First of all, watch this video

As a result of my previous post on Todd Bentley on God TV, I received various comments from people defending him. Here are a few of those comments:

  • What if this is God and you are the ones that have “missed the boat”?
  • Jesus is being glorified, ministries from Scotland, Pensacola, SC and more are giving testimonies
  • You shall know them by there fruit, where’s your ministry, where’s your God television, all your doing is slagging other christians off who are trying there best to win people for God
  • Wow! did any of you see the Florida outpouring last night it was awesome. People on their faces, more testimonies….
  • Are people being healed and delivered? It appears a lot are. Even Todd wants verification. There “ain’t” know way he wants to document this “thing” with the media without verification.
  • I am also a researcher, I can be a skeptic also, so my wife and I went to check it out. The ones that go want more of God, not religion. I and they have been touched by God in a tangible way.
  • GOD touched me and i found that what my family members were criticising and mocking was actually happening to me a nobody from northern ireland.when i came home i had an even greatar love for JESUS and the WORD OF GOD.Surely this is the fruit in my life.I ask you not to judge yet but see what the fruit of this outpouring is.Surely satan is not going to glorify JESUS and get people truly saved.
  • You guys have no idea how much of God you are missing out on. I used to be a dry church pastor. We must look to the Bible to see that Jesus said, ‘by their fruit you will know them.’ Every night hundreds of people are getting saved at the Florida Revival
  • What if the doctrine you have learned is wrong! And now you are avoiding the real thing and therefore God?
  • I ask you not to judge yet but see what the fruit of this outpouring is.Surely satan is not going to glorify JESUS and get people truly saved
  • Guys who are we to judge, all you lot are doing is putting yourself in GODS chair and judging and making up your own minds what is off GOD or not, you need to seek GOD before you make up your minds

Now, looking at the Benny Hinn video, I am sure that many of the people who were there could say exactly what my commenters have been saying. That they ‘experienced God’ at his meetings, that anyone who speaks against him is judging. I mean, look at the people with their hands raised to God. The devil wouldnt want that would he? You can see that people are being ‘touched by God’

So the question is, if all these people are experiencing these things, does it automatically mean it is from God? Lets see what the bible says about Benny Hinn

So now we have a dilema. Is Benny Hinn a prophet of God because of the experiences we see in the first video or does scripture tell us something different?

Jesus says in Matthew 7:21-23

Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness

So here we see that people will be suprised when Jesus rejects them, even though signs and wonders were performed and no doubt people had ‘experiences’ as a result.

He also says in Matthew 24:25-26

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand.

In 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 the apostle Paul says the following

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

So you can see here plainly that Satan will transform himself into the ministers of righteousness. He will not make it obvious, hence the reason why Paul calls them ‘deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ’. They will do God stuff. They will mention the name of Jesus. They will even perform miracles. From these scriptures, we can conclude that experiences, signs and wonders does not automatically mean that a person like Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley is from God

Some of the comments basically tell me to ask God for verification or to seek God about it. When scripture tells us plainly, there is no need to seek God about it because he has already given me the answer in his word. That will be like asking God, “Is it OK for me to steal?”

I will always says this. ‘Doctrine determines experience’ and not ‘experience determines doctrine’ which is what I seem to be hearing a lot of by the defenders of these teachers. This is what happens when we have a low view of scripture and elevate our experiences above it or we do not have some basic rules of biblical interpretation. We must be a Berean (Acts 17:11) and examine the Scriptures for ourselves to see if what they teach is true. I will leave you with the words of Jesus


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  1. Rev says:

    A man of God doesn’t teach there are nine members of the Trinity, then recant, then reassert his position, then recant, then reassert his position, etc. A man of God doesn’t teach the “health and wealth (so-called) gospel.”

    Keep the faith, brother!

  2. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    Clearly Benny Hinn doesn’t know the first thing about anything. To butcher the rather amusing phrase by David Cameron, “Hinn has nothing to sell and it is good at selling it”

  3. Phil Naessens says:


    Benny Hinn certainly knows how to do two things very well….entertain and make money….and he does both of these things VERY well!!

  4. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    Yup Phil, him and the rest of the WoF bandwagon

  5. Liz says:

    Alright, so just because signs and wonders are attributed to false prophets doesn’t mean all (current)signs and wonders are evil.

    Now, I don’t know about Benny Hinn, because I’ve never listened to him or seen any of his stuff, but today people are indeed being healed atleast in other places by Jesus.

    Yes, what you say is true about doing all those things for God and not knowing Jesus. I myself have been one of those people,(been saved for a long time and I am in a church where God is continually healing people [of cancer, backpains, Jesus even healed my bad headcold once during Worship when all the sniffing and coughing was distracting me. he had mercy on me! A friend(no one famous or on God TV, mind you!) prayed for it to go away and the cold was completely gone in like 3 seconds and i wasn’t sick for another year!] and the pastor preaches the word of God being the absolute truth and always tells us to know Jesus ourself and not rely on ministries to get to the Lord. Now recently i let my heart get distracted but i was still praying for people, and God chastises the ones he loves and he caught me and turned me back toward him in my heart and i am still in the process of getting to know him more and read the bible again. You see, God will let us make mistakes, and when it is his will he stop those who pretend. How he does it is different for every person. For me it was an altar call and my good friends who love the Lord telling me how much i need to read the Bible and if I draw near to him he will draw near to me.

    You say doctrine should determine experience, and in a way that is true because you must be discerning and compare everything to the word of God, but doesn’t God use experience to change doctrine? Look at the apostle Paul. God blinded him with light and spoke to him, and it changed his doctrine!

    Now I hope I would serve God even if he never spoke to me again and never answered another prayer(I say i hope because nobody knows their own heart or what they will do, but I am determining to never look away from the cross), and most people do, but God is not a silent God nor is he one that ignores pain.

    I am not trying to convince you to think that Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley are genuine, and I am just saying that signs and wonders do happen today. God is a sovereign God, and just because some say God doesn’t do that today doesn’t mean he won’t. He could blast us all to the Andromeda galaxy if he wanted to. If he wants to use television to reach people, don’t you think he would? If he wants to heal people, don’t you think he would? Yea, if he didn’t want to, he probably wouldn’t. But apparently he does.

    I’d be happy to discuss this more later, but right now I’ve got to go to school.

    • Audrey Sutphin says:

      i totaly agree with you God does still heal people today i know for i am one of them & so is my husband . i had polio at the age of 6mo & was able to walk with a brace & 2 surgerys .i wore out 2 braces & was going on my 3rd one .i fell & busted my knee & it had to be put back together with wire & steal pens & a steal rod from my knee to my hip .i hadnt walked without a brace a crutch & a wheel chair for 4 years then a minister from Benny Henn minstry came to our Church in Aug 09 & prayed for me & i havnt used a cane or a crutch or a brace or a wheelchair since his name is pastor Edmund DeSoto & i will forever be greatful he came to my church .my 3rd brace & my cane is under the cross at our Freedom worship center in Mio mi .my husband was also healed from c. o .p .d & a back engery .he used oction for 8 or 10 years & havnt used it since .
      we read in the Bible where Jesus healed people all the time . & the Bible says he is the same yesterday today & forever .just because he went back to the Father in heave does not mean he Quit healing people .if you have the faith he can cure any thing . my Brother was also instly healed of Stomace Canser .by his own Faith & his own prayer . i think God every day that he is still in the healing business AUDREY

  6. Alan Higgins says:

    Liz thanks for your comments. Please dont misunderstand me. I am not saying that all signs and wonders are evil. I believe that God still heals today but we have to be very discerning where it is coming from

    You say “but doesn’t God use experience to change doctrine?”

    The answer is NO. God’s doctrine remains the same

    You also say “Look at the apostle Paul. God blinded him with light and spoke to him, and it changed his doctrine!”

    Thats right. It changed HIS doctrine which was not God’s doctrine

    • Truth says:

      We do need to l discern . Signs and wonders are totally biblical but we also know that satan is in the business of deception and counterfeit does this mean that we reject genuine signs and wonders ? no of course not we see examples all the way from Genesis to revelation whether Joseph called to intepret a dream that the magicians couldn’t interpret or Moses and the magicians who also performed miracles or sorcerers in the NT such as simon before he was converted. Sadly many people do not realise that satan has power to perform counterfeit miracles although his power is limited and his miracles counterfeit he still has the ability to perform them and some of what we see in the body of Christ is false, counterfeit but many people do not know it because they have never been exposed to the genuine so cannot discern real from fake. Those who defend people like Benny Hinn after being shown their error do not know how to rightly divide the word and demonstrate an unteachable spirit. You are correct doctrine does not change this idea that experience and a personal revelation they say is from God somehow changes God’s word is heresy

  7. Laura says:

    I was speaking along these lines with my husband last night, he is not a Christian.

    I flicked on Todd Bentley as my husband was interested in who all the hype was about and who my friends and I had been discussing. We ended up watching quite a lot of it, and for his journey anyway, I think it proved to be a positive experience. He is so closed to anything and everything spiritual, good and evil forces etc that I think it opened his eyes a bit. He asked a lot of questions and I had to supress my desire to delve too deep – I think sometimes we can confuse people who have little or no understanding of it all when we jump in at the deep end.

    I also tried not to go too far into detail about why I considered Todd a possible threat.. as far as my husband was concerned if he truely was healing people and ‘raising people from the dead’ then how can he be bad? And ‘us Christians’ should have a little more faith and pray for the things Todd’s praying for!! I had to just leave him there after briefly explaining that many different forces can cause apparent healings and miracles – many in charismatic surroundings can be psychosomatic and if they were followed up weeks later would prove to be false. I wouldn’t like to pinpoint what forces other than God could be healing people. But obviously if it’s not from God, it’s nothing worth having!

    We flicked the news on at the end to a story that a man had been stabbed to death – my husband said ‘You should pray for God to raise him from the dead like that guy said!’ – I went and made a cup of tea.

