Yesterday, I was able to go to The God Corner at the Notting Hill Carnival. For those of you who dont know, this carnival is the largest one in Europe and happens every August. At the carnival where darkness is displayed in every place, in the little corner, Urban Mission together with His Majesty’s Sound System (H.M.S.S) shines a light to this generation of young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have much repect for these people because where a lot of churches at this time are having conferences and meetings. The God Corner is out there where the people need it. On the streets. While I was there, I witnessed the gospel being preached clearly and many tracts handed out to passers by. My friend Efrem from M.O.D. gave a challenge to the MCs.

I suppose we will see this in action in the future on Urban Mission TV

I was also suprised to see my favorite Christian Poet from the states, Blair Wingo there and we had a little chat. Below is a picture with me, Blair and my son

If you want to know why she is my favorite, click here and also look at the links at the end

To give you a feel of the atmosphere, below are a few videos from last year


Sister Jones

  1. tatenda says:

    IF (GOD) establishes a thing in u ,he will make sure he makes it cum to pass!u can never run away . look at Jonah in the bible a good example .live for GOD !!!

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