The Church Mafia – Spiritual abuse in our churches: A Testimony

Posted: February 4, 2008 in False Doctrine, False Teachers
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I received a comment from Faith on my previous post ‘The Church Mafia – Spiritual abuse in our churches‘ and I thought it needed a separate post because I believe that countless amount of people have been (or are still) in Faith’s shoes and have been trapped by legalism and bad doctrine. She writes:

God Bless Everyone:

I have recently left an organization which I thought I would be a part of for many, many years or at least until I went home to be with the Lord. I am a young woman who was in search of spiritual guidance and leadership. Unfortunately, what I found was control, witchcraft, legalism, tradition and a judgemental spirit. The church was also indoctrinated with rules and regulations that would constitute holiness.

God had to show me in his grace and mercy that what I experienced was not of God but rather mans qualifications for holiness. What am I talking about? I became what somebody else wanted me to be instead of what God wanted me to be. I allowed leaders and a church to define my holiness instead of seeking God. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. That is what the Word tells us. I allowd the teaching to strip me of my identity and therefore I became a clone of somebody else or a robot of what holiness should look like.

I was told that women should not wear pants, make-up or cut their hair. Before my life of salvation I wore make-up very modestly and I never thought of it as enticing or in the nature of Jezebel as it was constantly reminded in so many sermons. I wore make-up rather as something that would enhance myself as a woman and as a finishing touch to attire. I never idolized make-up. I also enjoy being multi-faceted when it came to my wardrobe. I do not think that I should stop wearing pants because the word says “A woman should not wear that which pertains to a man”. I believe that these man made rules put no emphasis on righteousness but rather put works as a precurser for true holiness. My holiness is not predicated upon whether I wear make-up, pants, or cut my hair. I am free in Christ Jesus and who the son of man sets free is free indeed!

I felt like I was in bondage. I began to judge others who wore pants and make-up. I began to feel low and down trodden with the burden of this facade of what holiness should look like. I became a clone instead of being myself. One day I looked in the mirror and I looked worn out and beat up. My face was dry and I did not look like I had the joy of the Lord. My hair has been thinning so when I wear a short hair style it looks neater classier. I felt like I did not fit in because I wanted the short hair. The pastor would say that in Corinthians it stated if a woman cut her hair she might as well shave it all off. So much pressure. One day I heard an ispiring message by G.E. Patterson which began my transformation.

I began to seek God and I prayed for him to open my eyes. I felt sad and heavy. I began to gain weight because of the depression. As I began to seek God he began to show me what was the problem. I heard him say in a soft voice “legalism”. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. As I began my transition I began to get purged of all the church doctrine and tradition that was implanted in my brain for 4 years. I was so messed up to the point I felt like I wanted to commit suicide. But God, in his loving kindness saw fit that I would be delivered.

Today I have on make-up, I wear pants in freedom and I don’t feel like I am going to hell because I have either one on. I thank God for salvation. I am going to order the play Church Mafia. I pray that all born again believer seek God and not man regarding their salvation. Do not let man decide who you should be but let God mold you into the person he designed you to be. God bless you!

Please also look at comment 6 from Liz here

May this encourage those who are still trapped that you (as I always say) do not have to suffer in silence

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  1. Jason says:

    Heart wrenching story . . . wise for those of us who lead churches (pastors like myself) to keep these kinds of things in mind as we lead and preach and teach and offer guidance.

  2. Dexter Lilo says:

    As church leaders we must be careful that we dont make make man in the image after our likeness. So many times Religion makes man in the image after their own likeness so that we think like them and act like them, only to fulfill the wish of our church organizations and not the wish of God.

  3. Crystal says:

    The above really touched me because I experienced these same things. And you dare not speak out or ask questions because you are told to go somewhere else. Don’t speak out against the man or woman of god or you’re going to die and/or go to hell. You’re supposed to obey/respect those who have the rule over you. No pants, make up, jewelry etc. I’m beginning to realize that this is false worship. How am I pleasing GOD by wearing what someone else tells me. If CHRIST is our deliverer then only he can bring us out of whatever we’re in. But, to keep letting men tell you what to do and what not to do is not TRULY deliverance anyway. It’s just menpleser stuff.

