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Before I go into my rant, please watch this video

As a father of two, I understand that there is a lot of music out there for them to listen to, and if I am honest, some of the beats are banging but the lyrics are filthy and so I have the task of trying to guard that filth from entering my children’s ears. Their main love is r ‘n b and hip hop

My dilemma is not so much that they are listening to these genres of music but my issue is that there is hardly a song out there which does not promote sex, money, drugs and the gain of material things. These are the songs that are constantly pushed through music videos on mainstream music channels like MTV Base and Channel U. In my days (boy do I sound old), I could buy a hip hop record or tape (there was no CDs around then) and not have to worry that the album had a parental advisory sticker on it. Now you would be very lucky if you can find ANY without one.

My daughter has caught onto this and says its now ‘getting boring’ and she is now listening to more christian hip hop. I am even questioning her to see is she understands the lyrics and it seems it is getting in so I thank God for the alternatives that is out there

My son however is very different and even though I have talked to him about it. Some of the christian songs he thinks are boring but even admits that if someone like 50 cent and Snoop Dogg was rapping over those same beats, he would like it which just tells me that he gravitates towards the sinful lyrics. I suppose I shouldnt be suprised as scripture makes it clear that the unregenrate human heart prefers darkness than light. He does however know a lot of the lyrics of the christian rappers and for that I am glad, that there is something to counter-attack the other stuff

Because I do not live with my children and their mother is not a christian, I have to make sure that I inject as much of God in them as much as possible when I see them and that means making sure that they have an alternative atmosphere and environment of ‘cool’ music that they can listen to.

Now Trip Lee is the kind of example that I want my kids to follow and the kind of music that I want them to hear. See his interview with John Piper’s minstry, Desiring God Ministries

HT: Recover The Gospel for the Trip Lee interview

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