Question: Why is it that the only place in scripture where people fell backwards due to the power of God was the wicked men who came to arrest Jesus?  Selah

My good friend, Steve Campbell wrote a good article called ‘Slain in the Spirit or just “Slain” stupid’ and I thought I would share it with you below

Just a couple of links to remind us that once again we must use the scriptures as the final authority for our faith and not these so called “fake healers and prophe-liars”…..

I’ve been saying for a while especially when you study and see the comparisons in the New Age Movement, that this whole “slain in the spirit” thing is false and has no place in Christianity…
People in the Charismatic Movement have mis-interpreted the scripture in Acts 2 and especially from verse 11 where scripture shows that some and not all of the many who had gathered accused the disciples of being drunk. This has been interpreted by The Charismatics as meaning that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you he makes you act in a manner that to others seems strange and some have even labeled this behaviour as being “Drunk in the Spirit”… Once again this teaching has no biblical foundation as the purpose of having the Holy Spirit is one of comfort, a guide and teacher…Look at John 14:26…  The Holy Spirit does not make you roll around on the floor like some socially dysfunctional person in order to show that God is working in your life.. Ephesians 5:18 tells us to ” be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;”
The only characters that I’ve seen in scripture who were “slain by the spirit” and not “slain in the spirit” were Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5……

Look at what happens from verse 12 in Acts 2, as Peter explains to the crowd the events that were occurring and made reference to the Prophet Joel’s prophecy in Joel 2:28-32.
He clearly states that the disciples were not drunk… A few major things happened on the Day Of Pentecost … The disciples spoke in tongues which were the dialects of approximately 18 different nationalities… They professed the gospel of Jesus Christ.. Peter then preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ with authority and articulacy.
Acts 2:37 shows the hearers of Peter’s sermon were “cut to the heart” ESV.. This meant that were convicted by what Peter had preached.
It then goes on to say that they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, which was the Gospel and they fellowshipped together giving and sharing their possessions to as many who had a need.
So we can see from reading the whole text that the Day of Pentecost was the birth of the Christian Church as we know it, and that the gospel was preached and the lost were saved..
We cannot just simply highlight the gift of receiving The Holy Spirit without actually showing it’s purpose.. Which is to enable us to preach the Gospel in any surroundings, especially a difficult one with clarity and authority….

We do a great disservice to the working of the Holy Spirit when we act in manner that is confusing to the unbeliever and does not audibly proclaim the wonderful works of God, which is the Gift Of Salvation to all of mankind.

So……. Have a look at these two clips and then decide if these acts truly bring people to repentance and convict them of their sin just as Peter’s preaching did on the day of Pentecost???

As Always…

Sola Scriptura..


Look out for Deception 2 tomorrow

  1. Tim says:

    You mock what you do not understand! Even John said in Rev 1:17 “When I saw Him I fell at His feet as though dead…. No flesh can stand in the presence of the Living God.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    Tim, please look at the context of this scripture. It is nothing to do with what we now commonly called ‘slain in the spirit’. I challenge you to please show me ANYWHERE in scripture where the followers of Jesus layed hands on anyone and they fell. And if noone can stand in his presence, how comes a lot of the time, the people get back up?

  3. David Ebin says:

    Our church was doing fine in mission and evangelism. All was in order, ministers were fine and you hardly hear any of them boasting about anything or any immorality cases. The church gradually grow, true teaching followed, people stop drinking alcohol, wearing proper clothing, leaved tattoos, leaved taboo, leaved secularity, and the true spirit of being one family in Christ was genuine. Giving, sharing and helping one another without counting how much they have spend for that purpose.

    Then, the they were new movement came from America and Indonesia. The speaking in tongue, slain in spirit, pumped up music, the prophet, the apostle, the CCM, the Christian tattoo, the Christian Hip Hop, the Christian & Secular superstar, etc…started coming in. All of this turned the church up side down. It grows really fast, false teachings abound, ministers bragging of themselves, fornications abound, alcohol is accepted and they attends nigh clubs and pubs, wearing sexy clothing daily and during services, having tattoos, merging secular with christianity (syncrinism), love pretender abounds – for personal interest – only if you are in the same spirit with them, no one really cares etc.

    Before we have not many believers but the percentage of Biblical Christians are higher. Today we have many believers but the percentage of Biblical Christians are probably 10%.

    Before, we have believers so hungry for the word of God and almost everyday they share something out of their personal devotion time with the Lord.

    Today, we have believers that so hungry and crazy for other things especially music, concerts and so on. You hardly heard them talking about their interest in searching for the truth by reading the Bible. Mostly quoting scriptures that are out of context. Now, CCM performers and worship leaders are what they remember the most. And they almost cannot remember a preacher. Well, they always remember a person who preach what they like, someone that is going with the tide…they don’t want the truth.

    Seems the road that they want is the wide road…narrow is the way…

    In Christ
    David Ebin

  4. anon says:

    i think i have an interesting slain story, that i dont think is as unique as one might think…

    I get “slain” in church every week. This is the first time i’m admitting it, but i fake it every time. (thus why i choose to remain anonymous).

    when i was a teenager, i began to ‘notice’ those getting slain. i’d been seeing it since i was a little girl and going to church, but never paid it much mind. but when i was about 14 or 15 i started to feel differently about it. to be quite blunt, i found the idea of writhing around on the floor in front of a group of people very arousing. I used to watch for the boys my own age, and sit up front so i could watch the squirming around on the ground. the whole thing was so sexy, orgasmic.

    when i was 17 or so, i finally got up the courage to go up there. i knew i wouldnt ‘feel’ anything, but i went down anyway, flat on my back. i shook around a little, writhed a little, but for the most part just laid there. but week after week, i got a little bolder. by time i was 20, i’d really push the envelope. I’d scream, moan, arch my back. slide my legs all over the floor. do a whole orgasm thing. a few times, i even thrust my hips in the air, or, if i’m feeling really brave, i’d hit kind of a stripper-writhing-on-the-floor pose. arched back, spread my legs real wide and start moving and writhing. occasionally i’d look around to see who was watching, and i’d see a bunch of the men looking at me, watching my skirt ride up and my legs flail about and it would turn me on even more… every week, i’d expect someone in my family to say something, but my family is very religious, and everyone just assumes i was in the throes of some spiritual connection with God.

    for the record, i think some people fake it, and the rest are just batshit crazy, like my family.

  5. David says:

    My turn to tell the truth.

    Since this slain thing introduced, many of our leaders really believe that if you can’t be slain by their cooperate laying hands prayer, then you probably hard hearted, or too many sins, and that is why the spirit can’t do anything.

    Funny though, because every time they make altar call, all musicians and singers have to go, mandatory. I’m always being accused of hard hearted because I will be always the only one standing still. Even more funny, because while they were praying and accusing me at the same time, my prayer is worst. I will pray at the same time in my heart, ‘Jesus, if this method is true, and you really want this happen, don’t just slain me here but kick me really heard until I hit the church wall. I don’t mind to die if this is really you working, but I will stand strong against fleshy push and emotional torment. I rather die in truth than pleasing these false teachers and prophets!’

    This is even funnier, most of those that always slain in spirit also having worldly lifestyle and left the church later in their lives. Leaders that believe in this also involved in many kind of sinful lifestyle. Worst, they still slain in spirit and think that they are very spiritual people. This type of Christians are not bringing anyone to Christ because they don’t have the true testimony of Biblical Lifestyle.

    If this is happening at your church, better be careful.

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