I have talked many times about the church birthing false converts.This can be by getting people to ‘just say this prayer’ or botching an altar call. Well I came cross this video where you can see false converts being made right in front of your very eye. How sad this is.

Then I saw this testimony on Natural Systah’s blog of someone who was ‘converted’ under similar circumstances to the above video and came to the realisaion that he wasnt born again at all.There was no fruits of repentance but now after examining himself now, he can now know that he is saved

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  1. SOwen says:

    Mr. Higgins,
    I have to say thank you for posting this. It is very imperative that the truth be proclaimed.
    I have had the opportunity to preach at a local feeding place here where I live. They have invited me 3 times and all three times they wanted me to give the invitation. As I would preach I would say the invitation is “repent” and believe what you just heard. I always presented why we need a saviour and the law along with grace.
    I couldn’t bring myself to do it the way they intended and the pastor would run up after I was through and present the invitation prayer. Needless to say I haven’t heard back from them for a while to preach again.
    So again I praise God for the truth!
    Steven O.

  2. Melvin Jones says:

    You can thank Finney and those of his ilk for that. Men cannot seem to get past the false idea that I have to manipulate people (Even if it’s only a little bit) to get a conversion.

    Thank you again for the posting because it reminds me I have to make amends and address the questions of a fellow who grew up in a “Christian home.” I’m finding the most I can do is make sure he understands the Gospel (not man’s) and leave him in God’s hands.


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