, their frustration with the prosperity of the wicked and the many questions they have with God in their minds.

However what I do have a problem with is when people like Tonex (pictured below), write blogs like this and other blogs on his MySpace page WARNING!! THESE BLOGS CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.


For those who dont know who Tonex is, he is a grammy nominated, multi awarded ‘gospel’ artist (even though he says he is not a gospel artist but just an artist). From what I understand, he has been through quite a lot like abuse, a divorce and having no money for example. Last year, he wrote a song called ‘The Naked truth’. You can view some of the unsavoury lyrics here. Now admittedly, he did apologise for his outburst after the Naked Truth but what happened between then and now is anybodys guess.

Now if I am honest, a lot of what he is saying is true but at the same time, a lot of it is not and very irresponsible. What I find even more disturbing is

1. This person was a Pastor

2. How many people including christians have written comments celebrating his ‘realness’.

Me, my friend and I am sure others have written a comment on his blog trying to make him see the error of his ways and I have asked him to examine himself to see if he in the faith (2 Cor 13:5) but he has chosen not to approve those comments for publication. I would be able to swallow this better, if he didnt insist that he and God are ‘tight’, if he didnt try to justify everything and if he didnt have a ‘I dont care what anybody thinks’ attitude.

I listened to a podcast interview that Tonex had with Tim Dillinger on his gay ‘christian’ radio station (do a search on Tonex on the website). He now says that Carlton Pearson is his mentor. Carlton is a heretic who preaches the gospel of inclusion which Tonex agrees with. His other mentor is Yvette Flunder who is a lesbian bishop.

Based on everything he has been saying lately and on the podcast as well and lining it up to scripture, I have every right to question his salvation and pray that he will have a correct understanding of the gospel as he has shown that he does not and is self-deceived.

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. (Ephesians 4:29)

He previously released an album called Oak Park 92105 with a ‘parental advisory explicit lyrics’ sticker on it. As someone mentioned on another blog, there are ways of addressing important issues without using such vulgar language e.g Cross Movement – Catch 22

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one. (Col 4:6)

Experience, good or bad should NEVER be our primary guide in life, as Tonex seems to be doing listening to various interviews, but it should be scripture and scripture alone. Scripture determines experience and not the other way around.

Lets pray for him, yes, but lets not celebrate his ‘honesty’ as many seem to be doing

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Below is the transcript to Blair Wingo’s poem ‘ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE THE CHRIST’ which can be viewed here

