Ingrid Schuelter looked at Todd Bentley in the light of scripture and discussed it on her radio program Crosstalk America.

You can listen to the discussion here.

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  1. Caron says:

    She also did a show on lakeland and the WoF movement in general with Justin Peters. It was excellent and is archived on VCY America’s site. If you haven’t seen Justin Peters, go to his site and watch “demo.” There he gives a brief overview of his seminar in which he exposes the metaphysical roots of the WoF movement and exposes this false gospel.

    Justin spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

  2. Caron says:

    I’m checking out your blog roll… Justin was also interviewed by Todd Friel on WOTM on Lakeland bc he went there to observe firsthand. Here is what he wrote about it:

    I don’t have the link for the Way of the Master show, though…

    God bless you!

  3. pat holliday says:

    TODD BENTLEY: ONI~THE DEMON GATE – (Chaotic) Deceiving Spirits, Transforming and Ensnaring Christian Masses into the New Age

    Pat Holliday=s new book, ACosmic Consciousness@ concerns how the unfaithful part of the Christian Church that is using bewitchments, paranormal Star Gate Portal travelers and psychological powers to ensnare people into witchcraft. Star gates are referred to by the Ancients as “Astreaporta”. The Gates have also been referred to as the “Ring of the Gods”, “Circle of Standing Water”, “Doorway”, “Stone Ring”, “Gateway”, “Annulus”, “Ring of the Ancestors”, “Circle of Darkness”, and “Portal” (by characters of less advanced societies that fear or revere the device), and even (in a deliberate self-parody) as “The Old Orifice.”
    TODD BENTLEY’S STAR GATE CLOSED admits the heavens closed after Christians (he calls witches and wizards) started praying. Peter Wagner came to reinstate the closed Star Gate portal and the caged Kundalini demons to take him into a higher level. Remember Christians do not go to higher levels because they are already seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Todd was anointed as a “Nation changer.” Given the “keys” to eastern Europe.” Another said he would “open portals to every city,” and “a portal to the future).
    Join me and bind these demonic Oni impartations to Todd from these famous, blinded so-called “Christian leaders,” and their demonic releases in Jesus name Who gave us the Keys to His Kingdom.
    Bob Jones, Todd Bentley’s mentor says that he goes to heaven EVERY DAY through a mystical portal (occult supernatural entrance way) to a castle in the sky!

    These portals/paranormal doorways are also shown in Harry Potter and C. S. Lewis’, books the Chronicles of Narnia. Harry, at the railroad station, races through the wall, a spiritual portal. Meanwhile, Lucy and her friends go through a magical portal, the door of wardrobe. They all enter into the mystical fantasy world through the occultist portal. Bob Jones and Todd Bentley go through a paranormal portal of fire to the Third Heaven. Believe me, these mystical experiences are truly very powerful witchcraft practices that are being guided by Angels of Light that are employed by Satan!

  4. pat holliday says:

    Dear Friends: I got this email telling me not to judge. Well the link below tells why we should judge…the wolf is in the pen and the sheep are being ravaged and killed.

    On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 ….. wrote:

    I so appreciate Chuck’s loving, wise, solid, accepting comments. I haven’t been to Lakeland, nor have I viewed it on TV. However, I tremble with fear to stand against anything that might be God’s Work. Better let Him judge!

    From: Subj: A Personal Note from Chuck Pierce in Africa Regarding Revival!

    A Personal Note from Chuck Pierce in Africa Regarding Revival!

    Dear Friends,

    We have had several people write with great concerns about the current move of God that has been stirring in Lakeland, Atlanta, Dallas and other areas of our nation. Let me share some things with you. I actually believe this letter would be worth reading as you continue praying for us in Africa.

    We have made our way into Northern Nigeria. Continue to pray for us. Life here is what you may have imagined in Africa: tin roofs, raining, hazy mountains in the distance and bugs buzzing. When we got five miles from the Compound in the rural area of Kafanchan at the Throne Room Trust Ministry, International Prayer Village, you could feel the tangible Presence of His Spirit. I love being here, even though the surroundings are not what I am normally accustomed to; the food is different, and well, yes, there are many different creatures. The main issue is this: in the midst of this environment, I am not afraid of being infected by malaria or getting dysentery because I am in a different land. The people here are some of the most gracious in all the world.

