I used to hear this analogy on Way of the Master Radio (now Wretched Radio) and I thought it was excellent and gave me a clearer unstanding of how offensive our sins are to a holy God

If I lied to my children, there isn’t a big consequence as a result

If I lied to my wife, then there is a good chance that I will be sleeping on the sofa for at least a few nights

If I lied to my employers, then there there is the possibility that I may be fired

If I lied to the government then I can be jailed for treason/perjury

Same offence in all cases but different consequences

What’s the difference on each scenario? It is to whom the offence was made and as you can see above, the punishment increases the higher the authority is.


Every lie that we tell whether it be big or small (in our eyes), is an offence to God who is infinitley more important than the government and therefore the punishment is infintely more severe. When we stand before the Judge of the universe, we will have to give an account for every word and every deed. This gives us just a small indication of how high Gods standard is and how holy he is. There is no way that any human can attain to Gods standard and leaves us in a big predicament. This is where Jesus steps in, in that he took the punishment in our place on the cross and for those who have repented and put their trust in him, in exchange, can have the righteousness of Christ, thus inheriting eternal life.

  1. Erin says:

    Just the fact that a “simple” lie can get us into so much trouble with God has me shaking in my boots! Oh man….

    This is why we NEED Jesus so that we won’t intentionally do things like this…well, I don’t know how you UNintentionally lie, but I hope you get what I mean…LOL.

  2. Athena Nike says:

    The Bible says all liars have their place in the lake of fire, and I am not trying to reserve a spot, though never a habitual liar, always valued the truth and honesty but if you ever lie you are a liar, period.

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