td-jakesMy friend sent me an interesting email the other day. It included an audio of TD Jakes. To listen to it click here

So following that, the question that we now need to ask is ‘Is it more important for us to know the ‘voice of God’ than it is the ‘Word of God’?

Pastor John Coleman has ….hmmmm….lets say a very strong opinion on this but biblically I would have to say that he is on point. You can listen to Pastor Coleman in five parts by clicking on the links below.

  1. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    Jakes follows a long line of heretics down through the ages who created an artificial divide between the voice of God and the Word of God.

  2. naturalsystah says:

    I agree that Pastor John was spot on… Jakes has created a false dichotomy between the Word of God and His voice, for if we read, study and obey God’s word, we hear the Lord speak to us.

    This type of thinking had affected me for too long, thinking that I wasn’t “as spiritual” as those in my former church who’d claim to hear things from the Holy Spirit, even when what they had heard had nothing to do with what Scripture says.

  3. cbgrace says:

    I didn’t listen to all the response. But I have an opinion anyway. I totally believe in listening to the Voice of God. I’m there…I’m with ya. However, recognizing God’s voice is a whole other ballgame. Recogizing His voice comes from being very familiar with His Word. God’s voice is distinctly heard through His Word.

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