    One of the worst examples of a spiritual abuser is GINO JENNINGS out of Philadelphia PA (WWW.TRUTHOFGOD.COM)

  4. Cynthia says:

    The problem with this situation of spiritual abuse in church is that it is not just in the “culty” churches – it occurs in mainstream churches as well. The church could be perfect in every way, offering the right doctrine, a good minister, a fine accountability of and use of tithe money and so on. Even the sunday school and bible study classes may be working well, and everyone is having a quality time. But then one group develops in church – it could be the women who are on the Kitchen committee, or the Tuesday morning Bible Study, or the Sunday afternoon parents group that meets while the kids are at youth group – and somewhere in the church this group develops into a spiritually abusive “sub” group, and no one in the rest of the church realizes that this is going on. What occurs is that somehow a “dynamic” of spiritually “better” people develop in the group and soon the group is divided between those who “are” spiritual authorities, and those who are not. As the class grows, so does this dynamic, this “clique”. Soon there is this looming monster group of people who “hope” to be accepted into the “heirarchy” of this coveted specially honored group of people who are viewed as better than the rest of the group. Somehow everyone knows this dynamic exists even though it is unspoken. The coveted group makes friendships with newcomers who they find “acceptable” and soon these people “make it” into the top eschelon of the whole group, and learn, through act not word, to be as judgmental as the portion of the group who accepted them, and learning to make those “beneath” them feel like lesser christians. The abuses may range through many topics – who has more money, who dresses better, who is on more committees, who attends more bible studies, who has special spiritual gifts as seen by the whole church as a special blessing, such as the gift of prayer; Out of this group’s top “cream of the crop” layer of people, new groups spawn, and more “home” groups pop up for entertainment, which is conveniently “cloaked” as spiritual studies. Those in the top group want nothing to do with the lesser christians, for fear that their true human=ness will be discovered and they will be knocked out of their position when someone lower than them is found to actually to be more genuine, better, more spiritual. So the abuse gets meaner in order to keep the lesser folks down. Those who feel the most down leave. Sometimes, those in the upper position take those in the lower positions away from the crowd and tell them, “you really don’t fit in here, you should find a different church,” or “you know you really aren’t cut out for my ministry…”

    How do I know these things? All these things happened to me in a very normal, larger sized Southern Baptist Church in West Houston, TX. It was a very normal church, nothing culty about it. I had a good experience there but discovered that after attending several years I had made no friends. We left for a while but came back. I resolved that this time I would make an effort to reach out and be a friend. I took phone numbers and called people when I could. Most people were (and still are) to busy to get together during the week, for normal reasons, like jobs and so on. So making friends did not occur. I did not give up, and instead joined several groups. One group was called the “outreach committee”. Right after we left (we moved) the committee was brought to an abrupt end over a situation where the pastor was let go – he was jealous of the outreach committee having better ideas than he had and called each member into his office and chewed them out. He wanted no competition because he viewed the church as “his” having built it up from nothing. Out he went. When we moved back to our city, I got involved in a women’s group that had a special mission and put on a special festival meal every year in spring commemorating the Biblical Passover in its Christian context. The group appeared to be fine – but behind the scenes, one of the women – a leader, would make stinging remarks to me, hoping to get rid of me. Once she succeeded and I left the church for a few months. But I was employed there and “had” to go on a weekday morning. The woman saw me and never said she missed me – she just said, “I thought you did n’t go here any more.” This revealed that she wanted to get rid of me. After that she was very sweet to me in front of other people, but when I happened to end up alone with her, like at the market once – she threatened me. Her exact words to me once were, “You’re lucky I know you…” I had to wonder if she was threatening to beat me up, or lay waste to me emotionally. She picked on me about little jobs, like that I did not coalate papers correctly, even though it was a volunteer job and she should have been thankful to have help at all with such a boring job. In the mean time the head pastor was caught committing adultery with women he gave marriage counseling to. This pastor had let go of a really good youth leader to install his own son as the leader. This son used the same tactics as the woman in the women’s group used – when he got my son alone at the snack table he told him, “you just don’t fit in at this church – you need to find yourself a different youth group…” so my son quit going to the group he felt very hurt. So we can see that one form of spiritual abuse is to take someone aside and really hurt them, threaten them or tell them they don’t fit in, even with a sweet voice – this apparently works well, because several people have used to get rid of unwanted others repeatedly. After that I had my youngest child baptised. We had to go to a meeting with the children’s minister, my self and my child. The door was closed and no one else was there. So you can imagine my shock when one of the church secretaries approached me in a public hallway of the church and chewed me out loudly, saying, “We ALL heard about your child’s Baptism Interview: your child is the wierdest child in our church – what did you do to make your child so wierd – what is wrong with your family?” I was reduced to tears, I was so surprised and shocked that the entire childrens department secretarial pool had aledgedly discussed my child’s private baptism appointment. And also shocked that such an accusation had come up about my child, since he had behaved wonderfully…Had the children’s minister gossiped about me? Had I been on camera? Had a secretary listened in at the door? Read my child’s file?

