cantonIn the same way that my Berean ear is getting more sensitive to false doctrine because I take time to know what the word says for myself, it is also getting more sensitive to unbiblical lyrics in so-called ‘christian’ songs.

For example, I have listened to some of Canton Jones music and have no problem with some of his songs but with others the lyrics are way off. As a person who came out of Creflo Dollars church (I am not sure if he is still there), you can see below how being under incorrect teaching can influence the lyrics of a song.

I know you trippin’ off of this production
To preach Jesus and promote zion
To claim the death and ressurection
Go get the bible if you think I am lyin’
‘Bout to take over the nation
Sinners become a new creation
To spread the gospel is my mission
Taking you to school and pay tuition

Look we done took over the malls
We’re everywhere
Going up and down the school halls
We’re everywhere
We done took over the courts
We’re everywhere
We done took over the sports
We’re everywhere
We drive the biggest cars
We’re everywhere
We are the biggest stars
We’re everywhere
We wear the baddest clothes
We’re everywhere
And we owning all of the stores
We’re everywhere

To see the full lyrics, click here

So here is the question? Is what he is saying in the songs true? Do christians have the biggest cars? Are we the biggest stars? Do we have the best clothes? Do we own all the stores? For the overwhelmingly majority of christians, the answer is no. In fact this is an insult to those christians who are being persecuted because of their faith.

Now let’s look at some of the lyrics on his song 24s

(We ride on 24’s)
You ain’t never seen a church boy
ridin with the top down swervin
Everybody see me bend the curve

Every whip on 24’s
Every crib got 50 doors
don’t get nervous

Payin tithe
finally paid off

We ride on 24’s
we let them people know
Every city and state we go

Can’t keep that name on low
Roll eep and switchin lanes

Roll wit me and they rep
the name
Roll real don’t play no games

see the symbol on the chain
Rep tinted and ridin high
scream Jesus when we ridin by

Where you gonna be
when you die
Ima be in the sky

we ride 24’s don’t have
to sell no dro
Bust music to get that dough
preach the gospel to the po

Cadillac on 24’s
made back on 24’s
Bently Coup on 24’s
Chevy Hoop on 24’s

Drive dem then I giveaway
Why ause Go said give away
But the more I give away I
got more coming back to me

To see the full lyrics, click here

For those who have a problem interpreting what he is talking about, he is talking about car wheels……yes you heard me. The song is materialistic to say the least. Even though someone will try and defend it be saying that he is thanking God for what he has, as Lecrae would say


Who cares if he has 24 inch rims? This is basically just the prosperity gospel in song which is a false gospel. As Lecrae also says:

My treasures in heaven Christ is my satisfaction
if I was broke I’d be richer than folk who never had em
God is the Gospel not a new bentley
was empty and he gave us life and that’s plenty
get me…homie I could spend six centuries
simply saying I’m satisfied in the sensie
an it’s sickening, that knowing God aint enough
we gotta tell em they can get rich quickly
now this is heresy false it’s not true
2nd Corinthians chapter 8 and verse 2

We can see here clearly Canton Jones boasting in the gifts and not the giver. You can see similar lyrics in Mary Mary’s song, God in me where they are basically saying that a christian is prospering with a nice car/house/riches is because of the God in them. So what about all the Arabs and the Sheikhs? Do they prosper because of the God in them also. Its ridiculous. Yes everything that we have is because of God and comes from God but doing well in life is no indication that God resides in that person. It gives a fuzzy picture of christianity and you can see it is as if it is a US brand of christianity and not an universal brand because again, see if christians in Pakistan can sing the same some song with the same conviction

UPDATE: Here is another song that I came across from Kierra Kiki Sheard called ‘My Boyfriend’. Click here to see the lyrics. I think the lyrics speak for themselves

UPDATE 2: My friends Doug and Steve Campbell bought to my attention this song by Canton called ‘Money Green’. I think the line “Some say I’ll rather have Jesus rather than silver and gold but I’d rather have Jesus AND silver and gold.” says it all. Have a listen and tell me what you think

In the same way that not every ‘christian’ message is biblical, not every ‘christian’ song is biblical either. Line every christian lyric with scripture and if it says something contrary to the bible, then reject it as a christian song

May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. (Galatians 6:14)

  1. tshirtninja says:

    I shook my head as soon as I saw “We drive the biggest cars.” Good grief, how far will the prosperity gospel go?

  2. wickle says:

    Gee, now I’m waiting for my new car! Somehow I missed that promise when I read the Bible.

    Wait, that’s why I don’t buy into the prosperity gospel … I read my Bible!