Blair Wingo

We’ve got a False Jesus being portrayed. As seen on TV, acting cool….you see he’s changed.
A different Jesus from the Bible so…allow me to bring the real Christ on stage. Not that whack Jesus, the one not based on fact Jesus, too often displayed. The Christ in Glory, not the one on your chain.
Because he’s the real Jesus Peace that only dwells in the saved. So allow me to paint the picture of Christ in the Scripture preaching faith and repentance that your too cool Jesus….never seems to mention. It seems like he’s down with all the things that you do. But come on, there’s only one Jesus who is true. So which one will you let reign over you? Who?
The Millionaire Jesus who just wants to make you rich? Give you some ice, fame, money, to prove that you are blessed? The Black Panther Jesus who throws up his black fist. The ‘Kan…Ye…West’ Jesus who walks with no Holiness. Which one will you choose? I said….Which one will you choose?
So I think it is long overdo to have a re-introduction of Christ. So there won’t be any confusion as to which one is right, because one leads to death, and the other IS life! So allow me to, re-introduce the Christ. Allow me to, re-introduce the Christ. I said allow me to re-introduce the Christ! He’s been distorted by the people and IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT!
Allow me to re-introduce the Christ. Not someone you can pimp around to propel your cause. Or a name you can proclaim just to cover your flaws. Look if this is true then you’re serving a different Boss. Your Christ is an idol and you’re probably lost.
Because Christ in the scripture? He gave a call to forsake all. Not to wear a cross but to take up your cross and follow Him. Because we’re holding a death sentence because of our sin. And it’s His Mercy that His wrath hasn’t burned times ten. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah but a curse within. You see He gives us a chance to learn of Him!
So that He can be glorified in His rightful place. So if we’re serving this imitation Jesus, dude, it’s like a blatant slap in the face, distorting His grace and disregarding His sacrifice. For a worldly Christ, like the ‘Purpose Driven Life’ Jesus, who prophesied you’ll be used by him before you’re living like Jesus.
Or that S.A.T. Jesus who helps you with all your quizzes, gets you into college, allows you to pass math and physics, the homosexual Jesus who doesn’t see you sinning. The ‘Destiny’s Child’ Jesus who sees your Beyoncé and starts grinning. Which one will you choose? I said…which one will you choose?
So I think it is long overdue to have a re-introduction of Christ. So there won’t be any confusion as to which one is right, because one leads to death, and the other IS life! So allow me to.. re-introduce the Christ.
Allow me to … re-introduce the Christ. He’s been distorted by the people and IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT!
So allow me to re-introduce the Christ.
Not someone that we can cover His mouth, so we can continue our nose in the dirt, so He doesn’t require us to repent of all sins, to be born again, to never blend in with this world, and Broadway is the street that walks the Material Girl, she’s got you seduced, she feeds you a phony Jesus that doesn’t want to save you from your sins but wants to…”Kick it with you.”
Like…”Jesus is my Homeboy”..or “Jesus got me employed” or “Jesus is my Decoy”, But will the real Jesus please stand up? The ONE who is TRUE! Because He’s been, knocked down, pushed down, and these idols come in, he wrecked it up, he wrecked it up to the point that if the real Jesus came back right now…Dude, the Church would probably hang Him upside down! Pin Him to one of these beams and crucify Him again. Because he’s not down with your sin! And it hurts me to see how the Church will defend their lifestyle. Like, Wow! Don’t we want to know Christ? The one who willingly gave His life to set us free from our sin you see.
And I must do this by ANY means necessary. See, I must NEVER hide the LIGHT! So tonight, I’m going to introduce Jesus Christ. I said I’m going to introduce Jesus Christ because He’s been distorted by the people and IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT! So I’m going to introduce Jesus Christ because one day…Dude…. He is coming back and it’s important that you recognize Him because the scripture talks about that.
Many people saying….”I’m Jesus….No, I’m Jesus…No, I’m Jesus” But which one is fact? And you got to get into the Bible to see about that, that He’s coming in the clouds with Power and Glory, and every knee will bow, testify to His authority. So this Jesus of the scripture better take priority, not the one that’s accepted every where by the majority, when He Himself said the world would hate Him! So why all of a sudden does the world want to date Him? Think about it.
Hopefully you haven’t given in to this ‘Come as you are, stay as you are’ Jesus. ‘He has this wonderful plan for my Life’ Jesus, ‘You don’t need repentance’ Jesus…or ‘All roads lead to Jesus.’ I hope you haven’t given in to this, but you serve the One who is Holy. Because it will be something if on Judgement day the Jesus you’ve been serving was simply an angel of light, which covered a legion of demons masquerading as Christ. All this time serving a Jesus who’s not been pierced at his feet and the wrists, who has no sword coming out of his mouth, No rod of Righteousness! To go on day by day by day, and willingly MISS because we’re serving a created image that leads you to the Abyss.
So lets get into scripture, so we’re not fooled by this Jesus who when were sinning he’s still with us, Won’t get into this Jesus that the world loves, and he’s cool with your worldly music, worldly TV, you going to the club, your sex, your lies, your vanity, your phony love, the very thing that caused Christ in the scripture to shed blood.
So let’s make sure we’re serving the right Christ, not a wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s got you enticed. The TRUE ONE, want to make you new ONE, The ONLY begotten SON!
So I think it’s long overdue for you to be introduced tonight. Everybody help me welcome…Jesus Christ!

Thanks to Rebekah who supplied this to me

Click here to check out the Passion For Christ Movement’s website.

