This is Blair Wingo of the Passion For Christ movement

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  1. She’s like an African American, Christian, Ani DiFranco. Nice flow, great wording.

  2. Steven says:

    I like it very much, because a lot of people have made it very mechanical, but lets also not forget there is nothing wrong with structure. I represent JESUS also, and one thing i’ve realized is his HOLY GHOST guided the ways of the apostles/apostolic to a way of being to seperate us from the ways of the lost.
    I agree though that some have made it all structure and the structure by itself is bare if you don’t build upon it walls and doors. We must learn to be free in all things when it comes to CHRIST, but not to be buck wild.
    A lot have adopted a so-called christian movement that is based upon stepping away from the bible and taking on the man-made attributes of its leader. Obey the man of GOD wherever you are but only if he is speaking the truth of repenteance of baptism in the name of JESUS, and being filled with the HOLY GHOST.
    Mechanical we have become, and mechanical the luke-warm church will be when JESUS comes. He says “I will spit you out.”
    She’s on fire for JESUS, I only hope we all reach the point though of not being satisfied with a portion of the truth but take it all on in apostole/apostolic form. Amen.

  3. I need a partnership with you,

    Pastor Silas,

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