I used to go to one of these churches when people would throw down their money thinking that they would get a ‘blessing’ in return. That sll stopped though when another church was investigated about irregularities about their finances. Thank God I am out of that mess

HT: Doug from Wired4Truth

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  1. Steve says:

    Alan, I have studie the scriptures and have had a revelation. I want to share with all about Prosperity and Financial Gain. This is principle where God promises results weekly. I am so excited about it. You can actually bring in money EVERY WEEK GAURANTEED!!

    For eveyone who has been seeking the Scripures for God’s Financial Principles of bringing in a Harvest of Money look no further. God’s Word Has the Answer!! Praise God!.

    It is a very deep revelation and only for those who are spiritually discerning. I pray that you will grasp this awesome truth. You need not seek out Mike Murdock, Leroy Thompson, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Paula White and countless other prosperity preachers with their schemes and plans.




    HERE IT IS……….

    GET A JOB!


  2. Alan Higgins says:


  3. Steve says:


    I though you would get a kick out of that. 🙂

    I have been blessed by your blog. I am a new to reformed theology and have created a blog myself. http://www.theauthorofmyfaith.blogspot.com God Bless!!!

  4. Jeanie Franklin says:

    When I first read his comment,I thought oh boy another pimp in the making here. But when I got to the end,I was laughing until I was crying! I still have tears in my eyes. That was a good one.

    Jeanie Franklin

  5. steve says:

    I know it was funny, but it is really sad that it is funny. The fact that people have the scriptures and yet still do not know the truth. How Sad. I am myself a recent convert to Reformed Theology though have been a christian for 20 years and though I embrace reformed doctrine I even have an issue with most of the reformed camp in that they claim to hold to sola scriptura and accuse the arminian side of being non biblical in their teachings such as this crazy prosperity gospel and all the crazy prophetic nonsense yet I feel that they too bring their presuppositions to certain texts when interpreting scripture such as speaking in tongues and the gifts of the spirit. Most reformed claim it died when the canon was complete yet cannot show one verse to prove this point. Very strange to me that they boast in sola scriptura yet do not hold to it when they come across certain texts that make them uncomfortable. For an example you can visit my blog and see my postings on sola scriptura and tongues and prophecy at http://theauthorofmyfaith.blogspot.com/

    God Bless

  6. walter says:

    Alan, I have seen and heard a lot of these money loving false teachers and preachers but “Cabbage Head” Thompson put on the biggest display of foolishness I have ever seen in this clip and look at the ignorant multitude that he is making merchandise of,it is true,evil men and seducers are waxing worse and worse,deceiving and being deceiving.They have gone astray,following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor. Thanks for posting, I needed that.

