I have been a christian for around 20 years now. When I got saved, I grew up on a group called Commissioned from which Fred Hammond originated. I still love them till this day and I came across all of these old videos which really meant a lot to me in my early christian days and really ministered to me. Some of you young bucks may not appreciate it but to me, this groups lyrics stayed very close to scripture so sit down, get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy my all time favorite gospel group

The City

Giving My Problems to You

Love Isnt Love

I’m Going On

Hide The Word

Learn To Pray

Running Back To You


Go Tell Somebody


Cry On

‘Tis So Sweet

Who Do Men Say I Am?

And here are a few clips when they did a reunion a few years ago

Let Me Tell It

Tis So Sweet

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  1. Man Alan you really took me back on these Commissioned videos!

    Like you, I used to LOVE these brothers. I first heard them sing on a tribute to MLK TV show when I was in my early teens. I taped their 2 minute rendition of “How Can We Sing?” and rewound it so much that the VHS tape was destroyed.

    Of course I had all of their “tapes” but they eventually crumbled as well.

    That’s it – now you’re gonna have me searching Itunes…

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    Yeah all of my tapes crumbled as well

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