    Then it dawned on me – the secretary who had upbraided me in the hall had also been in the women’s group I was in…and perhaps the leader who had disliked me behind the scenes so much had gossipped about me to her on some level. Maybe she was trying to defend the beloved, popular leader against my fictional bad behavior which had been delivered to the group in some sort of prayer. It was definitely a “mean girls” situation. Even Oprah Winfrey had a panel of guests on that discussed how adult women often gang up on one another if one of the women is believed to be the enemy. I realized that this “might” be the case.

    While all this was going on my daughter had had her set of woes as well – in 2nd grade the head minister in charge of interviewing for baptism (a few years earlier) had told her she could not get baptized because she did not “know” enough…that’s not what the Bible teaches, but she lost her spirit to get baptized anyway. Between this time and the time she actually did get baptized, the childeren’s ministry had devised a program where children had to memorized bible verses to earn candy. The candy represented a certain number of points. If a child earned a number of points, they qualified to go to a huge toy party. At the party, children had to recite bible verses at certain stations and if they could ratttle them off, they could “win” a toy. The number of toys a child could win was unlimited because the people who were running the program were fairly wealthy and were paying for the toys from their own pockets. My daughter beleived that she could not get into heaven becasue she could not even memorize a bible verse (she had adhd and had trouble memorizing things at the time), so I pulled her out of the programs. Eventually all 3 of my kids were out of the programs.

    The women’s group had put on a production of our ministry at a different church, and table hostesses were in charge of each table. I put my purse at my table assignment and when i returned, the hostess and a “respected ” part of our group who was well known for her “gift of prayer” and “gift of discerning spirits” told me off in front of the minister of that church, telling me I could not sit in that chair, I had to sit in the one she picked for me. I should have walked out then but did not want to let the expectant church people down during our performance, so I stayed even though I was angry and hurt and near tears. The next day the leader called me and I told her what had occurred. She promised me she would talk to the table hostess, and got back to me by telling me that the table hostess and herself had prayed about it and determined, using their spiritual gift of prayers and discerning spirits, that I was “demon posessed”, and surrounded by demonic beings. This excuse for THEIR bad behavior? That’s when I really realized that I was being spiritually abused. YOu see, up to this point, I had NO IDEA that I was being spiriutally abused. I did not know why people who were my leaders, who were in that upper-eschelon group for being “more spiritual”, “better christians”, and “closer to God”, were telling me such things, and treating me in the bad ways that they were. I had thought it was my fault. THEY HAD TOLD ME TO MY FACE ON MANY OCCASIONS THAT I WAS JUST WAY TO “SENSATIVE”, because “no one” would get upset over a little comment like that, whatever the comment was.