  7. December 31, 2009
    To: My Brothers and Sisters in the Body of Christ
    From: Your sister in Christ Pamela Johnson
    Re: Testimonies….Testimonies….and more Testimonies!
    I wanted to encourage everyone to embody the Spirit of Faith because this is what makes your prayers work. Under no circumstances can you afford to doubt what God is doing in your life even when the enemy comes in to make it appear that you are fighting a losing battle. You have to hold on God’s unchanging hands! The very existing of our lives and businesses and ministries depend on this. Because we are all out here fighting the good fight of faith and faith is a spirit! So please stay encouraged.
    I would like to share a testimony that has manifested in my life and I will start with things I was believing God for in 2008. Some of you may or may not know that I have only been a part of the Living Word family since April 2009. However, I had been watching Pastor Bill Winston; Cleflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Leroy Thompson for the entire year of 2008. Although I had been a member of another Church since 1985. However, I had outgrown the ministry and shared that with my previous Pastor because my spirit was in chronic need of deliverance; spiritual warfare etc. The church I belonged to would just touch on this subject briefly but I needed to be in a body that was telling it like it is and focusing on deliverance; spiritual warfare; prosperity; faith etc. I needed to be in a 5-fold ministry and my soul cried out to God to please lead me to the church he called me to instead of me picking and choosing the church that my flesh wanted. So I left my previous church on excellent terms and still have a lot of friends there.
    I went on to visit a many of churches and found out there are a lot of churches out there misleading their congregations and even some churches are practicing witchcraft. I had actually gotten caught up in a small church that was doing charismatic witchcraft. I was sowing financially into the church and when I had just given the church $5,000.00 the following Sunday there was a Police scene on site of the church with the Pastor being locked up and the entire congregation was being removed out of the church and the church subsequently got locked up with chains and padlocks. I was totally devastated! This is what led me to a television ministry and I was so untrusting after the last experience I hardly trusted any church.
    However, what the devil meant for evil, God turned it into good. I was tuning in to WJYS June 2008 and noticed this Pastor Dr. Bill Winston on the broadcast. I was so mesmerized with his teaching that I began to follow his ministry. I kept saying I was going to visit the church but I kept getting distracted and I knew it was the enemy keeping me from where God wanted me to be at. I just thought Forest Park is so far from my Hyde Park/Kenwood Home but I knew and God knew this was where he wanted me to be at. Through the television ministry, Dr. Bill Winston was teaching on faith and I began to implement his teachings because I have the exact belief system that he has. Dr. Winston began to prophesize to the congregation about how the wealth of the wicked was going to be transferred to the righteousness of Christ and some of that Glory fell on me even through the television. He kept saying
    some of you are going to go out and get property and he kept talking about going to Michigan to purchase property. Well, I had already gone to Flint Michigan a year prior to this to purchase a block of property and was writing down the vision of getting an out of state Beach Resort. This is what led me to Florida. Dr. Winston kept saying “You need to write down your vision and make it plain”. This is what I began to do. I am a writer and I keep a journal. I started writing down all my visions and then several months later before you knew it, I was writing love letters to the the Holy Spirit (like the songs of Solomom) talking about my Hospitality Ministry and how I would love to have a resort on the beach. I described the property and everything. This was in 2008. Well in Spring of 2009, I closed on my 1st Beach Resort in Florida and then I got a 2nd Beach Resort in Florida and I’m like, this is exactly what I was describing to God in my journal. I am in the land of Canaan and it all manifested through the teachings of the man of God, Dr. Bill Winston. All of this was manifested in less than a year so I can only imagine what God is going to do in the next 12 months.
    In March of 2009, I saw a commercial on the same television ministry regarding the Joseph Business School and this was confirmation that this is where God wanted me to be. I applied to the school and got accepted and now I have taken my business/hospitality ministry to a supernatural level. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters in Christ….this is the real deal. We are definitely 10 times better than the world because of to whose and who we are. When I talk to other business associates and colleagues, it is just amazing they are still in business because they are not under any type of anointing whatsoever so I am always plugging JBS. I also immediately upon starting my classes at JBS, started attending Sunday worship service and foundation classes and am going to get into intercessory prayer classes as well as ministry classes in spring 2010.
    Moving forward, this is where I am trying to get to. On Sunday, November 29, 2009, Pastor Bill Winston asked everyone to give $1,000.00 towards the airplane fund. I didn’t hesitate and was excited and honored to sow. There was a corporate prayer over the offering and Pastor said somebody is going to come into a flood of financial blessing and it is going to happen before the year is over even before Christmas. I believed God that he was talking to me. I am not bragging, I am testifying and I have had great favor over my life almost my entire life and have gotten so much financial , supernatural increase it is impossible to talk about it. There had been some things held up in heaven regarding my life from years of sowing. However through bad choices in relationships and ungodly soul ties, the Canker worm came in and stole some of it. However to God be the Glory, I have been expecting something unrelated that happened to me almost a year ago to come through. It wasn’t supposed to be that much. However, God showed up and showed out!!! There was a mistake made on something I was getting paid on through an injury at my home where I had to hire an attorney to handle. I was made an offer to get paid off and decided to go ahead and accept the offer because it was way more than I expected to get paid. Then unbeknownst to me, my Lawyer called me while I was on the highway driving from Florida to Chicago on Tuesday morning at 8a.m. telling me how there was a mistake with what I was suppose to get paid on my settlement. I thought it was a mistake in favor of the other side, it was on my side. This is how much I got.
    1. $174,579.63 Personal Contents
    2. $562,000.00 Property repairs
    3. $100,000.00 Contingency
    4. $84,000.00 Living Expenses
    5. $34,740.00 Lost rents from my Coach House
    All totally a whopping $895,319.63. This all came about because of Chicago’s deep freeze last winter when it was 30 below the wind chill factor and my home had frozen up. I just had a few busted pipes, no big deal. I only was trying to get enough funds from my insurance company to reimburse me back from what I paid out to plumbers and contractors to fix my busted pipes. I think it was around $20,000.00 or something like this. However when the insurance company came into my home, they took over and said they were going to dry out my home and I should stay in a hotel for a few weeks, instead, I went to Florida to look at additional real estate opportunities. When I came home, the insurance company had gutted out my beautiful home. I have a very large home (i.e.10,000 square feet) and am just a few blocks down from Barack Obama and the values don’t change in our community. I have lived in my home for almost 13 years and never had any issues like this before ever in life. I had never been late on my mortgage or insurance and had over $2,500,000.00 home owner’s policy which was the value of my home. I had lots of endorsements and riders for personal property in my home incase anything ever happened and never had to use my insurance for anything. God is also telling me that I am still going to get more because there are going to be over sites in my favor and I could have just sued my insurance company for their negligence. God said when it is all said and done, I will walk away with over $1,000,000.00 cash in pocket that doesn’t have to be paid back and on top of it all, I will have a new home to glorify him. This is all a part of the major wealth transference that is happening right now for the righteousness of Christ! What the devil meant for evil, God turned it into his good. I don’t have to pay back a dime of this money and whatever I save if I beat the contractor’s prices, is mine to keep. Sure, I can’t live in my home right now but it’s just me and my 12 year old German Shepard “Prince”. So while my home being restored back to its original splendor, I am exploring other territories in the land of Canaan and I am praying God don’t send me where there is snow only great weather conditions.
    Today I am in Chicago picking up my checks and plan to be in service tonight if there is a New Year’s Eve Service and I plan to sow some more into Living Word etc. God is telling me to sow $15,000.00 because I believe God for a 100 fold return so that I may put down $1,500,000.00 towards another Resort in Costa Rica that God is leading me to. I am truly a good steward of God’s property and God wants this to manifest in April 2010 and I know it’s going to happen because of sowing and reaping and God is going to continue to give me more seed to sow. So, it doesn’t matter if I am in Florida; Costa Rica or in Kentucky, I will always be in service every Sunday and will build my business/hospitality ministry through biblical principles under the covering of Dr. Bill Winston at Living Word Ministry “BWM”.
    In closing, God also told me because I had been faithful over little things, he would make me ruler over bigger things. God specifically told me that he was going to restore to me everything the Canker Worm and Locust had eaten and that he would restore the years of my life that were wasted because of ungodly soul ties. God told me to weed out the tears (i.e. unproductive people that are not real) because he is about to do something that is going to blow my socks off and that I have to continue living in faith and continue living my supernatural lifestyle. God told me to stay focus on his word and not get distracted by people who just want to have idle conversation because he is about to redeem my time and things are about to happen very, very fast and there is going to be a tsunami of financial and real estate blessings. God said he is going to fast forward my life to where it should have been twelve years ago and that I can’t be around unproductive people that are not manifesting his glory. God told me I need to be still and know that he is God so that I may hear him and to not be around idle, babbling conversation because he is using me right now to be his Joshua and that I am to go out and possess his properties in the land of Canaan. To God be the Glory Saint’s. Don’t give up. Stay focus and stay in the word and God’s got a flood of blessings for you too! I can just feel it!
    Please keep me lifted in prayer for traveling mercies and protection.
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Pamela Johnson

