In many countries around the world, believing in Jesus Christ can cost you your status in society, your education, your job, your livelihood, your freedom and sometimes even your life

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are the lyrics to the song ‘YOU’ above

Well I know I spend a bit too much on clothes

And I must admit I care a bit too much about my hair

And it’s true I eat my food for taste or comfort not for hunger

I am sorry that I live my life as if you are not there

When you

You wonder if you’ll wake each day

And you

You gather secretly to pray

And you

You know that death’s a part of living

And you are my sister and my brother

So maybe I should pray a little harder

A picture of you flashes through my mind

When I think about the way you live and die each day

But I am so comfortably removed from your situation

It is not hard to forget about the price you pay

Video courtesy of The Barnabas Fund


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