Smoker’s Church

No more smoking on the steps – this church has a smoker’s room. Now grateful smokers can come to church and stay… just as they are. This skit exposes the ridiculous things churches are doing to get people in the doors. Wonder why Jesus never thought of it?

HT: Reformation Nation

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  1. mandyv says:

    Well it certainly beats, sending the elderly into the cold for a smoke, I also like this –

    Real Christianity
    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

    Now some truth would not go amiss with this ban,
    Explosive report! – PHARMACEUTICAL MULTINATIONALS: BUYING GOVERNMENTS, SELLING ANTISMOKING – For the first time ever in the history of the disgusting antismoking saga, FORCES publishes a complete list of names, dates, organisations and sums paid by just ONE of the pharmaceutical giants, Johnson & Johnson. Through its philanthropic organisation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the tentacles of this super giant control or influence all the vital power centres in America and, directly or indirectly, in the West. You will be surprised to see who is on the payroll: trusted, credible faces you often see on television, people on the board of directors of your favourite newspaper, or perhaps that famous researcher… maybe even someone at the Surgeon General office, or the head of that “disinterested” group trying so hard to get you to quit smoking – and kick you out in the cold if you have a puff – to “protect,” of course, the non smokers from non-existing dangers.
    Dr. Koop, one of the fathers of the antismoking cartel – SUED FOR STOCK VIOLATIONS
    DR. KOOP.CON. Dr. Koop, one of the fathers of the antitobacco cartel, “America’s family doctor”, sworn enemy of smokers, heavy spreader of FALSE information about tobacco and disease. The stocks of his enterprise are plummeting. Click here to see the chart. But this is not all. The American media, so alert when it comes to divulge the last scientific fraud about the dangers of smoking, seems to keep really quiet about this news.

    Please let those who are really interested in the truth to look at the Enstrom/Kabat study
    Thank you for tolerant non-smokers and smokers alike
    Intolerance leads to hatred – that is not healthy for anyone or any Country

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