This ties in with the mark of scripture twisting. What these teachers do is quote a lot of old testament scriptures to validate their point of view. If you do not have a basic understanding of how to interpret scripture, or know which old testament laws we are to obey today, then you can easily be taken for a spiritual ride. Here is an example of Paula White misusing old testament scripture to use the old ‘First Fruits’ scam (HT: Independent Conservative)

Part 1

Part 2

Yawn yawn, here we go again. “2008 is the year of new beginnings”. Another example of the abuse of biblical numerology

“At the beginning of a thing, (God says) establish my presence by bringing in your first fruits…..This must be activated by bringing in an offering” Which scripture verse is that? Oh yeah….there isnt one.

You will notice that she says that Ezekiel 44 states that the priest shall wave the firstfruit offering before the Lord. NO IT DOESNT but Lev 23:20 does. But she forgot to ask us to send in the two lambs also. How convenient. So if you are going to send any money to her, dont forget to post the lambs first class also. Another classic example of twisting scripture and conveniently picking and choosing parts of a scripture verse.

Now lets look at Eze 44:30

The best of all the firstfruits and of all your special gifts will belong TO THE PRIESTS. You are to give THEM the first portion of your ground meal so that a blessing may rest on your household.

What a con!! So if we strictly go by her definition (and by her picture when the scripture appears), we should be giving her, the priest, our money. In fact, if we are going to read scripture, lets read it in context, so if we look at the surrounding verses of chapter 44 which talks about the laws governing priests, here are some other things that ‘Pastor Paula’ should be doing

  • When Israel sin, stand before the altar with the fat and the blood
  • Whenever she enter the gates of the inner court (where-ever that is these days), she should put on linen garments
  • No wool shall come upon her while she ministers within the gates of the inner court or within the house
  • She should have a linen turbans on her head and linen trousers on her body
  • She should not clothe herself with anything that causes sweat

Here is another blatant scam by Peter Popoff. He calls it the Ezekiel 4:9 miracle manna and bases the’miracles’ it can produce on Exodus 16:4. If you look at the other commercials they say that he personally prepared them all…yeah right!!

Can you see how ridiculous this is? How comes these preachers only follow parts of the law? I’ll tell you why. Because the other parts are not profitable.There any many preachers who preach the mosaic law and other old testament passages in order to receive material blessings and fool you into thinking that you can receive these blessings also.

One of the common justifications you will hear is in Galatians 3 when it talks about the ‘blessing of Abraham’ and these teachers will use that scripture to say that is the proof text why we can claim money, cars, houses etc. But if again we look at the chapter or indeed the whole book, what was the purpose of Galatians? Well in a nutshell, it was basically a reproof telling the Galatian church not to revert back to the law and that they were not justified by the law but by faith which is the real ‘blessing of Abraham’. It was nothing to do with receiving material blessings

Can you see how important it is that we RIGHTLY divide the word of God, otherwise it is so easy to be carried away by every wind of doctrine

Remember to pray for these teachers.

To be concluded…..

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  1. blackreformingkid says:

    When I was in CC, I listened to a message by Brian Brodersen, which I still have today. In the sermon, he mentions that it is interesting how the scamsters only have profound “knowledge” of the OT, but will never look at the NT unless they can twist it.

    When I see guys like Popoff, White and Copeland, it never ceases to amaze me how they rehash the same stuff all the time from the OT.

  2. Sicarii says:

    The sad thing is not that there are people being fleeced in such manner, but that people who profess to be Christians do not take the time to examine the Word of God for themselves and discern!

    How many men died just so that we can read the Bible and learn from God’s Word for ourselves, yet these people have thrown all that hard work into the wind and choose to heed the empty words of (con)men!?

    Sorry this might seem cruel, but I had a good laugh at Miracle Manna, really. It’s so absurd even a child won’t believe in it, but adult Christians do?!

    It boggles the mind…

  3. blackreformingkid says:

    I wouldn’t blame you, Sicarii, for laughing at this. It is simulataneously funny and sad that people fall for these things

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