    I see that some individuals view “moves of God” this way: they see all the dangers, they are afraid that they will have a demon transferred to them, they analyze every move and shake and scrutinize doctrinally everything that is happening. This may be the only way that some can process their relationship with the Lord and the Body of Christ. I know that many would not like to be here in northern Nigeria in this rural area, nor would they like to be wearing the kingly, African traditional clothing that I am wearing this evening. Some of us are more adventurous than others. Some need to fully test the water before they swim. Personally, I have found that there is great joy in watching God’s people express themselves, work through their issues, learn to discern both good and evil and continually mature in Him.

    I was just in Zambia. We saw a great reconciliation of the nation and people with the ex-President. This man had a great reproach from his terms in office. However, God in His grace chose to bring him forth, humble him and forgive him, and use him to change a nation. From a political standpoint, many would have wished he would have stayed estranged from the Body. However, I chose to go with the Spirit of God above political party divisions and reconcile him back into God’s Kingdom plan.

    We at Glory of Zion International have chosen to number ourselves in intercession with what is happening in Lakeland and other places throughout the world. Some have written asking me to reject Todd Bentley. GZI does not have a philosophy or mindset to reject anyone. We watch, pray, and then try to communicate what the Lord is saying to help the overall Body of Christ advance.

    I have seen others get offended because key leaders commissioned Todd as a modern day evangelist. We at GZI have no problems with this. Please know that we are living in an age where the Apostolic gift in the Body has come into a new position and era of authority. I was very excited to read Peter Wagner’s report (you may go to our web site to read this) on the commissioning service in Lakeland. I admire Ché Ahn, Bill Johnson, and John Arnott. I can now rest in Him, knowing that if things get way out of sync, they can help Todd make adjustments so the Spirit can keep moving.

    We will continue to pray that the Lord raise Evangelists all over the world who can reach the harvest fields today. Yes, they may look different than Billy Graham, and they may have experienced some unusual happenings that perhaps will be better communicated as they grow in the Lord. But overall they are stirring the Body of Christ, leading people to the Lord, and doing the works of Jesus.

    Let me share with you a personal experience. When Pam and I were in the Baptist Church in the early ’80’s, we were in a “move of God.” The Fullness Movement had touched the Baptist Church in the late ’70s, led by Jim Hylton, Ras Robinson, Jack Taylor and others. We had had some incredible meetings at our church. Many had gotten saved, gotten right with the Lord and filled with the Spirit of God. I loved this time. Pam and I both reminisce over it and call it “the Glory Days”. Then James Robison had his annual meeting and invited John Wimber to minister. Many of you remember our story of Pam’s barrenness. You can read about it in two or three of the books that we have written. We were told by all of our leadership how this “move” had gotten way out of hand, and now that John Wimber (who had no Baptist roots), was invading James Robison’s meeting, we should all stay away from these gatherings. (You should know that John Wimber and Peter Wagner helped revive signs and wonders in the ’80s.) Well, I heard God very clearly tell Pam and me to go in January, 1984 to the James Robison meeting where John Wimber was speaking. While we were there, the Spirit of God fell on my wife and sovereignly filled her. His power knocked the clots out of her uterus and He dramatically healed her. When the Spirit of God fell on Pam she said, “You were right! There are demons everywhere, but I AM HEALED!”

    This was not about John Wimber. This was not about Baptists. This was not about controversy. This test was ours! The situation was about us following God without fear so He could reward us with an incredible blessing. Pam became pregnant two weeks later and continued to be pregnant for the next 10 years of our life. We had six wonderful children. I’m so thankful I listened to the Spirit of God and did not let religious fear rule us. There were others with us that were not touched at all by the meetings. As a matter of fact, they did not appreciate at all the way John Wimber ministered. However, in the midst of his ministry, the Spirit of God ministered to us and changed the course of our lives.

