Taken from The Way of the Master Minute

Icy Tribulation

ListenTrials bring us to our knees to seek God’s will rather than our own. In South Korea, a baseball team began a training program with a difference. They would climb a high mountain, remove their shirts, and stand bare-chested in the freezing wind. Then they would dig holes in the ice, and subject their bodies to freezing water. They said that the practice made them hardy, and also promoted team unity. Their team went from being a laughingstock to the top of the league. As much as we don’t like the thought, blessings tend to take our eyes off God. Trials put them back on. Icy tribulation builds strength of character within the Christian, and the cold winds of persecution purify us and bring a sense of unity and purpose. And that purpose is to seek the lost. There goes another minute. Gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.


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