  8. Laura says:

    PS: I realised I posted something totally different to what I was originally going to:

    Along the lines of people coming back from the dead – I haven’t seen anything in the news at all about the 15 people who have been apparently ‘raised from the dead’

    But, in a totally unrelated incident I read this last week:–minutes-life-support-machine-turned-OFF.html

  9. Kathy says:

    I watch Bently on God TV and have had some ill feelings about him butI also have asked God to forgive me if I am wrong.If you saw the revival I believe it wasThursday night that there was A woman doing the praise on the revival I had asked God to reveal to me if it was real the girl got into A real frenzey and was doing the wildest dance and at the end she made her into a gun shape and was pointing it at the audienc. My children had come into the room and were shocked by it.

  10. esther says:

    To be honest all these people criticising all the preachers Todd bently, Benny Hinn should be ashamed off themselves.Jesus Christ told his disiples who were questioning why another man was casting out devils in His Name and was not one of the twelve, Jesus said as he was doing it in his Name it is OK.

    How many of these internet critics have won a single soul to Christ? it is time you start encouraging the ones that do.
    Anyway even Jesus Christ was accused of using the power of Beezebub so you critics didnt begin today!

  11. Alan Higgins says:

    And what have you go to say about Todd’s doctrine? Should we just ignore that then?

  12. Jen is 24 says:

    okay, so you say that benny hinn is a fake or false prophet and that ‘even those that say lord, lord’ and do miracles in jesus’ name may not even know the lord while doing it, and they really arent even ‘from god’.
    and you go on further saying that it’s all just a trick from the devil – to deceive people.

    but i have to say that you’re really not in a position to judge benny hinn’s personal relationship with god. only god knows man’s hearts inside and out.
    just because you dont personally ‘like’ what you see with these ‘men of god’ doesnt mean they’re not from god. you say they’re being deceptive — but what is it that they’re leading people into??
    that’s the question. if they’re really from satan, how are they leading people AWAY from the lord?
    (true, we’re human and we get caught up in ideas of fame, position, money, great adventures…but if the lord is ultimately the goal – the pursuit of our hearts – and we are honestly seeking that – which if the lord has called mr. benny hinn’s heart you have to believe that he’s seeking the lord just as honestly as you are (as hard as it is for you to believe, you must. it’s what being part of a body is about. walking together. contending together.)
    if people’s testimonies are to the GLORY of god – then it cannot be to satan’s glory. and if people’s lives are touched and encouraged – then it’s to the devil’s dismay.
    incredible miracles may not be your way to show people god’s incredible love for mankind, but if the lord chooses to work that way, why cast doubt on it?
    and if these mega-preachers are emphasizing things you dont perceive to be of god, pray for them. everybody gets it wrong now and again. and everybody needs money to keep programs running. just because it’s not how you’d do it, doesnt mean it’s not from god. it just means you dont agree on the method.
    and, why have you made it your agenda to CORRECT men that you really dont even know personally. you’ve only ever seen it from the distance any other viewer from their television has. and if you have been to a conference, why is your heart is hard and doubtful. wouldnt it be more productive to pray for your enemies rather than post blogs about how these incredible miracles maybe for satan’s puposes than the lords?? really those things are better discussed on a personal and individual basis…
    have you ever received a miracle?
    i think that a quite life well lived speaks much louder than one that intends to be heard. so if loud preachers with an agenda bother you, why not just ignore it, forgive it, and go about the works god has called you to rather than self-appointing yourself to be ‘god’s messenger of doubt’? i guess it’s okay to ask questions out loud and get the body of christ thinking about their worldview but not all has to be evil just because it’s mass produced. it just means alot of people are searching. and they always will up until the point that christ returns.

    and if i have gotten this all wrong, and you really care about god’s kingdom and obeying and loving others like he tells us to, and ministering as only the church can thru jesus’ power, then you know that bashing other christians (whether you judge them to be or not) really isnt on a ‘good’ christian’s agenda either…. probably praying for the people (you find to be so lost) during the amount of time it takes to blog something like this would be more EFFECTIVE.

  13. Alan Higgins says:

    You have mentioned quite a few things here so I will try and condense my answer. first of all, Scripture should always be our guideline so it has nothing to do with, if I agree with his style or the way he does things. The question is, does me measure up to the bible. If he says something will happen and it doesnt, then scripture clearly says that he is a false prophet.

    In regards to judging, you are doing exactly the same thing because by saying that I am judging, have you not made a judgemnt on me? Anyway, please look at there is nothing wrong with righteous judgment. We have been given God’s word as a standard to test everything

    In regards to praying for them, if you look at my ‘The marks of false teachers/teaching’ series starting at you will see at the end, I always admonish others to pray for them

    Why do I not ‘just ignore it’? Because I have seen the damage it does to people and as long as what I am saying is the trutrh of scripture, then I will defend it and contend for the faith as we are admonished to do.

  14. Joe says:

    I am not sure I understand this blog.
    I can’t imagine there to be any monetary gain.
    I hope pride is not the answer.

    I understand many sceptics.
    My question is: what is your background religiously?

    Additionally, I guess I don’t really find anything in your content that might truly challenge Todd or Benny?

    Scripture is referenced here without true merit as far as I can see.

    One thing to remember is to never attempt to CONFINE the spirit of God in a box —- Jesus didn’t care much for the manner in which the religious sect (saducees and pharisees) attempted to confine Him.

    My only concern here is that I believe many people who profess to know Him, only know about Him. If one is not baptized with His Holy Spirit, how can he identify with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit with Him? How can one hence discern without having received the baptism? My fear is this is ultimately the problem here —- many who have not truly experienced Him, have therefore lack of understanding.

  15. Laura says:


    Why does your whole arguement seem to stem from ‘feelings’ and ‘experiences’? I remember right back to before I was saved having amazing experiences whilst high on ecstacy! You can’t solely rely on feelings and experiences.

    How do you know you have the Holy Spirit in you? I’m not saying you don’t, but if you are only relying on your ‘experience’ with Him – as you repeatedly mention above you need to beware. We are human and fallible and should not always trust what our body tells us.

    People who ‘truely know Him’ will be steeped in knowledge of the Word of God. They will have repented of their former lives, accpeted that Jesus Christ died for them and is their only way to heaven, been baptized in water as Jesus commanded and have changed lives. The only way you can have a close relationship with the Lord is by reading the Word and praying all the time. Discernment is a gift that comes from the Holy Spirit through obedience in knowing the scriptures.

    We know this:
    There will be false prophets in end times.
    We are told to be vigilant at all times.
    Even some of the ‘elite’ will be fooled.
    We are told to be of ‘sober mind’ and to be in full control of our bodies.
    We are told to TEST men who claim to be of God with the scriptures.
    Yes God uses all sorts of people even murderers – once they have repented and have become one of God’s people.
    Signs and wonders will FOLLOW the preaching of the Gospel.

    I think anyone who is still following the Lakeland movement now, which claims to follow the ‘Toronto Blessing’ has either not read the Bible enough or is deliberately being ignorant to what’s going on. Why on Earth would anyone fly out to Florida without fully researching this man and what he teaches!?!

    Todd preaches angel worship, has said ‘we know enough about Jesus, we need to focus on the supernatural’, he got his occult tattoos done AFTER he became a minister – infact all this info and more is widely available on the net and in other places. If you want to know the truth you’ll find it, if you’re happy to roll about in the ‘warm squishy feeling’ carry on by all means. But you have been warned.

  16. Laura says:

    Oh and I forgot. in reference to:

    My question is: what is your background religiously?

    I was brought up in a CofE Christian home but rebelled as a teen, made my way back to God when I was about 18. Was baptised some time later. I currently attend a Pentecostal church who are on the fence about Todd. They think he’s ok but aren’t jumping on the bandwagon or flying out to Florida – since as you said ‘You can’t put God in a box’ – or a building as far as I’m concerned!

    I would like to ask you the same question; what is your background religiously?

  17. Joe says:

    Hello Laura,
    I’m happy to correspond with you.
    Although, I thought this article was addressed to Alan.

    I don’t know that any person on the earth is without sin.
    I believe even ministers attempt to live their best lives for Christ. Todd may have things he’s done that some consider a sin (tattoo etc) just as any other person. Now, I honestly probably have not read every article about Todd —- I do want to know the whole truth about him. The other day I happened to see Todd on the FOX News channel, it’s good that he as well as to his staff are challenged from the world and tested by the church, it still doesn’t mean God won’t move in the midst of those who join in that place to find the moving of God’s spirit as well as to biblical sound doctrine. I don’t get to watch the revival all the time, but I have heard Todd preach the truth when I do. I have many members in my assembly who have listened and watched for confirmation of these happenings.

    Yes, I am Pentecostal. As you know, Pentecostals are generally and extensively grounded in the Holy Bible and that’s as it should be.

    I wonder if you have the baptism. It’s almost comical in a sense that I ask this question. I don’t condemn any person for not having it, God is our judge, but what is going on in Lakeland is not the only place where a revival has come. It is moving across this nation and around this world and at the same time the earth is being shaken and stirred to hear a word from God. “He that has an ear (spiritual ears) to hear, let him hear what the spirit says to the church.” People are hungry for a transformation that can only come through the word of God and the Holy Ghost. The bible says in John 4:23-24, “But the hour cometh and now is, when the TRUE worshippers will worship the father in SPIRIT and in TRUTH for the father seeketh such to worship Him. God is a spirit and they that worship Him MUST worship Him IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.” The truth without the spirit is not biblical and one is amiss in this hour without both.

    Some are trying to run as far away from the supernatural as they can. They don’t want the signs and wonders —- when Jesus came to this earth, many did not believe in Him, nor His miracles, he was called a blasphemer. In fact, you can mark my words that he was considered a whole lot worse then Todd right now in Todd’s position.

    Laura, I honestly believe that people need to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. There is a special leading and discernment because of it. It is scriptural. It’s not just a FEELING OR EMOTION. People can be so frightened by the experience. It’s time that we forget about the padded pew, social event, and receive the whole counsel of God’s word, But get the Holy Ghost so you can discern the events in this prophetic season in which we live and allow the word to come alive in you.

