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I used to measure evangelism by how many people I had ‘won to the Lord’. But more and more I have come to realise that this is an unbibical way to measure our success.

If this is the case, then Frank Jenner would have thought that he was very unsuccessful.

So how should we measure our success? I think that we can have a clue when Jesus tells his servants on the last day. Well done thou good and faithful servant. Notice that he does not say ‘thou good and soul winning servant’ or ‘thou good servant for getting 5000 members in your church’.

So I believe that our success is by being faithful in proclaiming and presenting the gospel rightly. There are only two times we should preach the gospel. In season and out of season. We may never see all the results this side of eternity. How many people, for example, became christians because someone took the time out to give them a tract and that same person was never seen again. We also need to faithfully preach and teach sound doctrine.

Faithfulness does not always appear to be rewarding but we can be assured that Christ said that great is our reward in heaven

Below is a video which explains a bit more about how the church should measure success