    I had to visit a psychologist because one of my children had ADHD and the school recommende taking the child in for testing. When I did, the psychologist visited with me about “other” things that may be on my mind, so I told her what was going on in detail and she said it was definitely verbal and spiritual abuse. She said she had not seen such a bad case of mental, emotional, virbal and spiritual abuse ever, and that this was a text-book example of horrible abuse on every level and in many categories. She recommended I read some books on spiritual abuse and I could check mark off everying in the book and write people’s names next to the offense. I was livid that people posing as christians could injur a younger believer as they had to me – would they do such things to other young women? How horrible – and dwhat a dangerous place for younger adults, young moms and women that had lower self esteem. This is not the Christianity that God had created. This was a monostrosity of fake religion, forced dominion and out right hell!

    The final blow came when the woman in charge of our woman’s group found out she was moving away. She was searching for someone to take her place in the ministry. I really felt that ministry was important and desperately wanted to take over. I had stuck it out for 5 years, enduring all the spiritual abuse because it meant that much to me. I was the only person who stayed in the group for the whole time the group existed. Other people came and went, lost interest, moved and so on. Finally one rainy night in the parking lot, the woman kept pressing a non-member woman to take her place because she seemed a “perfect fit”. The leader kept telling her (in front of me) that she was “hand picked” for the job. This “candidate” had a very easy to boss around husband, and I did not. So the woman who was moving could easily controll the group from out of town by conferring with the non-member woman and together they could wangle the husband into doing as they wanted. At least this must have been what the women’s group leader was thinking. The non-member woman, however did not see it this way, and kept telling the leader that she like the church she was a member of and did not want to switch churches – she would instead keep the spirit of the ministry alive in whatever she was doing in her own church. This non-member woman was the kind that, although she had a push-over husband, was herself very condescending, and had basically told me what a “bad” person I was for not getting a piece of equipment back to her through a third party, even though I explained to her that a down pour of rain had occurred and the person who was supposed to bring her equipment back to her had left in a rush before I could tell her to take the equipment with her, but that her equipment was safe and undamaged. She was very miffed with me for an innocent situation. So there we were in the dark cold parking lot on a rainy January night. And the leader kept bugging the non-member woman to join up and take her position in front of me when it was well known that I highly valued this particular ministry and would have done (did do) anything to get to be the leader of it. Finally after several declines from the non-member woman, I piped up (again) and said, “I’d just love to do it, please, consider me.” She put her arm around my shoulder, and patted me gently, and with the sweetest, syrup-y voice she said, “hehe – (long inhail), I hate to tell you this, but you are just not cut out for my ministry…hehe!” I felt like I had been shot. It was awful. She was driving and had to drive me home. My spirit was completely broken.

    I decided to leave graciously and stayed with the group a few more months, hanging way back and being quiet. Then I threw a very nice luncheon along the theme that our group had desired to teach for the woman who was moving, the leader, and then announced to one woman who I was sure would gossip about me, that I had taken up Tarot Card reading. I knew that at first they would barage me with threats that I had taken up with the dark side, but in the end they would be afraid of me and leave me alone. And it worked. I never believed in anything like this, but stating that I was doing something they were genuinely afraid of worked to rid myself of them completely – they would not call me after that. They tried at first, telling me that it was all devilish and trying to re-invite me to their events. But I declined. I never went back.

    So where am I spiritually now? I have not found another church to fit in to. My husband refuses to give any church money, because we invested alot of money in the children’s department recreation center and then our children never got to use the center, because of all the abuse we endured. Although I visited many churches, the “come find out about the church” program always ended up with two interlaced themes – we want you to join, followed by, we need you as a member, to pay in. For example at a nearby Episcopal church, it was announced that member families would pay in around $4K per year. At another Baptist church we were told that the church was “Patriarchal” (meaning that if your husband is not involved on a high-level, such as head deacon, spending all his time and a significant amount of money on the church) you were guaranteed to never get a good volunteer job, because these special and coveted jobs only went to wives of the high-contributing husbands. They have to keep these people happy or they will leave and their pocket books will go with them. After the “Patriarchal” part was announced, we were told that we had to donate to the building fund, and that’s something I will never do again, ever, not a thin penny. Not even a sink washer. I have visited many churches in a 5-mile radius of our home only to find that no matter the denomination (and I have, believe it, checked into Catholic, Episcopal, Eastern Orthodox, Baptist, Presbyterian, and even Mormon (not that I believe what they teach, I just wanted to know if this syndrome goes on outside Trinity-type Christianity), and found that church does not value your soul, they value your pocket book and your free volunteer work.

