These are the questions that I have been asking over the past few months. A feel like a miniature Job where there seems to be one thing happening in my life after another. I mentioned my burglary some time back. On top of that, I am still having problems with my relationship my daughter which is somewhat strained. Then on top of that, as I touched on in my previous post, my neighbour broke into my house a few weeks back thinking that I was not in. What triggered this off is that I had suspected him from stealing my post so I wrote inside a self addressed envelope ‘so you have been stealing my post as well’ and he bit the bait. The police arrested him, but not before he threatened the police with a knife and put the same knife to his own chest and throat. Then when he was in the court, he tried to harm himself and he has now been banned for possessing a dog for 5 years. He is now remanded in police custody until the beginning of December. Believe me when I say that this is the edited version of events.

Earlier on in my christian life, I would have asked “Lord, why are you allowing me to go through through this” Now I ask “Lord what do you want me to learn through this?”

Well here is a few things that I have learnt/am learning or been reminded about:

  • My devotion to God via studying his word and prayer is very circumstantial. Both of these have nose dived in recent weeks and I have had to repent. I look at Daniel as an example who even though there was a decree from the king so that nobody could make a petition to anyone except the King or be thrown into the lions Den, Daniel….

….in his upper room, with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his custom since early days.

  • I have been reminded again that apart from Christ, I am nothing and hopeless. I am totally at God’s mercy.
  • Just because I am a christian, does not excuse me from ANY trial. In fact, I should expect it because that is what has been promised to believers (2 Tim 3:2)
  • Whatever temptation or trial I am going through, I have to make sure that I am blameless in God’s eyes (Phillipians 1:10, 2:15). This was apparent when claiming off my insurance for the burglary (the temptation was to bump up my claim), when dealing with my neighbour (the temptation was to go into the flesh and have a fight when he kicked my door down with me in it) amongst other things. If I do go in the flesh, I cannot just expect God to ‘bless over’ my disobedience

I’m sure there are more lessons for me to learn from this but on a positive note, I have found a new house and will be moving into it by the end of the month so will be away from ‘the neighbour from hell’ when he is released from prison

  1. tshirtninja says:

    You really inspire me, dude. God bless you for your obedience.

  2. naturalsystah says:

    Bro, I really appreciate your candour in this post… I know that I’m all to easily distracted when things go wrong… I’m not as disciplined as I once was in terms of Bible study and prayer. Thank God for His grace and that He knows all things and that we can trust Him.

    Be encouraged, you have a Shepherd who will never leave nor forsake you, he’s already using you for real.

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