Yesterday, I mentioned that Dwayne Tryumf one of the UK’s leading Holy Hip-Hop artists will be featuring on Lecrae’s new album. Dwayne has now headed to the States for a year to study and work on his album and has been invited by Lecrae and Reach Records to do a course called “Emerging Leaders” in Memphis, Tennessee. During his stay in the US he will be putting the final touches to his album which will hit the stores later this year.
“I plan to release it from the USA in the same way that Lecrae or Cross Movement would,” he said in his news bulletin. “The release date will be more clear to me once I arrive in the US but I am hoping it will be in stores before the year is out.”
Dwayne Tryumf (real name Dwayne Shorter) has been involved in music production and rapping since 1997 which began in a secular rap group called Magic Circle. Since finding Christ he has ventured into Christian rap. His first solo album called ‘Ghetto Scripture,’ which received rave reviews, was followed by ‘The Mark of The Peace EP’.
Upcoming project before Tryumf leaves for the US includes a mixtape called B4U DIE – an outreach tool for those who have not heard Christian rappers. The mixtape will feature artists such as GEMS, Jahaziel, G Bag and others.
A music video is also on the cards just before the album is due for release. The track is called ‘I Don’t Pack A Matic’ and will involve the story of a gun-carrying road man who is in need of the Saviour.
Anyway, to see a bit of Dwayne Tryumf in action, check out the video below when he was on our urban radio station here in the UK, Choice FM
Story courtesy of United By One
  1. alabasterboxes says:

    I hope you don’t mean an “emerging leaders” as in the emerging church conference. That is the biggest apostasy to hit the U.S. and the world! That will not be a good deal for him, he would be better off staying in the UK and glorifying the Lord.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    No, I dont think its the emerging church because they are as you said, very dangererous

  3. Johnny Adelman says:

    It is actually called Down Line. Here is a link for the Emerging Leaders.

  4. DjGuardian says:

    Well, just to hit on this emerging church thing. Clearly that was not intended by the phrasing, don’t eisegete the write up, lol. Furthermore, by knowing Reach Records and their studies programs, it would be quite evident that the possibly heretical doctrinal beliefs that permiate much of the emerging church are not part of the teaching, except maybe the understanding of what their doctrine is (much like reading Kant to understand certain Humanist beliefs). But the course is specific, it’s best just to look up the course studies. Don’t get hung up on silliness is really what I’m trying to say.

    On the otherside of things, Dwaye’s fresh style of Reggae sing song and hip hop blend is truly refreshing. It’s been big in the UK and in some ways has here in the US with groups like TOK, Elephant Man, Buju, etc. but it hasn’t really hit in the manner that the UK have gripped. Jahaziel is another great example of this and is strong, but clearly Dwayne is the leader in the Christian movement (quality wise).

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