    There are statistics out right now that the Evangelical Movement is loosing members faster than ever in their history. Could this be the great falling away spoken of in the Bible? Is it because greed for money, buildings and free volunteers, as well as the profession-hire of employees have replaced the true and genuine jobs that church members once loved (such as replacing pot-lucks with professionally done dinners on wednesday night) led to a fake air around church? I certainly do not recognize these things as real christianity – it is about money, status, abuse if you do not perform, behave and dress, participate, give, obey, and be a door mat for anyone in church who has made it into this invisible eschalon of elite Christians, you will be abused into either obedience, or you will leave and possibly leave the religion, not just the church. Many people are leaving the religion, and the three fastest growing religions on the globe are Wicca/Neo-Paganism (which offers home-altars and personal spirituality), Islam, which offers rigid regulations that keep people in line, and Mormonism, which is very much like Baptist in how it feels to attend church, but offers vastly different slants of doctrine and scripture interpretation, plus extra-Biblical Scriptures. A person could attend any one of these and feel better spiritually, while completely loosing their Salvation as directed by the Traditional Christian way.

    For a while I actually did read the Tarot Cards and got so good at it I went professional and worked in a New Age Center among many other places. Then I knew why God sent me down that path – for I had never stopped believing in Jesus Christ as I had been taught in the Evangelical Churches and in the Bible: There were many broken Christians there who were grieved over being displaced out of their church by abusive Christians; They had “switched” faiths to Wicca or other New-Age faiths because they could not “take it” in church. The Gospel had been overshadowed by the abuse, and people could not even find the comfort of the real God which was hidden behind mountains of bad, spiritually abusive behavior. I also met many non-Christians who confessed to me secretly that they did believe in Jesus but could never tell their family members for fear of ostricism. I met many people from Europe in my area – all who were athiests, agnostics or just believed in spiritism, but had told me they “moved beyond” Christianity and it’s petty doctrines and abuses…moved “beyond”? Christianity offers the highest level of salvation. It’s sad that so many have messed faith up for others.

    I also learned something about spiritual, pschological, mental and verbal abuse that I never knew before: Working in a New Age Center, but NOT believing anything that was taught there, the thought kept running through my mind, “wow, these people will believe anytyhing, they would be so easy to take advantage of….” And I had to slap myself for this shooting, uncontrolled thought. Why was I having this thought. Then I realized – I could abuse them in the same way I had been abused and it would be doubly easy for me because I viewed them as people who believed in “outlandish” things…and that’s where God taught me something – the ministers and women, leaders and teachers who had done the abusing in church were non-believers. They HAD to be, because only when you feel separate in belief from the people you are helping, when you are only “posing” to believe like they do to earn money, then it is very easy to harm them, take advantage of them, and so on. I never, ever abused anyone, because my personal beliefs in God, Christ the Holy Spirit and the Bible would not permit me to do something to anyone, even if they believed other than I did – my duty toward them was to love them as God did. But I suddenly realized that the ministers and leaders who had not really believed in God did not care if they abused anyone – they had no fear of hell, judgment, or anything else; they viewed their trusting flock as a means to make money, and ousting those who were un-cooperative was no skin off their spiritual backs, but freed up that pew for a new paying member. The name of their game in religion was making money, taking advantage of people’s trusting nature and not caring if harm came to them. I realized that while I did not have similar beliefs to those who I helped in the New AGe Center, I did believe in God and Christ really and truely – my behavior toward my fellow man was being watched, and I would be accountable to God for how I treated others. I knew that many of the true-believing New AGers who really truely believed in their faith, whatever it was, would not have harmed anyone either, but even among them were abusers. ONe woman had lured people into her business from the New Age Center with the bad news that they had curses on them that only she could remove. She had gained upwards of $18K from one person alone with such fear tactics. She did this, because like the Christian ministers and leaders and “upper eschelon” people at church, she did not believe that a higher power was watching her and how she treated her fellow human beings.

