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OK, I was on another website and someone commented ‘Have ya’ll heard about the Florida outpouring? Check it out on God TV at 7.00pm onwards every night! Be excited…God is about to move!’

For those of you who don’t know, God TV is a christian television channel here in the UK which broadcasts around the world. It has a lot of false teachers/word of faith preachers on it like the Copelands, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn and they occasionally do beg-a-thons Missions Week where they get in people like Mike Murcoch and Steve Munsey to help with fund raising. It seems like I am not the only one who has beef with God TV. Check out this post

How do we preach the gospel? By preaching repentance and faith? Don’t be silly. Benny Hinn will tell you how

That’s right. You preach the gospel by ‘sowing that seed’. Shame on you if you didn’t know 😉

But I digress, so going back to the ‘Florida outpouring’, I turned over the channel to see this ‘outpouring’ and what do I see. I see a man called Todd Bentley doing ‘Benny Hinn’ style of ‘healings’ in Florida. When I saw it, I had to ask the question “Is that it? Is that what is now classed as revival?”

It never ceases to amaze me how deceived people can be. All because of a lack of knowledge of sound doctrine or because people just cannot be bothered to read the bible themselves. For example here is a quote from Todd Bentley

“If an anointed point is made by a minister of the gospel and an associate wants that particular point activated in their life, they will immediately sow into it. By that I mean, they will run up to the pulpit or the altar—“I want that”—and sow into the anointing in that moment of glory, by placing an offering there. Bam! Just whatever is said, they sow into it. Of course they can’t buy the anointing, but on the other hand they can sow into it.”

And the bible verse for that is …….hmmmmm….that’s right. There isn’t one. He also says that scripture speaks of an angel that releases finances. Check out Phil 4:19 for yourself. What do you mean you cant see it? Just do some scripture twisting and it will appear. You can read some of Todd Bentley’s teachings here and also here where he talks about going into trances, seeing angelic beings and how we should pray that we can see angels and get a visitation from them.

Check out a clip of his ‘Florida Revival’. Look familiar?

If this is what the priest wants to bring back to Engalnd, I hope he stays where he is.

Below are two videos which does a good job exposing some of the false teachers for who they are.

The Signs and Wonders Movement Expo$ed – Part 1

The Signs and Wonders Movement Expo$ed – Part2

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