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Over the next few weeks I will attempt to answer this question.

What has prompted me do start this topic? It was a comment by a person called Jimmy aka ‘Curious Former Christian’ who seemed to honestly be seeking answers to this very question. Click here to read the comment. I will try and do this in stages and hopefully answer some of the questions such as:

  1. Is there a God and if so, who created him?
  2. IF THIS IS TRUE, how do we know that this God is the Christian God?
  3. IF HE IS THE CHRISTIAN GOD, does this He reveal himself to us in the bible or by some other revelation?
  4. IF IT IS BY THE BIBLE, how do we know that the bible is true?
  5. IF THE BIBLE IS TRUE, how do we know that what Jesus said was true? Was he a liar, lunatic or is he truly Lord?
  6. IF HE IS LORD, is Jesus the only way to God?
  7. IF JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY, then what are the consequences of not choosing Him?

Let me start off by saying that I am no great theologian or scholar but as always, I will try and explain it (as much as I can) in laymens terms

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