    This is the final thing I learned – no matter what religion you attend, spiritual, mental, psychological and verbal abuse exist. It exists for the purposes of making money and gaining influence and power over innocent believers. If you leave your church you will not break free from this abuse. You will find it repackaged in a different place. The ONLY place you will not be abused is in the presence of God, through Christ. This is why Christ told each of us to pray “in our own closet” – to get alone with the God who will not abuse us.

    I am still searching for a church to attend where I am not afraid to participate. I am very ginger about taking my kids for involvement in a church. Now other problems have cropped up in churches – so many denominations embrace homosexuality, abortion, drinking, divorce and adultery or even living together as normal, acceptable ways of Christian life because instead of teaching the truth, they need to make their mortgage payments – they do not care if people misbehave, they just want the pocket books emptied. I have made a resolution to only attend chuches who at least are truth full that these things are sins, even if members practice such things without condemnation from the church; the church’s job is to teach truth in scripture not glaze it over and pretend that there is no sin, or there are many ways to God.

    I think if anyone is spiritually discerning, I am at least making good effort.

    My note, though depressing, should uplift you to keep on keepin’ on, keep your faith in Christ, get alone with him, remove yourself from the judgment of others, and worship God in church more than hob-nobbing with spiritual abusers.

    But these problems exist and must be confronted. Pastors who teach truth must, MUST stick up for those of us who have been abused in church and sit at home in silence decades after the abuse that has occurred to us. We still hurt and need someone to defend us.

    Cynthia – Christian with out a Church

    • Enoch says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. I left the organized church in 2005 because I realized that church had become big business. And many of these preachers were concerned only about your checking and savings account. I was born in church, I pastored a church for five years, was an elder at another church for fifteen years. I am no novice. I am sure that there are a few churches that have a heart for the sheep of God, but they are hard to find. Jesus clearly said where two or three are gathered together in my name their am I in the midst of them. I fellowship with one brother in Christ for a whole year who had the same understanding as I until we found others. We are Jesus sheep. Not the Pastors. Keep the faith. God Bless.

    • Everett says:

      Cynthia you said alot I was what I believed was the real deal and this is
      What went down in 2012! Research Faith Tabernacle junction city Kansas!

    • LUTHER S ALLEN III says:

      Hello Cynthia. I am a Pastor, and I have been extremely touched by this post. Unfortunately, in several ways, I recognize the dynamics of ‘spiritual abuse’ that you describe at work in my small, African-American congregation.

      I AM A BELIEVER (!!!), and I work very hard to teach the truth of Scripture each and every Sunday, and to emulate Christ as the Light of the world.

      I am both saddened and challenged by the image of “those of us who have been abused in church and sit at home in silence decades after the abuse;” I pray that the Spirit of Christ will encourage you to seek another church home – because as believers we do need genuine fellowship.

      Perhaps… perhaps… based on your experiences, you can begin a small, Christian fellowship in your home that offers the sincerity and genuine faith teaching that you know others desperately are seeking.

      God bless you!

      Pastor Luther S. Allen III

  5. Greetings! Devils, Heathens, and Sinners

    You all need to listen to a true apostle of God and Honourable minister of his kingdom namely Gino Jennings if you desire to save your soul from the fires of hell for eternity.

    May the God of all grace continue to have mercy upon your souls. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Marquest Burton

    • Crystal says:

      No Marquest, you need to leave GINO JENNINGS. No one needs to listen to GINO JENNINGS. Gino Jennings is EVERYTHING that we need to escape.

    • milan says:

      Marquest, how wrong you are dear friend. Jennings is no Apostle. The office of an Apostle concluded with the last of the Apostles (and in his eyes, the least), the Apostle Paul. Apostolic authority was given to authenticate the ministry of the Word, through signs and wonders and to ultimately write down scripture. Jennings denies the Trinity and as such is a false teacher. The early church fathers would have viewed him as a heretic. I am not saying that he is, but the early church fathers would have condemned him. Study the scriptures yourself and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated and controlled by power hungry (no matter how well intentioned they might be!) people who tend to stray on a variety of important and foundational doctrines.

