I have previously mentioned about two teachings that opened my eyes. The video below will explain why 80-90% of those ‘making a decision for Christ’ fall away from the faith? The second video will be posted tomorrow

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  1. dikayo says:

    I am glad you too was exposed to this teaching. It was an eye opener for us too and our complete theology was transformed! Keep it up!

  2. naturalsystah says:

    This was certainly an eye opener for me and got me to question many things!

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    “You cannot show me one Scripture that requires a person to forsake their sins to be saved!  If that were true, then who could be saved… “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (John 8:7)”

    I think that this is a gross misinterpration of what Ray is saying. Of course no of us our sinless. That is the precise reson why we need a savior and I have heard Ray say this. However, if we have no intention of forsaking our sins, then it is not true repentance. If you look at Luke 8.13, the person is NOT saved. All they did was received the word with gladness like many people do when they go to church but it does not take root. A true sign of a believer is that they desire to forsake their sins and this is not overnight but they should be growing in holiness. It is not about perfection but about directon. Their direction should be becoming more and more conformed to Christs image

  4. Laura says:

    True repentance brings forth change and a forsaking of sin. Once we have truely repented we begin to hate our sin rather than relish in it or accept that we’re fallible and continue in that sin.

    That’s not to say that we’ll never sin again.. it means that we’ll battle against it each day. If we continue to give in to sin we have to realise that it has a hold over us, yet once we are truely saved we are set free from that grip and can live in true purity.

    I don’t think Ray was saying that a true Christian will never again sin but that true repentance means change in the individual against sin and towards holiness.

  5. dikayo says:

    I totally, 100% agree with Ray’s teaching… which is Biblical.

  6. Ian H says:

    Actually the real reason that 80-90% of people given up on faith in Christ is that they are asked the wrong question. They are coerced in to saying “I give me life to Christ” and that is it until they die. Jesus actually calls us into a life-time of service and ministry. Jesus wants our roots to go deep and not to feel obliged to give in to a simplistic question shoved down our throats.

  7. savagespirit says:

    Interesting & informative. In light of how many defiant militant anti-theist there are. If a man was blindfolded & he would receive a thousand gold coins if he would sprint straight ahead, being told there might a 1000ft cliff 19ft in front of him, most would give in to greed not wisdom.


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