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big-benHappy New Year everyone in blogland. Thank God that he has allowed us to see another year in his infinite wisdom and grace. This year I have given myself a few goals. Some which I do nearly every year but never seem to fulfill them and one that I believe God laid on my heart a few days ago so I am going to try my best to complete them. Here are my main ‘new year resolutions’

  1. Get back to some consistent practicing on the guitar and keyboards. I always seem to fail at this but I need to make the time and be disciplined
  2. Work has been very busy over the past six months with project work and as a result, my gym routine has suffered. Now that the project is over, I need to get back into the the swing of things.
  3. Jesus told us to go out into all the world and preach the gospel. Last year I went into Central London with Opeartion 513 and Josh and the gang are in the UK again doing the same thing and will be evanglizing up to February after which he will return back to Australia. This time I have decided not to be part of it but know they will do a grand job in presenting the gospel clearly to the hearers. Round the corner from my house, I have a row of around 10-15 shops that always have people around (especially young people), so I am challenging myself to saturate this little area with the gospel over the year and be consistent. Please pray for me as I do so.

You can see a recurring theme over these three goals is consistency and discipline which I know that I lack and so on the whole, that is a characteristic that I need to develop within myself

Whatever goals you have and whatever challenges 2009 will bring you (and I can guarantee that it will), remain faithful to the studying Gods word

God Bless