    Never mind …

  3. Steve Sacman says:

    Sadly Alan, a lot of so called “gospel” music is tarnished with bad doctrine.. This brand of ear tickling ensures that you pay more attention to the beat than the lyrics themselves.. I didn’t really understand the whole Mary Mary track “God in Me” as the chorus states that “it’s THE God in me” which sounds like its endorsing the Word of Faith “little gods” doctrine. The song is nothing more than the “prosperity gospel” cocooned in a beat and quite a good beat I’d like to add. Mary Mary have done some interesting collaborations of late as David Banner features on the “Superfriend” track and also a few eyebrows were raised when they performed with LL Cool J on BET’s celebration of “gospel” especially as LL threw money out into the audience during the performance and starting quoting Malachai 3:8-10??
    It just seems to me that the current bunch of “gospel” artists are more in tune with pandering to what the consumer wants rather than actually fulfilling and teaching what the scriptures says…
    But hey maybe that’s just me and what do I know??

    • Tyrone says:

      I took the song in the context of “The things that you see, maybe the Gucci, Sean John, or whatever aren’t why I’m shining or have joy, its not me or the stuff…Its the God in me that you see and not me…” Maybe I got it wrong…

      • Tyrone says:

        …However I do agree with the fact that some artist’s lyrics are focused on them and not truly the gospel of Jesus Christ…

  4. Lavrai says:

    I guess these folks still have one foot in the world… someone needs to tell them about serving GOD with the WHOLE heart.

  5. prayrwarrior says:

    What is passing for Gospel music nowadays is breathtaking to me! How can the HOLY LORD of HOSTS be compared to mortal man to the degree that you would consider HIM your “boyfriend”?!?

  6. Bro. Carl says:

    WOW! I’ve been a choir director for many years. I am really taken by the lyrics of gospel/christian songs. I questioned a JP Kee song, It’s Possible, I think. The lyrics starts off about faith, but interjects planting a seed that would supply every need. That is another message entirely. Is the song about faith or about planting a seed, which is interpreted as $$$ by the propsrity prophets.

    Even the musician interpreted faith as the seed that the song was talking about. How about, NO!

  7. Marie says:

    I’ve heard some dumb worship songs (Matt Redman’s “Let My Words Be Few” makes me cringe; I can only imagine how the men feel), but this is insane. I didn’t know this genre existed. Do these people actually listen to themselves?!?

  8. Eyes Wide Open
    By BearYourCross (aka Jake Huguenot )

    With eyes open wide,
    I’m no longer blind,
    to their vain riches and pride

    Preacher’s on a slippery slide,
    lies and deceit he’s combined,
    Spirit Of Truth no longer his guide

    “Wake up!” the spirit is saying,
    Jesus Christ is almost here,
    so get on your knees praying

    The devil walks about slaying,
    Christian casualties are severe,
    the chosen few are decaying

    Step up and let truth be heard,
    speak out against the false ones,
    no more twisting of the holy word

    Dispense to the masses clarity,
    to break chains of ignorance,
    to expel this gospel of prosperity


  9. alexpn says:

    isn’t the exact OPPOSITE argument why the song starts saying, you ain’t never seen a church boy……

  10. Alan Higgins says:

    Sorry alexpn, I dont fully understand what you are saying

  11. The Let my words be few joint is definitely biblical. It’s from Ecclesiates. This is my interpretation of it. Basically we as believers sometimes get besides ourselves and forget that we are human and God is God sovereign over us and all our theology and all our good deeds. We could speak a whole ocean of words and God will shall still be done with or without us. I think that’s something we need to keep in perspective.

    Peace and Grace

  12. Marie says:

    Hi Marceil,

    I know the reference for letting our words be few – sorry I didn’t clarify that. In the song I was referring to, it’s the chorus I object to – when Mr. Redman sings “Jesus, I am so in love with you” several times. Judging from the facial expressions of the guys in church when the worship team does that song, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s caught that.

    There is a difference in English (and every other language I’m aware of) between “in love with” and “love”, never mind holy and reverential love.

    This is a case (like many other examples in CCM) of taking the whole Bridal Paradigm thing way too far. It somewhat surprises me, because overall I think Matt Redman’s great.

  13. Alan Higgins says:

    Check this video which may explain Matt Redman’s view

  14. Marie says:

    Yes, Alan, it does and I have a new respect for Redman now! “Watertight Scripturally”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Cultural baggage/connotation….yes, that’s exactly what I was referring to – yes, I’m sure “awe” was in his heart; anyone who’s listened to the lyrics of most any Redman song knows he has a high and holy view of God. I, for one, appreciate his candor and humility, and am very glad you posted that clip.


    He mentioned the one other song that makes me wince – John Wimber’s “Isn’t He Beautiful?” LOL! Yeah, not a very blokey-bloke song. Glad he noticed, too. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the post and thanks for the convo.

