Below is the transcript to Blair Wingo’s poem ‘I remember when you used to love me’ which can be viewed here

Blair Wingo

I remember when you used to love me
Gave me all your time
I mattered to you, finally got through
You accepted my pick up line
You were more than a ruby
The most beautiful -truly
When I was in your eyes
I remember when you used to love me
Kept my love letter tucked into your heart
We held hands, no building on sand
Keeping your eyes solely on the mark
Cause you revered my name
When things went wrong you still held on
I wasn’t to blame
Knowing that all these earthly things will pass away-there vain
So you held tightly to my way and watched and prayed -all day
Sought opportune times
To transform your mind
I gave you the victory because you stayed in the vine
But now it’s not even about me
I remember when you first came to the alter
Cause that’s when you believed
But you got comfortable
Now you only seek material when I am imperial

When you pray you’re not even trying to connect with me
Because you still hold on to your lusts, trust in your own idolatry
So indoctrinated you’ve lost sight of what that really means
Idolatry is anything you put in front of me
Why don’t you tell fornication to flee?
You hug and kiss, in worldliness
As if I do not see
You flaunt your body openly, under every spreading tree
A seducing seductress, pretending to be innocent
-a false-modesty
Let me make you clean
Don’t you know that I want to make you free?
Don’t praise me with your lips
And reject the power that I bring

Let me love you
Don’t you miss, my holy kiss
An intimacy based on truth not just an emotional bliss for you
A religious way to “feel fine”
You’re so busy chanting “I thank you Lord, I love you Lord, and you’re worthy Lord”
You forget that I’m alive!

See I’m looking for living sacrifices
Someone willing to press
Believe in my salvation
In order to crucify the flesh
Someone willing to confess, acknowledge my death
To take up my cross, until no self is left
I’m looking, searching for someone to love me for me
To recognize their lock and chains and fall on their knees
Cause see they know that I’ve got the key

I remember when you used to love me
I remember when you used to love me
Was thankful for my mercy
Sought opportunities to converse with me
Not rehearsed and churchy
But offered true worship cause you were genuinely thirsty
And what will it take
And what will it take for you to make up your mind
Is your life so great that you will refuse mine?
Won’t allow my light to penetrate
Won’t reside in the vine
Cause you’re filled with excuses
As to why you are fine
I’ve sent my people to have you turn back to me
But you defend your life
Then ask me to make you into a sanctuary?

When will you let go?

Saying your Christian but your not Christ like
Saying your godly, with no godliness in sight
Saying that you love me, but you’re not living right

When will you let go
When will you let go of this mask
Only humble when you pray and fast
A fading grass
Ever thought to ask why your power doesn’t last?
Why your still suppressed, repressed, depressed
Rather than impressed by my rest and peace
To the least
Of them
All who come to me must realize there sin
-realize they are in need
See their flesh, and will, and greed
How they lie, and cheat, and sneak
Cause see…
Were fighting a spiritual battle, this is a war
Watching TV, and music that takes your heart from what I died for
Running after gods that you have not known
Your emptiness filled, with your worldly Jones
Then dare to come and stand before me
Dry bones, dressed in church clothes

In this house which is called by my name
And say we are saved
Saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit to do all these detestable things?
This house which bears my name has become to me a shame
This house which bears my name has become to me a shame
You say that my church is a hospital for people with sickness
When I am the head, will my body continue in wickedness?
When will you love me?

Too busy working trying to set there own self free
As if they died on the cross with all power to redeem
Outwardly they look good, but inwardly they are still a feign
-a slave to their sin, in drenched with Adams genes
The only way to true righteousness is putting your faith in me
For I am the Lamb of God
God’s sacrifice for sin
Do not think that you can deny me, and still get in
For I am the intercessor
Unless you have my blood covering you, there will be no Passover
Learn for the tax collector
Broken over his iniquity
Cause see
I remember when you used to love me
I remember when you used to love me
And you were so beautiful back then
So fruitful back then
So truthful -back then
When you used to love me
And trusted me with your whole heart, soul, strength, and your whole mind
Seek and you will find

Because you can’t be anointed without the anointed one
Do you really understand the importance of the Son?
That had I not died, you would be lead, to a dead end
Because God is holy, He doesn’t tolerate sin
So let me make you white
Although your sin is red like crimson
I am the light
So let go of all that’s anti-holy, anti-righteous, and anti-Christ
For you have forsaken your first love
So come back tonight
I said you have forsaken your first love
So come back tonight
Come back tonight
Because I remember when you used to love me
I remember when you used to love me
And they that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved
They that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved
They shall be changed, they shall be saved
They shall bear my name

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