    I am honored that God brought me into alignment with Peter and Doris Wagner after I embraced the move of God that had been stirred by he and John Wimber. We have now been together for 17 years. During that time, I have continued to get the best God has to offer from the revivals in Argentina, Toronto, the “Laughter Movement”, Brownsville, and any other fresh breath of wind that blows. I have many friends who have great cautions over experiential manifestations and extra-Biblical sensational happenings. I heed those friends’ voices and listen carefully. This does not keep me from experiencing what God is doing. I love what Bishop Bill Hamon says, “Eat the meat and spit out the bones and you will find yourself nourished.”

    Recently, I have been pondering the first several verses of Genesis. In the midst of a wreck and ruined, chaotic, without-form earth, the Spirit of God began to hover. Once the Spirit began to hover, God could speak into the earth realm and pull forth creativity. He did this for six straight days. But notice God’s order: He didn’t try and set in order the sixth day before the first day. He didn’t try to place the fourth day before the second day. Little by little, as the Spirit hovered, order came and man was offered a new position as a result. That is how I view every move of God.

    What I would encourage you to do is to keep discerning by the Word and the Spirit, but to be open to see the Lord move in a new way. The disciples could not understand why the Lord would go to Samaria and visit with the woman at the well. However, because of His love and boldness to break a religious standard, a whole city was saved (John 4). The Lord is preparing to save entire cities today.

    Thank God that Jesus talked to this woman – a person with a past, a Samaritan, and a woman. He was not afraid of His reputation being marred. Recently, a letter from one of the major Bible churches in Denton went out to leaders in our city on the doctrine of women and how they should have a subservient role in the Body of Christ in public ministry. Prior to this letter going out, I had invited Cindy Jacobs to minister at Glory of Zion on Sunday, July 6. I want you to know that I have been a champion for women ministers throughout the years. I am so very excited to have Cindy with us on July 6th because women are welcome to minister in Denton, Texas. I would never shut the door of ministry for her to come into this city because of man’s opinion.

    Neither would I, Robert Heidler or any leader that is aligned with me, shut the door to Keith Miller or Todd Bentley to come to Denton to minister what the Spirit of God is doing in their lives. We consider it a privilege that God has opened the gate for Spirit-led ministry to come into Denton. We are glad that He “needs” to come to Denton just like He “needed” to go to Samaria. You are always welcome to come to Denton. As a matter of fact, you might “need” to come here to gain your next release from the Lord. You can go to Keith Miller’s meeting. You can come to our Firstfruits Gathering. You can come be with Cindy Jacobs on Sunday, July 6. You can come to Tuesday Morning Prayer. You are invited to come any time and you will not be rejected as you come into this city.

    Keep praying for us. We will be home on Tuesday.


    Chuck D. Pierce

    p.s. Don’t miss Robert Heidler’s next message on Sunday morning on “The Kingdom River is Rising.” If you want to know what I believe about angels, you can order The Worship Warrior: Ascending in Worship, Descending in War. To know more about Pam’s testimony, you can purchase One Thing.

  5. Alan Higgins says:

    He says that we ‘scrutinize doctrinally everything that is happening’. Well isnt that what we are supposed to do? Again, there is more emphasis on experience and hardly any on doctrine on the above statement and the devil knows it. That is why he lets people have these ‘experiences’ at the expense of sound doctrine and in the process deceives the masses. And yes, we can judge with righteous judgment. See

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hello family! I love the famiiy of God – and we need to live and walk in love “love always believes the best of every person!’ “They will know we are Christians by our love”….. For we all know in part – none of us have all the answers… our Father is HUGE and GOOD… and …. LOVE… let’s act like HIM! It’s time we truly love each other – we are family – let’s pray for each other — “I pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of YOU, Lord…”

  7. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    I continually wonder why the Body of Christ at large is so insistent in its desire to jettison all things theological. Nobody seems to want to take the time, read the Scriptures and assess what is happening. Have we become so gullible that everyone who claims the “glory of God” must be accepted as one of God’s messengers?

  8. windy says:

    ditto Douglas. and i personally don’t think a move of God is something that you experience like an adventure in a foreign country. God’s law is written on our heart, his Word is available in a handy book, we have discernment from the Holy Spirit, and it doesn’t matter what special age we are supposed to be in. it doesn’t change what has always been true, sorry, not happening. we are given basic essential information that covers the beginning clear to the end, and we don’t need any fancy leader to connect to our God.

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