    Peace and Grace.

  16. Shelia says:

    Thank you for reminding us as Christians to continually to examine ourselves and what we are listening to. I had an opportunity to check out the Unbiblical Christian lyrics. I am a Christian Artist and I would like for you to listen to one of my songs and tell me what you think. May I you a mp3 of the song?

  17. Shelia says:

    Thank you for reminding us as Christians to continually to examine ourselves and what we are listening to. I had an opportunity to check out the Unbiblical Christian lyrics. I am a Christian Artist and I would like for you to listen to one of my songs and tell me what you think. May I send you a mp3 of the song?

  18. Alan Higgins says:

    Sheila, I cannot see properly from my BlackBerry but did you supply your email address when commenting. If so I will send you an email and you can reply

  19. Alex says:


    What a refreshing change from so many blog convos out there. Unbiblical lyrics have become an epidemic that continues to spread – but here and there God has His people who remain connected to the truth.

    I was delighted to see that video and hear the man’s humility for myself. As the NLP folk say: “words are semantically meaningful” and those who lead in ministry are not responsible for ‘what they say;’ they are responsible for ‘what people hear!’

    Thanks for this, you guys, and God bless you all.

  20. Brandon Jackson says:

    get a life dude. GOD blesses ppl and they like to tell about it so what. i have canton and lecrae on my ipod and it doesn’t make me a bad person. maybe god hasn’t been good enough to you that you can shut your mouth about what he’s done. and also this music is helpful to ppl who are being weened off secular rap you ever think of that? they need to know CHRISTian life is soo much better and how will they know if we keep what GOD does for us on the DL cause somebody might be offended. just lay off man it’s not that deep.

  21. Alan Higgins says:

    Brandon here is a question for you. Are the lyrics biblical or does that not matter to you?

  22. Josaleen says:

    Thank God that people are standing for the Truth and telling it like it is about these so called Christian songs. Music is supposed to to glorify God and in all we do to bring Glory to him our focus should always be God not cars clothes money etc. and we should be apart from thw world we are not of the world our lyrics should portray that but sadly most do not . I have been recently listening to Lecrae and starting to check out flame and =the rest of the 116 clique . so far i have not heard anything unBiblical or any soong that does keep God as a clear focal point . although one song get krunk bothers me because it is a remake of lil johns song even though the lyrics are about God i dont think need to use lil johns style they could have made a diff beat and style for their lyrics and elimanted the wordly term “krunk” also changes sounds like it may be a remake of one of 50 cents songs im not sure. I do not believe God needs wordly songs to be remade for His Glory and they shouldn be listening to them to be able to remake them and we do not wanna be reminded of those songs . on youtube someone made a lil waynes lolipop remake into Christan lyrics i couldn even listen to motre than a lil of it and had to turn it off b/c the beat remined of the orginal song and after turning it off i had the orginal song/lyrics in my head . i dont think secular songs should be remade i think it is walking too thin of a line .

  23. Josaleen says:

    *correction* i meant so far in all lecraes songs that i heard GOd has been a clear main focal point. clear being important word as many “Christain” song lyrics you never mention God Jesus Or Scripture or the Holy Spirit

  24. Charmayne says:

    I don’t know. I really like both Lecrae and Canton Jones and the song 24’s is a great song to me because it shows that just because you serve the LORD, that doesn’t mean you have to be broke. The song is definitely materialistic, but the Word says that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can think or imagine (I’m paraphrasing but you get my point). I mean, how many pastors do you see pulling up in a Benz? How many deacons just bought a new house? And in the song he mentioned not to forget to thank the LORD. The LORD supplied for Canton and He will supply for all of us. Why not testify about it?

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Canton Jones is saying that paying his tithe paid off and now he can buy a big car. He is basically boasting about his car and its accessories. Jesus says exactly the opposite when he says that a mans life does not consist in the things that he possesses

  25. Charmayne says:

    And don’t get me started on “God in Me” by Mary Mary. That’s one of my theme songs!

  26. Elected Child of God says:

    You are doing a great Job keep up the good work. I’ve been saying the same about his music for a while now, There is a song called “DANCE IN THE SPIRIT”, I mean come on, This man took R&B and try to make it holly. “if the spirit is wet then i’m soaking” What is that, I’ve been in the world and i hate the world and neither do i need to be reminded of the dirty things that are in it subliminally. Pray for him and I hope that the Lord may grant him repentance.

  27. Not necessary says:

    I am so happy that there is a blog shedding light on a lot of the false doctrine. Canton Jones is one of the worst rappers that are classified as christian / gospel rappers. I have heard his music and was disgusted at how unbiblical his lyrics are. This is what leads the flock astray.

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