    Yes, I’ve heard Todd call down the angels.
    I’ve never heard Todd say, “I worship you angels!”
    Angels have been used and are still used in this hour by God.
    Read up on angels, they are powerful as long as they are directed by God.

    I am hearing a lot of people say things about Todd that I feel are really bias.
    CAN YOU NOTE ANYTHING ABOUT HIM THAT WILL CLEARLY REVEAL TO ME THAT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET? By the way, I almost think too many people are more concerned about Todd then about God in that place. There are other people there that I sense are leading worship and crying out to God, what about them, are they heretics?
    I honestly haven’t seen these videos and I don’t think we need to hurt people for them to get miracles. On the other hand, Jesus spit in His hand and placed it on the blind mans eyes. God had a light come out of heaven over Paul (Saul at the time) some theologians say, literally striking him to the ground (miracle sign) to cause him to change his ways while on the road to Damascus. He could not see for three days and then God gave him sight again thereafter.

    I don’t know why God does wild or weird things to mess us up or our thinking, but He can and will, even in this hour, if it means changing us for the good.


  18. Alan Higgins says:

    Sorry Joe, I just realised I didnt answer your question. To see my background, go to ‘About Me’ section at the top of the page

  19. Alan Higgins says:

    You said ‘People are hungry for a transformation that can only come through the word of God and the Holy Ghost’ and you are correct. A true transformation from God can ONLY come through the word of God aka sound doctrine and Todd does not preach this. You only have to look at and some of the links I have put at the bottom

  20. Joe says:

    Hello Alan,

    Thanks kindly for your response.

    I am thankful for sound doctrine.
    I am thankful for the Holy Spirit as well as to it’s infilling, which I am sorry to say that I don’t hear too many people on this blog making reference to their having been baptized (with true evidence) in the Holy Ghost.

    Some are going as far as to say that everyone on TBN and even the Brownsville revival was not of God — ALAN, THESE MEN OF GOD TAUGHT IN THE REVIVAL THERE IN BROWNSVILLE AS WELL AS DO ON TBN, Christ and repentance as well as to the infilling of the Holy Ghost — due to this I may seperate myself from your blog in remembrance of one true article of faith Mark 6:7-12 (I hope the crew here takes a glance at it FOR MANY ARE FALLING ASLEEP IN THIS HOUR, Ephesians 5:1-17).

    Yes, I hear and understand some of the things Todd has said — some of it very in-tune with Christ (It is the true word and doctrine of the Holy scriptures) and as well some things such as the angels that I do believe can come as ministering spirits and in various forms —- God has not made us the creator of the angel, nor one who might reveal every aspect of its duties.

    There are some things that I question of him (and as well that all should, not forgetting the others represented in that place seeking for a true word and fresh outpouring of God and not of man) and will continue to observe carefully, but everyone represented here on this blog needs to VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY NOTE WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY SAID AND CONTINUE SAYING BEFORE MAN AND GOD — I don’t hear you denounce this with scripture as you do only with Todd, and this speaks things into my spirit about what you represent that is unscriptural, quite honeslty, that is very disheartening as it concerns the soul!!!!


  21. Alan Higgins says:

    If you look above, you will see scriptures but you will see an absence of scripture when it comes to Todd because some of the things he says are not in scripture. If you want a scripture from me, I subscribe to Acts 17:11 where the bereans checked scripture to see if what Paul was saying was true

  22. Joe says:

    You ask me to check the scripture concerning Todd, shouldn’t I begin by confirming the word in you?

    You know of scripture?
    Do you have the baptism of the Holy Ghost that scripture speaks about?

  23. Alan Higgins says:

    Yes you should and in fact, I encourage you to do so an check out anything I say and line it up against scripture and if it doesnt line up, reject it.

    Yes I know of the teachings of baptism of the Holy Ghost very well as I came from a pentecostal background.

  24. Joe says:

    Somehow I felt we’d come back around to my first question.
    Somehow I felt it would come back to the surface and reveal itself — we know about it (Him) He is a spirit Alan and scripture says we must have Him (spirit) in us.

    “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost and it is the spirit of God that lives (must) live within you!”

    Surely, we must have the spirit of God in us as well as truth (word) if we are to not only know about Him, but also know Him. John 4:23-24

  25. Alan Higgins says:

    I agree 100% with you. We must have the Spirit in us. It is the Spirit that reveals to us the truth of his word and he never contradicts his word.

  26. Laura says:

    Hi again guys, and my apologies Joe, I didn’t realise you had left your message for Alan! I wouldn’t normally make a habit of butting in. Thank you for including me.

    I do believe I have the Spirit in me but I don’t believe that he only manifests in the charismatic ways. I have ‘felt the fire’ many times and have spoken in tongues. On the other hand I’ve never been truely ‘slain in the Spirit’ although I’ve often felt ministers pushing me!

    I wouldn’t label all these ‘revival’ movements as false and say that God was never there, but too many things don’t ring true about Todd as an individual, and as he is leading this ‘third wave’ that brings doubt to me over the whole thing. Jackie Pullinger preached at the Toronto blessing, or so I read. Infact she was the only speaker to preach on repentance and as far as I read, the congregation in attendance weren’t that interested and wanted to get back to ‘recieving the fire’ – I believe Jackie is a true woman of God. There’s nothing about her or what she teaches, which I’ve read to date, that is scripturally unsound. Therefore I can’t say ‘God wasn’t there at the Toronto Blessing!’

    What I can say though is that from many, many accounts of that movement that I’ve read and people who were there that I’ve spoken to, a lot of ungodly acts were also taking place in those meetings. People were rolling around on the floor singing nursery rhymes, behaving like animals and making animal noises, it’s even documented that people were urinating in public. All these people claimed to be acting ‘in the Spirit.’ I personally feel that God would be disgusted by this behaviour and I would like to ask these people if they are sure they were being guided by the Spirit of God… or some other spirit? God tells us we must always be of sober mind – not ‘drunk’ in any shape or form, and I don’t believe anyone of sober mind would be rolling on the floor singing nursery rhymes. That sounds to me like a mocking spirit.

    As for Todd kicking and punching people, I’ve seen a video where talks mockingly about an old lady worshipping, and then proceeds to say God told him to kick her in the face with his steel toe capped biker boots on! Yes, Jesus wiped spit into someone’s eye, but nowhere do I see violence used to heal Biblically.

  27. Joe says:

    I am with you 100% when it comes to ungodly acts — singing nursery rhymes (especially discerning what is coming out of the mouth of the individual and understanding and identification in the spirit of what and why this is coming out of the mouth of said individual).

    Additionally, The bahavior and noises unto animals and urination is definately out of order —- I do believe that in some meetings, we may be seeing demon possession manifested, deosn’t necessarily mean God is not doing a work there. Again, I haven’t seen, but have only heard of the “Toronto Blessing!”

    You make the statement “God tells us we must always be of sober mind – not ‘drunk’ in any shape or form!” Very scriptural in some form, yet, not in another: CHECK ACTS 2:14-16, especially, entire chapter of Acts 2 — This is God’s HOLY GHOST being poured out in the upper room experience. THIS IS THE BAPTISM!!!!

    Additionally, I am somewhat perplexed that I see and hear two things on this blog (I think) as well as to others very much like it:
    1) Angels, visions, and dreams, were manifested amoung people —- are not they to be manifested to us in any form? HINT: SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES ON THIS!
    2) I understand some don’t agree with PROSPERITY FINANCE PREACHING, But the Holy scriptures have a lot to say about finances, read them all.

    I don’t assume hold to the title: “charismatic”
    I do agree with scriptures pertaining to being moved by the power of the Holy Spirit….
    1 Corinthians 2:3-5
    1 Corinthians 2:12-14
    And there is a clear distinctive difference between those who profess knowledge of the baptism and those filled with it.

    Also, when God moves by His spirit, nothing else needs to hit you. Preachers don’t need to push you on the ground and Todd doesn’t need to kick you in the face (not that God won’t use different means by which to do His work). I certainly don’t condone afflicting someone, but I’ve personally recognized some true gifts of the spirit utilized and crazy off the wall manifestations that were of God (due to the noted miracle or work of God in the life of said person thereafter the person was prayed for and the preachers profession in the faith). Man doesn’t always agree as noted in scriptures above, but God will allow certain things to mess up our thinking because we always try to make Him only what we see Him as.

    Sometimes I wonder what the difference is in:
    the scientist who doesn’t believe, but only in what is material or physically apparent and those saducees and pharisees of our day —- Joel 2 is just one thought of how God is going to pour out His spirit in this last hour and many are forgetting that with the prophetc signs in the earth as a whole, revival is eminant and present in many forms and will only far exceed our expectations. I believe additionally that some things will manifest in ways the beloved apostle Paul never saw and I mean this with all reverance and respect of this mighty man of God that was part in the demonstration and power of spirit and helped see the transformation of God working and revolutionizing the known world in his era.

    Let us be sober minded in seeing to it that we are commissioned to do the work of Christ, in the power of the Holy Ghost. We cannot see God’s kingdom advance with just the scriptures, but also with the power and DEMONSTRATION OF HIS SPIRIT.

    By the way, I noticed a video with Todd mentioning this older lady. It did seem in some form that he mocked her, but I don’t know that this means he’s a false prophet and some are taking scriptures and really twisting them. There are some that are taking material from way back when — unless I havn’t seen it all, Todd pretty much denounced the thought of Emma the angel he mentioned about and said he’s mentioned angels, but only worship of Jesus Christ in his ministering recently. Does this mean a man cannot repent and receive forgiveness? Yet, then I ask myself, are we not to see vision and dreams in this last hour and sometimes manifestations because God forbid they are ALL OF THE DEVIL?

    Some food for thought!

  28. Rodney says:

    i understand what you all are trying to do. it is good that you are trying to warn others of false doctrine and unscriptual teachings. but what has ended up here as far as todd is concerned is gossip. which is a breaking of God’s law as well.