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‘Dont Add On’ because its ‘In Christ Alone’

Taken from The Way of the Master Minute

Saturday, February 23, 2008
“You Can’t Do This”

ListenBeing a witness of Jesus Christ is a mindset. If you haven’t already done so, go to Gethsemane, drop to your knees, sweat great drops of blood at the thought of sharing your faith, and then say, “Not my will but Yours be done.” That will give you the mindset to deny yourself and daily pick up the cross. You only have to bear the reproach of the cross for a short time. One day you will exchange it for a crown, and that day isn’t too far away. So, if you have dealt with your fears, every time fear knocks at the door, you can send faith to answer it. When your cowardly cringing heart says, “You can’t do this,” you simply ignore its whispering and say, “I dealt with you at Gethsemane. Now I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” There goes another minute. Gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.


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Whatever happened to Personal Evangelism?


My church is currently doing a series called Gracism:The Art of inclusion (not to be confused with the gospel of inclusion) and this is based on the book below by David A. Anderson


Book Description

When people deal with colour, class or culture in a negative way, that’s racism. But the answer is not to ignore differences as if they don’t matter. Instead, we can focus on diversity in a positive way. That’s gracism. Pastor David Anderson responds to prejudice and injustice with the principle of gracism: radical inclusion for the marginalized and excluded. Building on the apostle Paul’s exhortations in 1 Corinthians 12 to honour the weaker member, Anderson presents a biblical model for showing special grace to others on the basis of colour, class or culture. He offers seven sayings of the gracist with practical examples for building bridges and including others. A Christian alternative to secular models of affirmative action or colourblindness, gracism is an opportunity to extend God’s grace to people of all backgrounds.

This Sunday will be the 4th talk. I’ve missed the 1st and the 2nd so I have some catching up to do but what I have heard, so far so good. I havent read the book yet so cannot really give a proper review or comment on it but I love my small Group and I love the fact that our church, which is very multicultural, is tackling this issue head on as we cannot ignore the fact that there are prejudices in church and if we are honest, we all have some prejudices in us. Whether it be between black and white, black and black (eg Ghanaians and Nigerians), rich and poor, deaf and the hearing or the advantaged and the disadvantaged. My pastor has even been brave enough to hold a session next month called ‘My mistake as a white pastor’

We discussed a few things in our group today like what group of people are we really good with and what group of people do we seem to avoid or not really include then into our world? We also had a laugh about black people being late all the time and white people kicking their childs friend out their house because it was time for tea……..dont ask.

In any case, it was a very edifying meeting and it really made me think about any subconscious prejudices that I may have not realising they were there. I will have to ask God to bring that up to the surface. We also discussed moving out of our comfort zones and including people in our world who are not like us. We kept it real and that is the beauty of small groups. It is beautiful fellowship, you can take the mask off and be real knowing that at the end of the day, it is Christ that unites us all and helps us with any shortcomings that we may have.

You can read more about Gracism and how you can be a gracist here

If you want to download or podcast the series from my church, click here

This ties in with the mark of scripture twisting. What these teachers do is quote a lot of old testament scriptures to validate their point of view. If you do not have a basic understanding of how to interpret scripture, or know which old testament laws we are to obey today, then you can easily be taken for a spiritual ride. Here is an example of Paula White misusing old testament scripture to use the old ‘First Fruits’ scam (HT: Independent Conservative)

Part 1

Part 2

Yawn yawn, here we go again. “2008 is the year of new beginnings”. Another example of the abuse of biblical numerology

“At the beginning of a thing, (God says) establish my presence by bringing in your first fruits…..This must be activated by bringing in an offering” Which scripture verse is that? Oh yeah….there isnt one.

You will notice that she says that Ezekiel 44 states that the priest shall wave the firstfruit offering before the Lord. NO IT DOESNT but Lev 23:20 does. But she forgot to ask us to send in the two lambs also. How convenient. So if you are going to send any money to her, dont forget to post the lambs first class also. Another classic example of twisting scripture and conveniently picking and choosing parts of a scripture verse.