  8. Timothy Daniels says:

    Long story short….about 12 years ago i asked God why I was’nt prospering. I had done all the faith and prosperity teachings and even threw currency at those men and women who teach that belief. Nothing happened. I still worked and I still paid my bills and I still supported my family.

    God took me on a long and interesting trip. Like the story of the wizard of oz, the curtains of the real world of finance and lust for power were pulled back and the truth exposed. I have serious questions for these would be men and women of God:
    1. what is Money? state the 4 qualities it must posses to be money and why are they necessary for the people of God to actually experience real tangible prosperity?
    2.How can God completely ignore every sound financial principle at the risk of destroying the very economy we function in to deliver bank notes that are inherently worthless…his word clearly states his blessing ” add no sorrow”?
    3. How did you become so rich? Did you posses this wealth before or after you began to declare this message? What was the process that God used with you and why dont you publish that rather than the hype about believing?
    4. This is a question to the body at large: what is “neschec”…ever wonder what it has to do with inflation ( the classical definition and not the current revised one) Here is a massive clue. The jews were given the science of money and those truths are being used against us everyday. Your power to get wealth was given to you from birth and there are those who have realized this and have stolen what is yours. While I am at it…wealth aint what you think it is…but thats another rant.

  9. bankalchemist says:

    …another chapter in Prosperity Christianity with Rev Bill Winston’s Covenant Bank failing. (closed by the FDIC) from the teaching of Pulpit Pimps comes “Fleecing The Flock” and “When is My Willie Slick”. It makes you wonder what they hold over individuals who through money at them in hope that they will benefit as believers in this doctrine….”We Drank the Kool-Aid”.

  10. Frank Amankwah says:

    Thus good teaching

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