  29. Laura says:

    I totally hear what you’re saying Joe – I believe in the supernatural, for we are children of the God of the impossible. He can do anything. And His amazing signs and wonders follow the preching of His Word.

    Of course if Todd was wrong in his actions and repented he would be forgiven, we are all fallen – none of us perfect.

    Not meaning to sound like a broken record here but on the subject of prosperity preaching. I’m not apposed to it all, but when you go to a conference or seminar and every preacher to take the stand begins saying ‘God has told me tonight that anyone who want’s a blessing should sow into my ministry with £777, and he will reap abundantly’ it starts to wear a bit thin. The fundamentalist sector of Christianity is well known for being a cash cow, I’m sure many preachers use the money donated for God’s will. But surely you can’t deny that it’s a huge possibility also that many are in it for their own gain? Some of the most famous, well loved ‘televangelists’ have been outed as thieves and scoundrels. I have no doubt that most go into ministry with a good heart.. but being wealthy is a very dangerous place to be in unless you are extremely strong. On the broken record bit I was once again going to mention Jackie Pullinger, she has reached millions World wide and never asks for donations, she’s not rich but God has always provided her expenses without her having to ask. If you don’t know her story you should google her, God has done some amazing work through her.

    Rodney, I sort of agree with the point you made but also what i think we need to bear in mind is the fact that once you’re a big ‘celebrity’ whether you’re a preacher or a movie star – your information becomes part of the public domain. We’re not talking about his looks, his weight, his personality, his private life etc, we’re discussing his theology and preaching, which I think is very important since he’s influencing, and ‘imparting’ to so many people.

  30. Joe says:

    Yes, Laura, you are perfectly right.

    I am very concerned about ministers preaching exactly as you mention here. I am concerned for those who are discouraged by it and those who are unsaved and cannot remain in our churches due to it.

    God will also avenge and remedy in His time, all these matters, and I do pray for these ministers to use wisdom.

    I am praying for Todd as well.
    I pray God does move(great revival).
    I pray for the power, anointing, Holy Spirit, to transform lives.
    I am hearing reports of this happening even from other Pentecostal ministers and organizations.
    I pray for miracles, healings, as well as to the greater miraculous of God to reveal Himself.

    I also pray against anything that is not of God there.
    I pray God will reveal, remedy, and chasten even the very elect of these and other meetings should any be out of line with the Holy scriptures and God’s will.

    I am very interested in Jackie Pullinger.
    I will have to google her.


  31. Laura says:

    Amen to that Joe!

    Regarding Jackie Pullinger, try to find her book ‘Chasing The Dragon’ – it’s about her early life and time she spent in the now demolished ‘walled city’ (which was basically a small part of the World which was seemingly forgotten and ruled by gang warfare, drugs and prostitution.)

    Also, what do you guys think of Brother Yun? His book is ‘Heavenly Man’

  32. Joe says:

    Yuns information according to Wikipedia describes him quite extensively. I don’t have the time at the moment to describe him, from all the info they’ve gathered, but he appears to have been a born-again believer and had been long sought after by many because of his faith. He evangelized and apparently won many souls to Christ.

    Additionally, it sounds as if God helped him to escape prison —- almost a story like Peters (I believe is who it was in the bible) who by the prayers of the church and the plan of God, helped him to escape from a dungeon of torture and despair.

    We’ve been discussing angels on the blog here and I believe it was a literal angel, if I’m not mistaken, who helped him to escape. It was like a great vision for Peter, I don’t think he actually believed it was anymore then a dream he was having.

    Very interesting!!!!

  33. alease davis says:

    Anyone with any discernment AT ALL,and a copy of the Bible,can see how blatently heretical Hinn and Bentley truly are.Its pathetic what passes itself off as Christianity today.I’ve actually seen Bentley kick a woman in the face,knee a cancer patient in the stomach,it’s grotesque.Obviously done to mock God’s people,who are blind enough to fall for this garbage.

  34. Joe says:

    Everyone has mentioned these videos, I can’t find them when I google or when checking youtube, etc.. Can anybody send me one so I can personally view Todd doing this. I can’t see the viseos that were mentioned to view above as suggested. Why are you so concerned about Benny Hinn?

  35. Joe says:

    Alright, so I observed the videos: We begin by acknowledging they are very old, some dated back nearly 15 or more years — I haven’t seen Benny do some of these things in some time. Now, I don’t go to his crusades, but I do watch episodes, so I may not be privy to all his actions, but, again, I remember these videos and I haven’t seen anything even remotely close to this over the last decade. The question becomes: does what I’m viewing mean there is reason to believe with the actions presented here that he is a false prophet — I certainly appreciate the scriptures and the special word you commit to here, but fellows, come on, you’ll have to do far better than the info you’ve provided.

    John the Baptist said, I’ve baptized you in water, the one after me will baptize you in the Holy Ghost and FIRE (terminology used by Benny)!!!! He is not claiming to be God here. Furthermore, the bible says that prior to the promised comforter and Jesus ascension into heaven that He (Jesus) literally, BREATHED on them the Holy Ghost! Was God always so staunch that he wouldn’t do things different then Sadducees/Pharisees in order to reveal his glory?
    Now, I’ve not taken the time to write out the scriptures here verbatim, but these are actual events.

    In my opinion, this is a deliberate attempt on the character of this person without merit.
    And as far as to the scripture found in Deuteronomy and another prediction made by Benny from over years ago, the interpretation of his prophetic word is taken out of context — if you really want me to, I might be able to help you better understand, identify, and discern what interpretation actually came to pass. Again, I come back to John 4:23-24, you have to know the scriptures and have the baptism of the Holy Ghost to identify (as denoted in Revelation: “He that hath (spiritual) ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit says!”) with certain prophetic words and manifestations; otherwise, you’re lost in a whirlwind of deceitful thoughts. Something else that concerns me here: if these videos are this old, it let’s me know some of you have been at this for some time now. Don’t you think it is better to allow the Lord to chasten the wrong in the earth and be working personally to advance God’s kingdom then by submitting things that produce judgment towards people who profess Christ. The bible says, “Judge not lest ye be judged!” And say what you will, but that is what is happening here and I might add this comes by the suggestion of many who feel you are wrong in your approach not only to the scriptures, but to the general air of info submitted.

    Furthermore, 2 Corinthians 11 is easily taken out of context — verse 4 clearly identifies what the apostle Paul was referencing to here: “For if he that cometh preacheth ANOTHER Jesus, WHOM WE HAVE NOT PREACHED, or if ye receive ANOTHER spirit, which YE have NOT received, or ANOTHER gospel, which YE have NOT accepted, ye might well bear with him.” If one chooses to examine the text here in any other form, I might agree (as an example: one might say, no, the text references even those coming in like form of any apostle, speaking Jesus.) Again, does this mean these men are false prophets, I suggest we pray for them and let God chasten and judge, if necessary. My personal opinion, no, they are not false prophets, but most certainly men who for the most part don’t need to be fancy preachers as Paul is more so mentioning here — they probably don’t need to kick (Todd) and throw their arms (Benny) in the air towards people, but did God not cause Paul (Saul at the time) to come off the donkey (some suggesting God cast him off the donkey because of his persecution of the saints) blinding him for three days, did God have to do this???? I don’t know, you tell me!!!!!.

    Let’s identify with Todd Friel, whom I believe you use to counter Todd Bentley — if I’m not mistaken he is the radio talk show host. He talks about things like Joel 2/Acts 2 as if they were past tense and God doesn’t much work in that manner any more —- these are those “departing from the faith”, “those with itching ears”, again, you know them by their fruit, which is what I’ve felt from the onset of my correspondence here and discernment of the material represented and by whom it is represented by here.
    I think we know Jesus used some different methods to heal, we don’t condone all done by Todd or Benny or any others out here, but they are not false prophets because of it.

  36. Alan Higgins says:

    If somebody makes prophecies about something and it does not come to past, are you trying to tell me that that person is not a false prophet? So how do you spot a false prophet?

    In regards to your comments ‘judge not lest you be judged’, you too have taken it out of context and I admonish you to watch this video.

    I will try and address your other points later on

  37. Laura says:

    I read a few bits about Benny the other day, one of them was that he preached that there was actually nine beings in the Trinity. That the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were each three in one. He said this whilst ‘under the power of the Spirit.’

    Later after critisism he withdrew the statement and then I think at some point later he redressed it once again!?

    I would advise anyone unsure of certain preachers to research the ‘Word-Faith’ movement. I’m sure many of you would be highly suprised at some of the documented ideas of the preachers involved. I’m not sure now which one it was exactly, but he said something along the lines of – ‘God cannot work in this World without us allowwing Him to – do you see what that means? If God’s not in control, who is? We are! Whatever we demand of Him, He has to do!’… is that from God? I think not. Another thing they all claim is that whatever you want – money etc, you must visualise is graphically and bring it into being. This is a pagan idea but as one of these famous preachers claimed ‘If it works for them it’ll work for us.’

    Do your research guys, google ‘Word-Faith’ or ‘Word of Faith’ and you’ll find all this and more documented in several places. In this day and age there is no excuse for ignorance. Do not be decieved!

  38. timothy paul collins says:

    seek out the old paths and walk there in, god is the same yesterday today and forever,

  39. timothy paul collins says:

    alan do you think there will be a great revival in the end time ?

  40. Alan Higgins says:

    Timothy, personally no. I cannot see this in scripture. What I do see is in the last days there will be a lot of deception, false teachers, false doctrine and people flocking to hear what their itching ears want to hear

  41. Joe says:

    So, just as I mentioned concerning Todd Friel, Joel 2/Acts 1 as well as the book of Revealtion are supposedly outdated, is this correct — let’s get it marked down in the big book in heaven whomever might declare this openly and before God?
    Now, if you don’t understand the book of Revelation, nor as to the relevent notations spelled out plainly as it pertains to an awakening of Revival to occur in the last days, you have been deceived and deluded.

