“I am crucified with Christ”. Is that so, the Game and Lil’ Wayne?

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Music
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HT: Walking with Christ

  1. decreeit2b says:

    Wow… I enjoyed your video. It disgusts me how the world thinks throwing in a scripture or mentioning Jesus or God makes them a representation of true Christianity.

    God Bless!

  2. LaVrai says:

    I don’t expect much from a bunch of unrepentant criminals who show that they are interested in nothing but money, sex, violence, marijuana and who knows what else, alcohol, fame, big cars, obscenely large house, wife-beaters and socks they can wear once and then throw away, etc.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they heard this in some Kirk Franklin track and lifted it because it sounds pretty. Because who, if not rappers, are persecuted… which is probably what these two blind men fumbling around in the dark are trying to say.

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