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I received this comment from Laura yesterday

A friend of a friend, her name’s Liz, went to the Lakeland revival approximately a month ago with a terminal brain tumour, she was dragged their by her father-in-law who was sure she’d be healed – I’m not sure she felt upto travelling all that way. She’s relatively young and has young children so as you can imagine was desperate for healing.

Anyway, she went and was sure she’d been healed by Todd, despite not feeling better.

She died last week, her funeral is this week.

Please pray for her family and friends for strength and that they wouldn’t turn away from God as so many do in situations like this.

You can click here to see Todd’s answers to many peoples objections. This is apparently was written by a ‘theologian’.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Thanks for posting this Alan. That email highlights my fear that this “revival” will actually cause more unbelief than faith in Christ during the long run. I checked out the ‘theologian’ who is defending him… watch out!… if your sickness returns you may be excommunicated from his church for hiding your serious sin.

  2. alease davis says:

    Many people will die because of Bentley and all the other Benny Hinns(charlatans) of the world.I knew a woman who refused a surgery neede to save her life,because she was involved in a “healing revival”.She died,in middle age,leaving a brokenhearted husband and 5 children.Even if miracles can be proven,at Bentleys meetings,it doesnt prove he is from God.One of the great signs of the End Times is that FALSE prophets will rise up,decieving even the Christians,performing false miracles,signs and wonders.One is even supposed to “call down fire from Heaven”.What alot of people dont realize,is that “miracles”occur in all kinds of occult religion-psychic healers,Eastern religions,etc. Miracles would have to be INDEPENDENTLY verified,not by investigators or doctors connected with the “revival.People tend to play fast and loose with the facts,because they want to believe they have been chosen to be part of a great move of God(they dont do it intentionally,they just get caught up in it) Even if healings can be verified,it doesnt then somehow make absurd heretical teachings “OK”. Todd Bentley’s experiences sound more like an episode of “X_Files”,than anything in the Scriptures….flying up a pillar of light,being “operated on”by “angels”…who took something out of his body!?!?Jesus body projecting rainbow colors and images of butterflies and bees?A floating female angel named “Emma-O'(by the way,this is the name of the Lord of Hell in Japanese mythology) For some reason,Todd has removed “Emma-O” from his websites in recent weeks..could it be that he is ashamed of “her-him”,whatever? I accepted Christ through a CULT,that taught just a little bit of truth.They told me about salvation,then followed it up with 95%heresy.I truly found Christ,but was then almost completely destroyed by the fear and bondage of the cult’s false teachings.It was the Church of Bible Understanding,headed by Stewart Traill.I fear for these young people who are following Todd Bentley,I hope they will not turn out bitter and disillusioned.That is what I saw happen to 99% of the enthusiastic young Christians who I knew from the “CBU”cult.Pray for Todd’s sincere young followers,they love Christ,I was once where they are now,and I wouldnt listen to those who tried to warn me either.Spiritual damage from heretical teachings can haunt you the rest of your life.Im 47 now,and I still struggle with fearful thoughts they programmed into my mind back in the 70’s.

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