A few years ago, there was a blasphemous film called ‘The Man Who Sued God. Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, a lawyer who became a fisherman from frustration. When his one piece of property, his boat, is struck by lightning and destroyed he is denied insurance money because it was ‘an act of God’. He re-registers as a lawyer and sues the insurance company and the church under the geise of God, defending himself. The accident leads him to a friendship and eventual relationship with a journalist.

Well that was a film but we now have a real life story where a man is suing God, albeit indirectly. He is actually suing Zondervan and Thomas Nelson but I say he is suing God because it is God’s word.

A homosexual man who has a blog on Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign website is suing two major Christian publishers for violating his constitutional rights and causing emotional pain, because the Bible versions they publish refer to homosexuality as a sin.

Bradley LaShawn Fowler, 39, of Canton, Mich., is seeking $60 million from Zondervan and another $10 million from Thomas Nelson Publishing in lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, the Grand Rapids Press reported.

Fowler filed his claim against Grand Rapids-based Zondervan Monday, alleging its Bibles’ references to homosexuality as a sin have made him an outcast from his family and contributed to physical discomfort and periods of “demoralization, chaos and bewilderment,” the paper said.

Cleck here to read the whole story. If he ever wins this case, can you imagine the repercussions it can have on as Christians? We are truly in the last days

HT: Pulpit Pimps for the story

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  2. hiscrivener says:

    Man, where was this blog when I posted that same story on “The Wall”?! (http://hiscrivener.wordpress.com/2008/07/11/gay-man-sues-for-libel-of-biblical-proportions/)

    Nicely done.

    Maybe we can link and help get the word out about how Christians should keep it REAL!


  3. Sam says:

    God love us all, irrespective of nationality and religion. That’s why He has send us to this beautiful world. I don’t know what is written in the bible or any other religious book, (because I dont read one (but I am not an atheist)). But I am sure God would never discriminate between his children based on color, sexuality, race etc. God did not make religions when he sent man to earth, religions are made by the man. Even the religious books/scriptures are written by man. And we follow these scriptures, written by man, assuming that it is the word of God, when we personally haven’t heard it from God. I am not against any religion or scripture, but I don’t have any proof that it is the word of God but not the word of a Man to start a religion or to impress gullible people to follow him. The whole world knows that due to these religions we have divided ourselves in groups and have committed a lot of crimes against the other religious groups. So exactly, what is written in these scriptures that have fuelled so much hatred against the other human beings? If God loves us all then why would he want us to fight with each other? Lastly, are we sure that the book is actually the word of God?

  4. sasha says:

    This man is simply exercising his basic human rights. If the Bible cause him harm he is well withing his rights to sue it. God does not discriminate, and you cant be a true Christian if you believe that He does.

  5. how can the bible or any other religious book be called the Word of God? Each is written by a syndicate of clergy whose aim is to control and dictate to the public what their religious beliefs should be. In saying that the bible is a template for good living, care and concern for others and tolerance towards all. Unfortunately religion is the greatest non-medical killer in the world, even today which sadly reflects the lack of tolerance and compassion.

  6. Sean says:

    I find this post rather disturbing. I am not a believer in faith, and no I am not interested in having my e-mail flooded with messages praying for my soul, inviting me to find God, or telling me that I am bound for hell, but I have no problems with people who are. But I find that if God is out there and did agree with this “word” then I would much rather go to hell, as the Devil being in opposition to God must have a more open and loving attitude to my fellow humans who are gay. Well I will stress again that I have no problems with believers in general I do have problems with people like the person who wrote this post.

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