    Again, as well as it pertains to Benny and his prophecy, I think you’ve simply taken out of context the prophecy foretold. It would be better to understand how you think that prophesy came to pass and I can just about already tell you what you believe it to be even before you render it to me.

    Laura, I think we need something concrete about this info in front of us, can we get that video, or otherwise material info somehow of what you saw? I don’t agree there are 9 Gods, but I need to hear/see exactly what Benny said.

    Alan, my only other additional thoughts are that one shouldn’t make a life out of condemning people who profess Christ and some on our blogs should be very careful how they talk about ministers. Let’s be realistic even as it concerns thoughts pertaining to Benny and the whole nine gods issue; if one mis-states something, is he held accountable for eternity? It sounds as though he retracted his thoughts. I don’t agree that we just follow anyone, I do believe we test and confirm trying the spirits, but we should also consider the time in which things transpired and the majority of the work additionally contributed in ministry related to Benny and be careful not to continue to portray somebody on a one-time statement or action. Let’s review what happened back when, acknowledging everything, then let us view what is transpiring presently, then we can better determine the reality of said individual here.

  42. Alan Higgins says:

    Joe, can you show me the scripture where we should be expecting a great revival in the last days.

    Benny says Fidel castro will die in the 90s – HE DID NOT
    Benny said that God will destroy the homosexual community of America in 1994/95 – HE DID NOT
    Jesus is going to physically appear in the meetings – HE DID NOT

    If someone makes the odd ‘hiccup’ in their theology, I have no problem with that (I’m sure I have a few) but when someones theology is based on falsehood consistently, then I will speak up. You may say it is unloving but I will say it is very unloving to see the many tragedies that happen as a result of false teaching and NOT say anything. I have watched Benny Hinn on recent programs and he has not changed his theology so this is not just ‘old news’. He still preaches his heretical teachings

  43. Joe says:

    Alright, let’s begin with the first here:

    Do you mind if I ask how one might define revival?

  44. Joe says:

    In additon to my question above, what is your view of ALL the ministers on TBN or for that matter, ministers who are Pentecostal, which includes all Church of God, Trinitarian, Oneness, etc?

  45. Laura says:

    Oooh TBN! More ‘Word of Faith’ people.

    In relation to what I said about Benny and the nine parts of the Trinity:

    Many of the Word-Faith teachers also embrace a heresy known as Tritheism, which in essence teaches that there are really three separate Gods. Hinn, under supposed inspiration, explains:

    “Man, I feel revelation knowledge already coming on me here. Holy Spirit, take over in the name of Jesus. … God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person; and He is a triune being by Himself separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost. Say, what did you say? Hear it, hear it, hear it. See, God the Father is a person, God the Son is a person, God the Holy Ghost is a person. But each one of them is a triune being by Himself. If I can shock you — and maybe I should — there’s nine of them. Huh, what did you say? Let me explain: God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person with his own personal spirit, with his own personal soul, and his own personal spirit-body. You say, Huh, I never heard that. Well you think you’re in this church to hear things you’ve heard for the last 50 years? You can’t argue with the Word, can you? It’s all in the Word (Christianity in Crisis, p. 123-124).

    Hinn, under fire, later retracted his remarks, only to reaffirm them two years later.

    This is just one of the links I used to find info on the ‘Word – Faith’ preachers:

    (sorry I don’t know how to make it a clickable link!)

    I would also like to add this comment from one of the other Word – Faith preachers, frequently on TBN:

    Frederick K.C. Price wastes no words when he writes:

    “Now this is a shocker! But God has to be given permission to work in this earth realm on behalf of man. … Yes! You are in control! So if man has control, who no longer has it? God. … When God gave Adam dominion, that meant God no longer had dominion. So, God cannot do anything on this earth unless we let Him or give Him permission through prayer” (Prayer: Do You Know What Prayer Is. … and How to Pray? The Word Study Bible, p. 1178).

    This is certainly a theology that would appeal to the masses, and thus accounts for the Faith movement’s popularity.


    Robert Tilton is normative. On a Trinity Broadcasting Network program in 1990 he said:

    “Being poor is a sin, when God promises prosperity. New house? New car? That’s chicken feed. That’s nothing compared to what God wants to do for you” (Charismatic Chaos, p. 285).

    Another few links that may be of interest, please read:

    While it is always wrong to motivate giving by unbiblical methods, it would at least be somewhat understandable if these televangelists used the money for godly purposes. Sadly, that is most definitely not the case. It is utterly ridiculous to think that it is God’s desire for televangelists to spend the money, donated for their ministry, on mansions while there are hundreds of languages into which not even a portion of the Bible has been translated. It is offensive for televangelists to drive cars that if sold, could feed a starving African village for months. It is abhorrent that televangelists own clothing outfits that cost more than the average family can afford to spend on clothing in an entire year. To those of you who have been offended by the many televangelist scandals, please understand this – those televangelists do not represent the Christian faith and they are not following either Jesus’ teachings or His example. Televangelist scandals have truly “given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme” (2 Samuel 12:14).

  46. Laura says:

    Why has my comment not shown up? :S

  47. Laura says:

    “I was shocked when I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is. Everybody you ask, ‘Who’s the biggest failure?’ They say, ‘Judas’; somebody else will say, ‘No, I believe it was Adam’; ‘well what about the devil?’ He’s the most consistent failure. But he’s not the biggest in terms of material failure and so forth. The biggest one (failure) in all the Bible is God.
    (Kenneth Copeland, TBN, April 1988)

    For Copeland to demote God by alleging that He is the “biggest failure in all the Bible” is blasphemy of a higher order. The Bible clearly states that God is omnipotent and insusceptible to failure (Job 42:2, Jeremiah 32:17,27, Matthew 19:26).

  48. Laura says:

    Oooh TBN.. here goes.

    Basically nearly all the ministers on that channel are of the Word of Faith movement. I’d strongly suggest researching this movement’s theology and teachings, I’m going to post some quotes and links below from some pretty informative sites.


    Kenneth Copeland:
    “God is the biggest failure in the Bible…the reason you’ve never thought that is because He never said He was one”
    (“Praise-a-thon” TBN 1988)

    “Jesus never actually claimed to be God”
    (Take Time To Pray” Believers Voice of Victory. Feb 87)

    “You don’t have a god in you, you are one!”
    (The Force of Love, Audiotape 1987)

    “When I read the Bible where He (Jesus) says, ‘I AM’ I say, ‘Yes, I AM too!’ ”
    (Crusade Meeting July 19, 1987)

    Creflo A Dollar:
    “You’re not a sinner saved by grace you sons and daughters of the Most High God. You are gods!”
    (“Changing your world” April 17, 2002)

    “Well, you need to hear about money, because you ain’t gonna have no love and joy and peace until you get some money!”
    (TBN 20 July 1999)

    Eddie L Long:
    “My whole objective in life is to be His image, His duplicate, His witness and to show folk what He looks like… Somebody say ‘I want to see God.’ Here He is, look at me!”
    (“There’s Power in your words”, March 5, 2003)

    “I am looked at as one of the churches’ fathers. One of God’s CEO’s!”
    (“The Empowerment of Kings, February 10, 2002)

    Thomas D Jakes
    “Because the teachers in Jesus’ day listened to Him as a child, it boosted His self-esteem”
    (“Loose That Man” Page 3)

    “Jakes, who drives a Mercedes, has moved with his wife and their five children to a luxurious seven-bedroom home with swimming pool in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas. he said the home cost more than $1 million. ‘I do think we need Christians who are in first class as well as coach,’ Jakes said.”
    (The Fort Star Telegram)

    Fredrick K Price
    “If it be thy will or thy will be done — if you have to say that, then you’re calling God a fool.”
    (“Ever Increasing Faith” TBN November 16, 1990)

    “God can’t do anything in this earth realm except what we, the body of Christ, allow Him to do.”
    (“Ever Increasing Faith” TBN May 1, 1992)

    “You can talk about me all you like while I drive by in my Rolls Royce that’s paid for.”
    (“Ever Increasing Faith” TBN March 29, 1992)

    “Yes! You are in control! So, if man has control, who no longer has it? God.”
    (“Prayer: Do You Know What Prayer Is?”, The Word Study Bible, 1990, Page 1178)

    John Hagee
    “Poverty is caused by sin, and disobeying the Word of God.”
    (“Praise-A-Thon” TBN April 16 1993)

    “The Jews were not rejecting Jesus as Messiah. It was Jesus who was refusing to be the Messiah to the Jews.”
    (“Should Christians Support Israel?” pages 67-68)

    Jesse Duplantis
    “He (God) trusts me enough to borrow my money. It’s an honour for God to ask you to borrow your money. I’ve had the Lord say ‘Will you help me out today?’ Yeah, what you need Lord? ‘A couple of bucks.’ Ok!”
    (“We care Ministries” audio clip)

    “Cash is King! The hundred fold works! ‘If I give $50 you mean God will give me $5000?’ Yes! If you give $1000 in the offering this morning, will God give you £100,000 by tomorrow? Yes!”
    (“The Choke Hold,” The Church Channel, January 24, 2004)

    Benny Hinn
    “Never, ever, ever go to the Lord and say, ‘If it be thy will,’ Don’t allow such faith destroying words to be spoken from your mouth.”
    (“Rise And Be Healed” page 74)

    “Cause it doesn’t take brains to figure the thing out; you give to get!”
    (“This Is Your Day” October 28, 1999)

    “The Bible warns us clearly that we must not attack men of God, no matter how sinful they may have become or wicked in our eyes.”
    (“The Many Faces Of Benny Hinn”[DVD])

    “You wonderful people of God, quit attacking men of God by name! Somebody’s attacking me because of something I’m teaching! Let me tell you something brother, you watch it! You walk around with your stiff lip and your collar on your neck — dear God in heaven I wish I could just — ooh! You know I’ve looked for one verse in the Bible; I just can’t seem to find it; one verse that said, ‘If you don’t like ’em, kill ’em.’ I really wish I could find it.”
    (“Praise The Lord” TBN)

    Rod Parsley
    “God said ‘You can sow for whatever your soul lusteth after.’ Sow $2000 says the man of God”
    (TBN, April 6, 2003)

    “I just love to talk about yout money. Let me be very clear. I want your money. I deserve it. This church deserves it.”
    (“An Empire of Souls” page 35)

    Ok so there was quite a few more ministers and loads more quotes, I didn’t want to copy the whole site! All the quotes came from:

    (Sorry didn’t know how to make a clickable link on here!)