  6. and what says:

    you say you were looking dried up without your make-up so now are you looking dried up still, only with make-up? Admittedly holiness is a hard walk but don’t blame or call holiness a doctrine for as im sure that you know we are all called to it although we like things of the world more than what God is calling for everyone me too, I find it difficult but if you want to do what you want, do it no one makes you follow it let Christ who compels you to live right walk right talk right and dress right if something else compels you Lord have mercy even though there are things I need to come up to or if I die in my sins to hell I’m a going but the word is right and I am wrong I would rather be told I am NAKED than lied to an run around a life time and have different many doctrines tell me I am “CLOTHED” doctrine IS SORT OF IDEA OR BELIEF CONCERNING RELIGON ITS HELD As “fact”. HOLINESS IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH and to live it is a must I would say to you keep trying even if you fall even if you havent come up to holiness let it be something that you aspire to

    • callidee says:

      did you say “don’t call holiness a DOCTRINE….do yo know the definition of doctrine.

      1. A belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party, or other group.
      2. A stated principle of government policy, mainly in foreign or military affairs: “the Monroe Doctrine”. More »
      Wikipedia – – – Merriam-Webster

      • and what says:

        exactly what I said Holiness is not a dotrinal belief of some man but of the wisdom of God! baptist is methodist is mormonism is catholicism,episcapalian now reread the definitions you gave is that a bit clearer

  7. free1 says:

    I don’t understand Liz, how is it mans rule when its in the bible and it seems the preasure to fit in with the world is what depressed you. Freedom is not God agreeing with us its us with God. So many people are talking about doing what makes them happy but what they mean is what makes their flesh happy. I don’t know if you should wear pants or not but I do know that the decision should be based on scriptur. God bless you in all you dop but who ever you are speaking of you’ve shown no cause to say what you said because what they said is in the bible, so what does those scriptures mean?

  8. Crystal says:

    Free1, where in the Bible does it speak against pants?

  9. radiate says:

    You know, I have reached this conclusion. I will worship God. I will choose this day whom I serve. I will not ever let anyone have a power over me they haven’t earned. I don’t have to go to a building in order to walk with God. There is so much sickness within those walls and the people in them that I will have a couple of ppl to fellowship with and be accountable to but I will not embrace a church ever again. Satan himself seems to thrive in churches and in the ppl within them.

  10. A.C.T Ministries says:

    I totally hear your disappointment, in a world such as total Christians feel the need to do as the Romans do, women particularly put their feeling 1st. As I read your letter I hear the words of walking by sight not faith, I hear the soul speaking not the spirit of truth I hear the ego living not dying such as we are to do, I hear the choice of self over sacrifice.

    What ever any Pastor preaches just go to the Word and confirm it and if it’s there your issue is not with the Pastor it’s with Gods Word. Now consider why you have to dress as such in an era filled with Lust with many Saints coming out of sin, that you are choosing self glorification over Gods glorification. You can look as beautiful as you please wear what you want for your husband at home and around extended family but when you go out in to the world cover your Glory and Shine Gods.

  11. Nathan says:

    I see that it is true false teaching leads a person to rebellion ,but be carefull it could be a trick of the devil!!!!!! A womans true beauty is shone, when she understands her position ,first in heaven then earth.

  12. Beth says:

    This person just doesn’t want holiness. Don” t blame Jino Jennings because you don’t want to obey the word. Let God be true and every man a liar. You just want to fulfill the lust of your flesh. You are of your father the devil. You can’t serve god and the devil too. What happen to denying yourself. You are not rejecting Gino you are rejecting God. If our gospel be hidden it is hidden to those who are lost. That’s the problem’ people don’t have what they are professing. Broad is the way that leaded to destruction any many are going therein. But strait is the way, and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it. Ask yourself, which way are you in? And stop blaming man because you choose not to obey the word. Heaven and earth will pass away but the WORD of God will stand forever.

  13. helen says:


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