Never again do you need to be intimidated by an atheist. Learn how to prove God’s existence and effectively witness to these so-called “intellectuals”.

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  1. Yos says:

    I’m sorry,but that doesn’t seem effective most intelligent atheists. Don’t look at this as a bashing;see it as saving you from a possible future embarrassment. Lemme point point out some major problems with this:

    1. Atheism isn’t just a believe in no G-d;it can be a lack of a belief all together so no belief is required.
    2. There’s no such thing as a devout atheism for it is not a faith. There is what you call a Gnostic Atheist(one who believes and claims to know that G-d does not exist…which is ridiculous intellectually,but that doesn’t equate to being devout.
    – IIRC, there’s a lot of problem with bue banana illustration. An ignorance of modification over years by various groups of humans through hybridization seems evident as Ray even apologized for it.

    -On the eye, explain the blind spot or the backwards human retina. The quote mining is bad ,I will say. This video will save me time as it covers this whole problem:

    – Also, Einstein was an atheist. More specifically IIRC,he was a pantheist;pantheism[a brief summary) is the belief that G-d and the world are one.
    -The idea that a design needs a designer seems fallacious in that it can imply that even a deity needed a creator.It cuts both ways.
    – On the human body, the inefficiencies is the body actually lends credibility to an atheistic view of evolution.
    -Kirk makes the mistake of stating that atheism is always being gnostic.

    The second half of the video was much better than the first.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    1. Dictionary definition of an atheist: a person who believes that there is no God (
    2. Devout can mean ‘earnest; sincere; heartfelt’ ( It does not always have to do with faith

    Admittedly, quotes should never be used out of context (as I always say this about the bible) but you still cannot get past the fact that something that is as complex as a camera (which is less complicated than the human eye) would not happen over years. There must be a designer. God does not need a designer because he is eternal and has always existed and there lies the difference

  3. Yos says:

    Your definition doesn’t really contradict what I said; However, it is a tad too general. I wouldn’t always go off of dictionary definitions since they can be behind the times as well as inaccurate. For instance, I doubt that the dictionary definition of a black man 150 years ago would be sufficient. Although atheism is ultimately a denial of G-d, atheism is not as easy to pin down.


    There’s pretty much two main types of atheism. Strong Atheism,which you seemed to put atheism as a whole under, is the explicit belif that there is no G-d. Hence, your definition.

    Weak Atheism, which I was alluding to is a negative belief in which one does not believe in any G-d. This differ from agnosticism which definition number two below correctly describes. The first definition is flawed as agnostics have no book or main body of codified teachings to refer to. the position can be easily reached intellectually without one. Without the abundance of knowledge had today and wide observation around the world, the same isn’t as easy with atheism.

      /ægˈnɒstəˌsɪzəm/ Show Spelled [ag-nos-tuh-siz-uhm] Show IPA
    1.the doctrine or belief of an agnostic. intellectual doctrine or attitude affirming the uncertainty of all claims to ultimate knowledge.

    On the issue of an theist being, devout: fair enough;that would correctly equate to a strong atheist.

    I’m glad that you seem to recognize the problem with quote mining;that actually makes my day somewhat.

    We are in agreement that a designer is necessitated (we just disagree how the design unfolded) ,but from an atheist’s point of view, it’s not really. While I’m not too informed on how this issue is solved from a materialist view(which by now the designs and beginnings of the world are just left as “we don’t know” as I recall), it’s easily solved from from a Monist’s point of view(Monism can be both theistic or atheistic.). Through such a view IIRC, that camera could come into form eventually because of us since we(people) are imminent. Taken with an atheistic view of evolution to show how we arrived, it’s not too far fetched.

    Back to the issue of a designer,this is where your logic breaks down. Because G-d has always existed and is probably more complex than we’ll ever know, your statement attacks him as well. Since complex things need a designer, you create an endless loop.

    Two last things for now: I noticed what you said about the human eye being more complex than a camera. I know it’s difficult to accept,but if you study biology, you may very well find that it’s hard to make sense of biology without evolution. I strongly recommend that you take a look at theistic evolution not only so you may not have to avoid fossils and or feel threatened when another formerly irreducibly complex body part is shown not to be so,but so you can see things from the point of view of many atheists’ and scientists'(oddly enough, some of them don’t accept it). In such,here’s a link if you find the time:

    If you don’t feel convinced, this should give another reason to look into evolution:

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