    Here’s another good one:

    If you type ‘Word of Faith movement’ into google you’ll find loads more. The vast majority of sites I clicked on were against the movement and could not in anyway line it up with scripture.

    I think the most worrying part of the whole thing is that half the people who follow these celebrity preachers and the ‘Word-Faith’ crew don’t know the movements doctrine and the basis of what they preach. I’m afraid to say it seems much closer to new age mystisism than Christianity to me. And if what they teach isn’t enough, their actions speak for themselves, they openly use occult ‘graphic visualisation techniques’ and ‘speaking to your wallet’ and ‘meditating on what you want’

    I’d like to ask this, in a sect so obsessed by prosperity where is the teaching to ‘leave all your belongings and follow me’ and ‘store up your treasures in Heaven’ – the Lords teaching on NOT storing up Worldy goods is promintent and repeatedly obvious throughout the old and new Testaments.

    “The sight of televangelists wearing overly expensive clothing and jewelry, living in ridiculously expensive homes, and driving the most luxurious of cars, has caused many people to turn away from faith in Christ. Even non-Christians can discern that the teachings and lifestyles of most televangelists are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

    “While it is always wrong to motivate giving by unbiblical methods, it would at least be somewhat understandable if these televangelists used the money for godly purposes. Sadly, that is most definitely not the case. It is utterly ridiculous to think that it is God’s desire for televangelists to spend the money, donated for their ministry, on mansions while there are hundreds of languages into which not even a portion of the Bible has been translated. It is offensive for televangelists to drive cars that if sold, could feed a starving African village for months. It is abhorrent that televangelists own clothing outfits that cost more than the average family can afford to spend on clothing in an entire year. To those of you who have been offended by the many televangelist scandals, please understand this – those televangelists do not represent the Christian faith and they are not following either Jesus’ teachings or His example. Televangelist scandals have truly “given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme” (2 Samuel 12:14).”

    Anyway, I think I’ve posted enough!

    But please research as much as you can guys, don’t just believe what you hear someone say, read your Bible and line it up, and not with one verse which you’ve twisted to fit the preaching of a minister. Their teaching has to fit the Bible, not the other way round.

  49. Laura says:

    PS: I didn’t mean to add smileys into those quotes!!

  50. Joe says:

    I realize its a bit long, but please read thoroughly and through to the end — very important!!!

    Fidel Castro has:
    had threats on his life
    had illness occur in his body
    He will probably die (not in the 90s, but on God’s timetable)

    He mentions the homosexual community, but recognize that he says Judgment will not occur in a manner consistent with mans view concerning it — he says, many will turn and be saved, others will die. This is not verbatim. No-doubt some have come to Christ while others have not, even over the 90s.

    I don’t care to hear people say that there will be a “physical appearance”, yet, each time I’ve heard it, it becomes a claim that the Holy Spirit will become very apparent in the place. Benny stated it as well as I know Todd was mentioning this (a lady said this would happen and he was reading a letter addressed by the woman). Thereafter, Todd explained to the people that this is what we know as a manifestation of God’s spirit that will be revealed and not God Himself present in form of flesh.

    Although, I don’t profess to condone all that Benny has said or done, yet, I would not say that he is a false teacher. I honestly feel in my spirit that if you were to follow him very closely over a years span of time (during the present season), you would find that although he as anyone else has his shortcomings, but I don’t know that I could say he is not worthy of doing the work of the ministry. I am personally very interested to find out what he is doing today that you find heretical.

    In Matthew 17
    Although Peter was imperfect, Jesus still gave him glimpses of His miraculous
    Additionally, we find here that the disciples were unable to cast out a spirit and Christ did the work and told the disciples they needed to be in prayer and fasting to see the miraculous like this.
    Additionally, Jesus asks his apostles and disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” The apostles give a variety of replies. Jesus added, “But who do you say that I am?” Who speaks up? Peter proclaims, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus replies, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father.” (Mt. 16.13-19)
    Did Peter ever make any mistakes, or objectively commit any sins, in words or deeds? He sure did.
    When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, Peter also tried, but his faith seems to have been weak, … and Peter sank. (Mt. 14.28-31) Doesn’t that sound like something you and I would do?
    When Jesus predicted his Passion in saying that he had to go to Jerusalem, suffer greatly, be put to death, and be raised up, Peter confidently and compassionately drew Jesus aside and assured him, “Master, God forbid that any such thing would ever happen to you.” (Mt. 16.22) How does Jesus respond? Not so compassionately. Jesus says, “Get behind me, Satan. You are trying to make me trip and fall. You are not judging by God’s standards but by man’s.” (Mt. 16.23)
    Jesus had invited his inner circle to the Garden of Gethsemane, to “watch and pray.” A little later, Jesus questions Peter, “You could not stay awake and watch with me for even one hour?”
    In the same Garden of Gethsemane, when Judas, members of the Jewish Sanhedrin, and the Roman soldiers came to capture Jesus, Peter drew his sword, and slashed off the ear of the high priest’s servant. Jesus ‘ response to Peter was: “Put back your sword.” (Mt. 26.53) Peter is trying to do the right thing, and Jesus reprimands him.
    Peter denied Jesus three times, finally cursing and swearing, “I do not know that man.” (Mt. 26.69-74)
    Much more could be said, positively and critically, about Peter. I want to emphasize the positive. During Jesus’ life on earth, Peter bravely asked Jesus questions that no one else dared to ask. And Peter answered on behalf of all the apostles. Bravely, Peter led Jesus and the other apostles into the wilderness. After the resurrection, Peter was the first apostle to look into the empty tomb, the first apostle to witness the living Lord, the first apostle to baptize a Gentile, and the first apostle to accept St. Paul’s missionary activity and teachings. At the end of his life, Peter suffered crucifixion. Tradition teaches that Peter died with his head upside down which was the manner for executing slaves.
    Despite this mixed bag of strength and weakness, JESUS CHOSE PETER to be the Church’s Rock, on which the Church would be built.
    Why does St. Peter give us hope? Christ called Peter. Christ knew him, perceived strengths in him, perceived weaknesses too, and Jesus still chose Peter. In the same way, Jesus chooses and calls us. In Peter’s time and our time, Christ isn’t expecting moral perfection nor is he unwilling to recognize our shortcomings, Jesus calls us. Jesus wants to act through his followers. It takes personal humility to let God’s power act through us. If we were proud or arrogant, we might think that the success of the Church depended on us. But look at us. … By choosing weak and imperfect persons, God sees and the world sees that it is by the power of God that the Church and its members do the good that they do.
    I rejoice in the shortcomings of Peter, and the other apostles, and all Christians for the past 2,000 years, and in my own shortcomings, because it’s clear that the good which the Church does flows from Jesus Christ, flows through the power of the Holy Spirit, and through us … acting only as Jesus’ humble agents. By the grace of Our Lord Jesus, his Church survives.

    Alan, you’re using the scriptures of St. Paul in a manner unbecoming. I think I would pray for Benny and Todd and leave the judging up to Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

  51. Alan Higgins says:

    I have to agree with Laura. The vast majority of teachers on TBN preach a word of faith gospel which is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is another gospel and heritical. In regards to pentecostals etc, every denomination has its strengths and weeknesses. As long as the essentials of the gospel are preached, I think we can agree to disagree on the non essentials.

  52. Joe says:

    I’ll leave this in addition concerning Lauras comments…..I certainly understand some complaints, but for the most part that’s what they are. I have watched a variety of the men/women on TBN to some extent, and what is stated here on this blog is either not carefully discerned and understood according to scripture or is not not discerned by the direction of the spirit (additionally, everyone of these ministers ministries should be observed over the future, you won’t find much more than the working of the spirit in their meetings and word of ministry) — don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone all said or done, but even half the comments on this blog that you left Laura are taken way out of context.

    One example: I was in a special service with an estimated 12000 people one year in Charleston WV, listening for approx 2 hours while I listened to Rod Parsley preach under the direction of the Holy Ghost. I don’t know that I had, nor that I ever will be able to hear much of him in the future, but he had such a strong anointing and word of God that night that I was simply amazed — now I’m sure you could say a lot about him, but what about God in him or his spirit.

    Nobody is perfect
    Some even get caught-up in the anointing and probably take it too far sometimes, but again, the column above should be carefully read.

  53. Joe says:

    I think you’re right Alan to agree to disagree on non essentials

  54. Laura says:

    I’m sorry Joe but I can’t accept anyone saying ‘God is the biggest failiure in the Bible’ or ‘Jesus was a rich man’ or ‘Jesus rejected the Jews’ or ‘We control God’ – these men claim to be under the Spirit whilst preaching these things!

    Most of the TBN preachers are too focused on ‘What God can do for me’ rather than ‘How many souls can we save for God’s kingdom..’ the majority of what they preach about is self orientated, about ‘getting’, our God is about ‘giving’!

    We must die to self to walk with the Lord, unattaching ourselves from the World and everything in it – including money. At best these preachers are encouraging many of God’s people to focus on money, which in itself is an idol. Money is not important, God will always provide for us – we don’t need to ‘demand a Mercedes’, nor do we need one! We should be going out humbly into the World preaching God’s love to people we meet, not speeding past them in a Merc only to get home and jump in our pool!

  55. Laura says:

    Oh, and I am also a pentecostal, I don’t have a problem with my church’s theology though. We’re very scriptural based and have a system of elders who are a group of wise folk elected by the rest of the church to be a safety net, if you like, and they will support our pastor and make sure he’s teaching the right things. Obviously not all churches are perfect, but Biblically I’m happy with mine at the moment.

