1. Lavrai says:

    Looks like video is on the blink… or could just be me.

  2. Robert says:

    Talk about non-committal. He wants to be popular. He would make a wonderful politician.

    The Bible is very committal, very hard. That’s why people do not like it. If you take firm stand on the Bible you will not be popular.

  3. This video is on the fritz. The Osteen’s would fit right in with the Stepford Wives. They are more seeker-friendly than speaking the truth with love. But I did notice that Joel doesn’t seem to know much about anything or easy to understand what’s going on. This isn’t Sesame Street.

  4. Linda says:

    I think they really did answer properly with the tricky questions.They did not make any judgement on people but condemned the actions, they explained their concerns , and they did not deny their faith either. Joel answered like someone who is more focused on God’s Kingdom and what he has to do to make it grow.Matthew 6:33
    I’m sure that despite that some people were offended. Remember guys that the ones who were offended by Jesus were the pharisees.
    Well,my first question is : With this kind of question from a co worker or a manager of yours,what would you answer?
    Who are we and what have we done to “count points” like that? Luke 6:41
    According to what? Are we really aware of God’s standards?
    We should be busy running our own race and not having enough breath to criticize anybody.
    My last question would be: would you keep on going with the criticism and sarcasm from the church?
    The Osteens have already answered to this one.

    Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

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