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OK, so I was walking home from work a few days ago and what adverts do I see on a few buses in big writing?

The scriptures that I saw were very good, which included the one above and I thank God that unlike most christian adverts that I see in London which basically just promote their christian events, these adverts just promoted Christ which is a rarity these days. Click here to see the website. My only criticism is that I cannot see any mention of hell on the website and it seems to have shyed away from mentioning it and substitsuted it with ‘eternal separation from God’ which is true but for some people, would seem like a blessing because they do not want to be with God anyway. But apart from that, I have to give give honor where honor is due and I think that they have done an excellent job in proclaiming Christ on the London Transport


Well done Proclaiming Truth in London

However not everyone is happy. Click here to see an example.

UPDATE: I emailed them about the abscence of the mention hell and they gave me a gracious reply.

Thank you for your point about not mentioning hell specifically enough. It is a good one and I will look into it. Any other constructive criticism will be welcome.

There is nothing as powerful as the Word of God and we believe that the Lord will use it to draw many to Himself.

We covet your prayers and that of believers around you that the Lord will use this declaration of truth effectively for His glory.


Proclaiming Truth in London

PO Box 408, Twickenham, TW1 9FJ

I was very satisfied with their answer and how they were open to constructive criticism. Please keep them in your prayers