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Posted: February 19, 2008 in Free Stuff, Theology and Doctrine
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Thanks to Daniel down there at Heart of Flesh, he has now made me aware of another thing for me to start studying after I finish The School of Biblical Evangelism as I mentioned before. (Or maybe I will study them side by side)

I am a firm believer that the gospel should be accessible to everyone and Reclaiming the Mind ministries have done just that by offering this theology course for self study, free of charge. You can download the course workbook and go at your own pace

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries

As well as doing a self study for free, you can earn a certificate or you can view their lectures, where they have 263 Theology Questions and Answers on Video.

Happy studying


  1. Sicarii says:

    Sweet! Thank you for the link, Alan and Daniel! This is exciting indeed.


  2. blackreformingkid says:

    Yes sir, I have found what I will spend this summer doing once I finish my AS exams. It’s good that material like this is available to the body of Christ for free.

  3. Daniel says:


    i consider Way of the Master to be a good ministry but i’ve lately changed my views on some things. i don’t agree with their evangelizing methods. i think its perhaps too generic. you go to every person and ask them if they’ve broken a commandment. i don’t see Christ evangelizing in such a generic way. your thoughts?

  4. Alan Higgins says:

    I have listened to a lot of WOTM radio and one thing they have stressed in the past is that you dont have to do it exactly the way they do ie. Have you ever told a lie? etc but you should use the law so that the person recognises how they would stand guilty before God. Basically there is a ‘skeleton’ of the ‘law to the proud and grace to the humble and then the gospel’ that we should aim to present to every hearer. Now obviously each situation will be different and that is where the different ‘flesh’ comes on. For example, if you were speaking to someone who is terminally ill, you would still aim to show then their guilt but with much more sensitivity. So what a person could do is say something like ‘The reason I became a Christian is because I recognised how I had broken Gods law by blaspheming, lying. stealing etc. What do you think?’ and that way you are letting that person know the gospel without compromising the truth. Did that help or was it something more specific?

  5. blackreformingkid says:

    I go to agree with Daniel on this one. When you read the Gospels, you’ll soon discover that whenever Christ spoke to someone, he rarely spoke to someone else the same way. Also, if I remember Paul,, in his presentation of Christ to the Mars Hill philosophers, got the message through to the folks, but at the same time, made no active mention of the Law.

  6. Daniel says:

    It does a help somewhat. I know the importance of the law in our preaching of the gospel, it is something crucial. Im just saying that it might in fact be not Christ-like if were to evangelize in WOTM’s generic formula. We must look at Christ and see the way he spoke the truth to people directly into their life and context. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to spend half an hour on breaking commandments if the person you’re talking to is an atheist who doesn’t care about commandments because they don’t believe in God. Becoming very repititive in your approach sets you up for disaster when you encounter new people with new ideas. Ray and Kirk debated an atheist on television not too long ago, and i think its safe to safe (even christians said..) they did poorly. Now, i know they are not Ravis but they could have done better. I am now convinced of the importance of apologetics in evangelism. Especially in places like America and England where Christianity is diminishing. Apologetics can’t save anyone, only the gospel can. But apologetics will help us reach people and set up a platform in which we can preach the gospel. Im really glad im going to the Ligonier Conference and its theme is evangelism. Perhaps that will help me out. Well, i’ll stop rambling now. hope you understand what im trying to say bro. Grace and Peace.

  7. Alan Higgins says:

    I hear what you are both saying. I see it as a principle which you obviously have to apply according to the situation. Saying that, after listening to the many witnessing encounters on their program, I think using that principle is the best way to allow people to see their guilt before God. We are called to faithfully preach the word, even if we do not always see results. Even Paul got the brush over when he was talking to Felix (ACts 24:25). I suppose the danger is when try to use the same approach for every situation

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