  56. Laura says:

    * I meant no church is perfect.

  57. Joe says:

    Can I ask this question:

    other than the list of statements you note according to every single minister above and all the negative that you portray concerning them, including a particular minister of whom I highly esteem, TD Jakes — can you honestly tell me any good thing about them; time ministering, compiling messages, mission trips, political standings, books written, people cared for and changed by their specific ministry, let alone their entire ministry and their staffs?

  58. Laura says:


    I’m sorry, they could be reaching millions via ministry, books, videos, mission trips – but if it’s with the wrong message then it’s dead.

    I’d also like to add that I only quoted them their own words and discussed the Word-Faith doctrine, if that’s negative then so be it.

    I think this comes back down to the fact that it takes more than ‘being a good person’ to get to Heaven, to be saved! Regardless of the lives they’re living, if they’re believing and preaching a different Gospel to the one the Lord gave us they’re actually damaging people in spreading it!!

    I’ll openly admit, I don’t know that much about any of them, but I know more than enough that some of their personal lives and the things some of them preach are enough to turn some unbelievers away! The most important thing we can do as Christians is help the Lord save souls by speading the Good News, if my non Christian friends watch 10 minutes of ‘The God Channel’, see one of these preachers brag about their belongings and ask for a ‘seed’ and immediately feel ‘it’s all a big con’ – what use is that?? And if they’re not on TV to bring unbelievers into the Kingdom, what are they doing?!? I can’t for the life of me see how the ‘health and wealth’ gospel is reaching the lost. We need teaching about repentance and forgiveness, not health and wealth!

    Why is it we are so bothered about healings, feelings, prosperity and general well being when so many people are currently going to hell???? This is serious! There is no time to waste filling our own pockets – we’re talking about people we love spending eternity in a pit of fire!

  59. Joe says:

    I understand now that what you see is only what you know or desire to see.

    People will make far more excuses for running away from the faith then what is presented here.

    The point: everyone will not be perfect. We don’t agree nor fully condone all, But I’ll leave you all on one final note.
    I would honestly be very careful what else I stated before God and man about these men of the faith.

    Scripturally, it is proof in the word and declared in the heavens that God is watching and observing everything we say and do. I don’t know how one cannot discern the concern in the manner of approach here.

  60. Alan Higgins says:

    Sorry Laura, for some reason, some of your comments appeared and some went into my spam but I have de-spammed them

  61. Laura says:

    Not to worry Alan, it had sorted itself by yesterday morning! And thanks!


    “I understand now that what you see is only what you know or desire to see.”

    One could say the same of you.

    None of us here on this blog are shouting from the tree tops negative things about these ‘men of faith’ – this is a discussion board. I personally have been shocked by things I have seen and heard from some of these men and feel that the kind of faith they promote is a shallow one, one that could be ‘chocked by the thorns’ of this World.

    The Lord clearly tells us if someone prophesies something that doesn’t come to pass, we’re to disregard him as a true prophet. In the same way we must line everything one says upto scripture, and if it doesn’t fit, chuck it! I don’t think any of us need to say anymore than that. I’m going to get back to reading my Bible so that I will not be decieved in the days to come.

    I pray that everyone here will be so strengthened by the Word that he will not have to doubt himself when more testing times come, that he will not be afraid to speak out at injustice and cling to the hand of his Father. I pray we will all have God given strength to finish the race, and that none of us will fall by the wayside. I ask Lord that you pick us up when we stumble, humble us when we become proud and carry us when we become weak.

  62. Joe says:

    Each one of us here are of the same mind as it concerns the acknowledgement of false prophets. And although I understand every scripture outlined above to impart a truth, I don’t know that the men you profess to be false prophets are living in SIN (text you denote: Matthew 7:23 states, “you worker of iniquity”), nor do I feel they profess ANOTHER CHRIST as is another text you hold to (2Corinthians 11:4).

    I have observed in addition to all texts, 2 Peter 2 concerning this reality. Yet, the statements that we’ve reflected upon deserve more attention — many ministers use “catch phrases” and don’t assume the actual reality of the statement? There are additional biases as well that must be carefully refuted according to scripture to the fullest extent due to the nature of this blog.

    I agree that should a statement ultimately be found to be deliberate (not according to scripture), ultimately misleading (a statement truly reflective heresy, which to me can be a real fine line, especially as it concerns those who are of the household of faith and other than with what has been menioned, have lived lives according to scripture as far as I can see), and without repentance, then I would be more prone to adhere to:

    Galatians 6:1-5 which states,

    1 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass (which is also defined as a sin or living in iniquity as noted in the aforementioned scripture and text we refer to), you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4 But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 5 For each one shall bear his own load.

    With the statements aforementioned and as they concern these ministers:
    Have we seen Galatians 6 come into fulfillment?
    Who are we to judge, if not?

    If Galatians 6:1-5 lacks fulfillment, is it not our obligation to first be certain that everything has managed to fulfill all scripture before judging, especially publically?
    After said point, if there is not an end to such manner of speech (show me the latest in manner of speech or conduct concerning Benny and all the others, I have not seen anything most recent – and although money is probably one of the easier areas to note according to these ministers, I would like to find statements in addition to these referenced BECAUSE MANY OF THEM USE THE BIBLE AND ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE) and conduct, then if need be (after private rebuke and no repentance), disregard the teaching, pray for said individual, and for that matter recognize them as a heretic, but I don’t see publicly demonizing them — this is scriptural to be careful as well as to having a careful tongue, being watchful of the heart, mindful of the spirit, not making anyway for (sinful) man to find ought against the faith, and watching our conduct that is openly (publicly) professed before Christ and the world.

    Galatians 5:13-22 – We need to fulfill the fruits of the spirit
    Philippians 4:6-7 – Leave prayers and thoughts w/God so he can keep our heart and mind.
    Philippians 4:8-9 – Think on things that are of good report
    Matthew 15:18 – What is in our heart or is becoming of the heart when we willfully speak
    2 Timothy 3:1-5 – We are to attempt to keep ourselves outside of such conversation.

  63. Joe says:

    By the way, Laura, I feel what you stated before my last submission was right on.

    In addition, I do sense that what we speak about concerning some of these negative statements that surround these ministers are truly only a minor part of what they profess in totality as a Christian.

    By the way where is that scripture where as you state: “The Lord clearly tells us if someone prophesies something that doesn’t come to pass, we’re to disregard him as a true prophet.” And this is not a derogatory question, I know the verse does exist…LOL

    Also, I hope your statement regarding as you note “men of faith” is forthright and honest because I still believe they truly are.

    FYI my last posting…please read!!!

  64. Laura says:

    1 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass (which is also defined as a sin or living in iniquity as noted in the aforementioned scripture and text we refer to), you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4 But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 5 For each one shall bear his own load.

    Amen! I wonder how easy it would be though to speak in person or warn any of these preachers etc?

    I agree with everything you said Joe in your last two posts, on the subject of these ministers I think we will have to agree to disagree as I’m sure we could go on forever back and forth quoting scripture! Obviously as long as Jesus is the centre of our lives we shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

    And here’s the sripture you asked for:

    Deuteronomy 18:21-22, “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that [is] the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, [but] the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” (KJV)

    and this

    Deuteronomy 18:18-20, “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require [it] of him. But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.” (KJV)

  65. Jeffrey Mark says:

    And Benny Hinn would say you’re a false prophet… Oh how funny. My Christianity is better than Your Christianity. My Christianity is true while Your Christianity is False.

    Benny Hinn would probably come up with a bunch of verses saying why he’s right and you’re wrong. And then you’d have to explain why his interpretation of those verses is wrong while yours is right. And back and forth it would go as you each mold and shape your own version of the Bible based on what feels right to each of you.

    These tiring arguments get so old. My life got easier when I stopped believing all this nonsense. Christianity is a based on myths. It’s not real.

  66. Joe says:

    I guess I just figured taking the hard road now means an easier life later — I wouldn’t think doin it the opposite way in eternity would be the better life….whose fooling who here!!!! LOL

    By the way, what is your take on Christianity being a myth?

    I don’t know who I’m kidding, I really don’t think you’re up for that debate or are you!!!!


  67. Laura says:


    The Bible is the most historically accurate book to date, nothing in it has been proven to be mythical or false – as have many other religious books.

    What made you turn away from faith?

  68. Laura says:

    … oh, and as Joe pointed out, why do the hard bit later?? Plus, I’ve never found being a Christian to be hard? Or not enjoyable – my life has gotten so much better since becoming a Christian, and without God to lean on I wouldn’t have gotten through some of the tough times I’ve had!

  69. Marcee says:

    Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday and Forever, he can heal people today, just like he did in past. People talked about Jesus when he healed people then and today you all are talking about a man of God who God is using to heal, and deliver people supernaturally. Now if those people want to keep their healing, they have to live their life for Jesus. God can take that healing back, but remember he has compassion for all people, no matter who we might be.

  70. Alan Higgins says:

    Marcee, how do you know that he is ‘a man of God who God is using to heal, and deliver people supernaturally’? What standard are you using to determine this?

  71. Nancy says:

    I’ve always believed that benny hinn is a big phoney!!!!! But our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob WILL JUDGE HIM!!!!!!! In scripture when Jesus healed people, they were healed perfectly!. Also, when Peter and John met the crippled man at the gate, who asked for money, Peter said he had none, but gave healing authority in the name of Jesus Christ to walk and the man “leaped”. These crippled people on the benny hinn show that are being “healed”, still can’t even walk properly. Also, people who appear on there that have been suffering with severe pain somewhere on their bodies and then get healed by benny hinn aren’t even weeping heavily for finally being healed of this removal of pain! I feel this man is the anti-christ!!!!

  72. Nancy says:

    Also, benny hinn was exposed on either 60 minutes or 20/20 a few years ago!!!!!! Doesn’t it say in scripture something about the truth always prevailing?