Now lets look at Eze 44:30

The best of all the firstfruits and of all your special gifts will belong TO THE PRIESTS. You are to give THEM the first portion of your ground meal so that a blessing may rest on your household.

What a con!! So if we strictly go by her definition (and by her picture when the scripture appears), we should be giving her, the priest, our money. In fact, if we are going to read scripture, lets read it in context, so if we look at the surrounding verses of chapter 44 which talks about the laws governing priests, here are some other things that ‘Pastor Paula’ should be doing

  • When Israel sin, stand before the altar with the fat and the blood
  • Whenever she enter the gates of the inner court (where-ever that is these days), she should put on linen garments
  • No wool shall come upon her while she ministers within the gates of the inner court or within the house
  • She should have a linen turbans on her head and linen trousers on her body
  • She should not clothe herself with anything that causes sweat

Here is another blatant scam by Peter Popoff. He calls it the Ezekiel 4:9 miracle manna and bases the’miracles’ it can produce on Exodus 16:4. If you look at the other commercials they say that he personally prepared them all…yeah right!!

Can you see how ridiculous this is? How comes these preachers only follow parts of the law? I’ll tell you why. Because the other parts are not profitable.There any many preachers who preach the mosaic law and other old testament passages in order to receive material blessings and fool you into thinking that you can receive these blessings also.

One of the common justifications you will hear is in Galatians 3 when it talks about the ‘blessing of Abraham’ and these teachers will use that scripture to say that is the proof text why we can claim money, cars, houses etc. But if again we look at the chapter or indeed the whole book, what was the purpose of Galatians? Well in a nutshell, it was basically a reproof telling the Galatian church not to revert back to the law and that they were not justified by the law but by faith which is the real ‘blessing of Abraham’. It was nothing to do with receiving material blessings

Can you see how important it is that we RIGHTLY divide the word of God, otherwise it is so easy to be carried away by every wind of doctrine

Remember to pray for these teachers.

To be concluded…..

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I received a comment from Joyangel123 of Gates of Righteousness on my post ‘Why does God allow evil? – Part 2’ and thought it was so good that it should be a separate post in its on right.

Joyangel123 gives us this analogy:

Do you know what came to me today. It was that no matter how much we wash ourselves we are never clean. As soon as you step out of the shower dead cells are already accumulating. If you let them sit around for a while we start to stink letting all who come close to you aware of your filthy state. But most people do not get to that state because we have cleansing rituals that remove the dead cells before anyone, even you yourself, can become aware of them. But they exist. Imagine if you house has an automatic dirt removal system that got rid of dirt as soon as it appears. Do you think you could live in that house. It would exterminate you as soon as you set foot in there.I think of heaven like that. Which is why mankind cannot go their in his state. Even the righteous person who thinks he doesn’t sin and lives in his self righteousness. He could never get into heaven because he would still be suffering from the sin that he can be righteous without God which is sin.

The only way to get to heaven is to have a sinless, righteous permanent shield which is through Jesus Christ.

Our concept of evil is different from God which is very fine tuned and God eradicating the evil the Devil planted in this world would really affect many of the good wheat. What we call good may not be good in God’s eyes which is why God says in the Bible that the Day of God is an awesome and terrible day because evil will not be able to stand in his presence. And many we consider good or righteous will be destroyed because it is only with the blood of Jesus Christ will any man be able to survive.

Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ that washes away our sins.

Thanks to Daniel down there at Heart of Flesh, he has now made me aware of another thing for me to start studying after I finish The School of Biblical Evangelism as I mentioned before. (Or maybe I will study them side by side)

I am a firm believer that the gospel should be accessible to everyone and Reclaiming the Mind ministries have done just that by offering this theology course for self study, free of charge. You can download the course workbook and go at your own pace

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries

As well as doing a self study for free, you can earn a certificate or you can view their lectures, where they have 263 Theology Questions and Answers on Video.

Happy studying