1. JM says:

    You don’t see that kind of witnessing very often, in fact it is rare. He held the listeners attention and they were interested in what he was telling them. Notice he wasn’t out holding a picket sign with a message of moral values on it.
    I hope we can all learn something from this video in how to share the gospel.
    Praise God for people like Paul Washer. Lord send more laborers for the harvest!!

  2. Juan Guillermo Arrieta says:

    hello brother

    This testimony is so good, God has to many how to speack the people.

    If you have more video, that it is made subtitle in english will be for my because I’m lerning english now.

    I would like that you send one video to my e-mail

    God bless you

    R.V Juan Guillermo Arrieta

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    Juan, I’m afraid that I do not have any more videos but I’m glad you liked the video

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