  73. Robert says:

    Ok, so everyone is considering Todd and Benny false prophets. So the question is, how will you know when a true prophet comes?? Todd, as odd as he may be, glorifies God, wins souls to Christ, is discipling others to go out and preach the gospel to win souls, maintains his regular salary and not increasing it based on the offerings. I believe that his fruit is good. Sure, he may say some things that may not be 100% scriptural but then there isn’t a preacher or evangelist who does. It’s because they are human and make mistakes. But the heart seems to be right. Stop judging and let God take care of it if in fact, Todd or Benny are false prophets.

  74. Natasha says:

    I am 22 years old. I have been born and raised in church. What I was taught was that once the holy spirit(God) touches you, you will be filled with his prescence. now i believe (have experienced) that if you do fall by the holy spirit that you wont bound back right up in 2 seconds. Once the holy spirit touches you, your legs will be weak and you wont get up quick.
    Alot of people go to church to learn about God and to reach out to God. I cannot gudge of who benny is. I am saying as a personal opionion that there are some things that he does that I do not think is correct. Now, understand everybody, every pastor makes mistake. For now all that I suggest is for you to read the bible and listen very carefully of what other people will tell you about God.

  75. Natasha says:

    When a true prophet comes he will talk about the bible, glorify God and not himeself. Glorify God above all. Thats why you need to read the bible, so that way you can distinguish which is true or false. A true prophet will have a grace upon him, will not show himself off, will talk about God and his love with great emotions and share stories of his life with God.

  76. Tim says:

    Alan, didn’t Joe just were you out?

    When he said that he loved TD Jakes I nearly fell out of my chair. I was not all that surprised. I was just puzzled that it took him so long to get around to naming which TBN profit prophet he was going to say meant the world to him. I would hazard to guess that Joe watches a TON of TBN. He needs to turn off the TV and just spend time in the Word without allowing some false prophet to teach a bible which tickles his ears.

    The fact that TBN is alive and well only goes to show that the ability of the church to discern is dead. We have heaped up teachers to ourselves which teach doctrines that excite and titillate us. I am so glad that I turned OFF the TV over 20 years ago. It saved my relationship with my heavenly Father.

    Alan, keep up the good work.


  77. Tim says:

    OOPS…..sorry Alan.

    I meant to say, Didn’t Joe WEAR you out. LOL

  78. Jackie C. says:

    I do not follow after man. That is why I do not go the special meeting where certain evangelists are. God does not me to go miles away to do what He can do in my home. I was completly healed of a deadly blood desease in October 2008. My church prayedfor me and I prayed and believed for my healing. I have no comment on Benny Hinn or anyone else. I am not their judge. I keep my eyes on Jesus and His word that is enough for me. The more running around people do to find a spiritual thrill the easier it is to deceive them. Place your spiritual feet on God’s Word and stay put.

  79. Bdunn says:

    God is the only one Who can ultimately pass judgement. Several years ago, our church choir sang in Orlando, at Benny Hinns church. Many of them were stating how “holy” the church was (materialistically). Everywhere we went in Orlando, people asked us why we were there, and we would say we sang at Benny Hinns church (Mr. Hinn wasn’t even there), and they would scoff and say how deceptive that man was/is.

    I have had mixed feelings. I hold fast to God’s word and His truth. I sensed and experienced the Holy Spirit while there, and I have sensed the strong presence of the Holy Spirit while watching the tv show.


    Regarding the MAN “Benny Hinn,” I feel as if he is deceived by his own glory. He has put his wife/family through tremendous emotional and spiritual torment.

    I had a stepfather who was a preacher and “layer of hands” on people. HOWEVER he was an abusive, FOUL demonic man, who beat us, his own children and my mother severely.

    I agree with everyone’s comments here. I do not and will not follow this man, TBN, and many MANY organizations like this.

    They live WAY too lavishly and take advantage of innocents.

    I know God blesses His children and does not want us lacking, but the Bible says that it is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle for a rich man to enter heaven (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a Bible scholar by no means).

    I believe, if God has SO richly blessed these televangelists, then they should FREELY disperse their riches to the poor.

    For instance, Jesus fed the 5,000. He could have hoarded that food for he and the disciples, but he didnt’. The more he handed out the fish and loaves, the more it multiplied. Why can’t the WEALTHY evangelists try this? It worked for Jesus?

    This is just my opinion.

    God bless you all. Pray for LOVE to fill the earth. Love overcomes everything.

    Beth Dunn

  80. mike says:

    1.Samuel 19,24: “And he stripped off his clothes also, and prophesied before Samuel, even he. And he lay down disrobed all the day and all the night.”

    4.Mose 11,25: “And the LORD came down in a cloud and spoke to him, and took of the SPIRIT on him and gave it to the seventy elders. And it happened when the Spirit rested upon them, they prophesied.”

    2.Corinthians 3,8: “shall not the ministry of the SPIRIT be with MORE GLORY?”
    9: “For if the ministry of condemnation is glorious, much more does the ministry of righteousness exceed in glory.”

    Luke 11,13: “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the HOLY SPIRIT to those who ask Him?”

    Acts 2,2-4: “And suddenly a sound came out of the heaven as borne along by the rushing of MIGHTY WIND, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And TONGUES as of FIRE appeared to them, being distributed; and it sat upon EACH of them.”

    13: “But others MOCKING said, These men are full of sweet wine.”

    1.Corinthians 2,14: “But the NATURAL man does not receive the things of the SPIRIT of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them.”

    1.Corinthians 2,4: “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the SPIRIT and of POWER.”

    John 20,22: “And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, Reveive the HOLY SPIRIT.”

    John 14,12: “Truly, truly, I say to you, He who believes on Me, the works that I do he shall do also, and GREATER WORKS than these he shall do, because I go to My Father.”

    John 16,12: “I have yet MANY things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” 13: “However, when He, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, has come, He will guide you into all the truth.”

    1.John 2,27: “But the ANOINTING which you reveived from Him abides in you, and you do not need ANYONE [but the SPIRIT] to teach you. But as His ANOINTING teaches you concerning all things, and is true and no lie, and as He has taught you, abide in HIM.”

    Jeremia 33,3: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you GREAT and INSCRUTABLE things which you do not know.”

  81. Alan Higgins says:

    And your point is?

    None of the scriptures above gives anybody license to do things which are contrary to scripture

  82. mike says:

    Matthew 12,24: “But when the Pharisees heard, they said, This one does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub the ruler of the demons.” 25: “And Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. And every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” 26: “And if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand?” 28: “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you.”

    Galater 1,16: “[…] I did not confer with flesh and blood.”

  83. Alan Higgins says:

    You obviously think that just because people do ‘wonders’ it must be of God? What is your test to know if someone is from God or not?

  84. bill says:

    “Money, money”, in the words of that well known song. Certainly a well known refrain by Benny Hinn and the like. What you do not see is the money bags passed round all the deluded attendees at these “healing” events. What you do see is Hinn’s sharp, tailor made suits. While there are charlatons there will be suckers willing to give them money. Has no one heard of the fairy tale, “The King Who Had No Clothes” ?? God TV is well versed in scrounging money from people who are sucked in by perverse promises of financial returns if they “plant a seed”. What charlatons these “christians” are. I have rarely seen such avericous excitment as displayed on God TV Missions weeks.

    Jesus turned over tables, talked about vipers and emty sepulchres. It is a great pity that the hoards of camp followers of these modern day equivilants that Jesus condemed set their eyes not on Jesus but on these “men in sharp suits”. These crowds would no doubt be the first to shout for the release of Barabbas, the criminal, which we all know led to the death of the real Christ.

  85. Jacob says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to criticize these preachers, because then you also need to criticize the apostles. That’s right, even the apostles preached or did stuff that wasn’t right!

    Basically everyone preach and/or do stuff that isn’t right. To state someone is not going to heaven because of those things, is just wild speculations, and down right evil. You are also not allowed to speculate like that, so it seems rater strange that you attempt to use scripture to criticize potential brothers and sisters, (we don’t know for sure, so we better not have a opinion about it).

    I don’t doubt your good intentions, but your own logic is totally flawed, and basically labels all Christians as false prophets and teachers, including the apostles. Something most judgmental people tend to overlook, is that even the apostles where wrong. There was the question about eating meat intended for the false gods, Paul was very clear about this wouldn’t harm us, yet we still have superstitious Christians this very day who are afraid to eat certain foods.

    Not only that.. There was also all that nonsense about certain foods being unclean, and the apostles still thought this for a long time, until one of them had a dream reminding him that everything was clean. Jesus also told us, that nothing that enters a man can make him unclean.

    And what about the apostles and the non-jews? Remember their reaction when they where filled with the spirit?

    I’d rather preach and do something wrong, and be firm about it, then I’d preach something right and be unsure about it. Everyone should hold on to their beliefs, at least until they are replaced by more accurate beliefs. God holds nothing against those being in the wrong on certain matters, he looks only at the heart!

    And for the record. People speaking in tongues, falling over, shaking, and whatever. That may very well be for real. Whether its psychological or from god is totally irrelevant, because its all about the heart, not about the mind!

    I’m aware of Benny Hinns scandals, and also the whole money circus. It might not look entirely justified, if its the case that he is living like a king on donations, money intended for the poor and those in need. But to draw conclusions based on assumptions in this regard, is very dangerous. Its better to give your money elsewhere, and keep your mouths shut about your theories.

    Benny Hinns organization is likely large, with many volunteers, its quite simply not possible for outsiders to understand its structure based on what they know from the media. If hes colleagues can accept his pay check, then it just seems highly unlikely that theres anything dubious going on. You can of cause resort to conspiracy theories in your attempts to target him, but again that is very dangerous, and absolutely not something Christians should flirt with.

    You just have to accept that you don’t know enough to draw any conclusions. That someone is making mistakes is not enough, and certainly doesn’t hold in court. When it doesn’t hold in court, how much more worthless should it be to us?!

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