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  1. Sarah says:

    I respect their experiences and journeys, and have nothing to say about what they need to live their full and truthful life here on earth – and they seem to be living it with conviction and I’m assuming they’re happy with who you are. I will tell you that I am a happy, peace-loving, honest, good, truthful, loving, sharing, compassionate lesbian woman. I don’t live my life in excess(as it seems most of those who are in their ministry did before being “saved”) – I don’t drink or do drugs, I share my love as often as I can, I help those that I can, financially, and with my time and love, when I make mistakes or miscommunicate with others, I analyze what has happened so I can learn and grow from the experience. I don’t even have cable TV. I am currently in a 9 year relationship with the love of my life, and prior to that, I had a few relationships, but never was the type to sleep around. So as you can see, I live a pretty peaceful existence, and try to spread love all around me.
    I think its important for one to focus the message around spreading of love and living an honest life, not on trying to preach that if you’re gay (and its NOT a lifestyle for me…its MY LIFE by the way), you won’t enter the “kingdom of heaven for eternity” after you you die. Lets get people helping each other now, not because of where they may go after they die, or even because of fear, but because they realize today that is the right thing to do. Not because of some reward that you’re telling them they’ll get after they die.
    I have so much to say. I think noone should take away ones experience, if it has helped one to become a good person now, but realize and recognize that there are good people out there who are good not because they are no longer gay, but because they have learned what it takes to be a good person in this world (no matter what your religion).
    This is my truth…I’m 5ft 2, I’m average build, I have black hair, I have brown eyes, I am a woman, I am a sister, I am a daughter, I am a lesbian, I have an MBA, I am an entrepreneur, I love to volunteer…these are all adjectives to describe various aspects of me – they don’t individually define the full spectrum of me.
    It sounds like these ex-homosexuals were struggling to define who they are, and for them, their sexuality was all they were using. That’s like trying to build a house using just the door, or the roof, or the foundation. For you to have a house, you still need a lot of other pieces to be in place: a foundation, walls, ceilings, roofs, windows, doors….etc. And then the quality of the materials you use will be a factor in the quality house you build.
    They were trying to build a house using bad quality materials (since they were living an excess lifestyle with drinking and drugs), and then only using one wall to try to build a full house. Not going to happen – I think that was their downfall – and it sounds like they blamed their sexuality, and not their behavior for this. To me, it seems clear that it wasn’t because of being a homosexual. Believe me – it wasn’t.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    First of all Sarah, let me thankyou for your comments and for your honesty. May I encourage you to look out for tomorrows post which will answer a lot of the questions that you mentioned. Can I make one thing clear. People go not only go to hell because they are homosexuals, but also because theyhave lied, stolen, been dishonest to parents, commited adultery to name a few so you see that that includes heterosexuals as well. Its not just about doing ‘big’ sins. You consider yourself to be a good person but by who’s standard are you going by? If you are going by God’s standard, you will see that you are not a good person. In fact, in light of God’s laws, no-one is (including me). Please take some time to read which will explain it in more detail

    Thanks again for visiting my blog

  3. phil says:

    of course you can stop being gay. no matter what any doctor tells you, it is not genetic, you must learn to understand the nature of genetics, They are not predictive and they are not diagnosed retroactively. A man may have a gene that causes an affliction. that affliction is physical but it may cause him to associate with people who are already gay, They will make him feel normal and he may, eventually, learn to like and love other gays,

    Equally. a woman may be born with a gene which gives no desire to have children. This along with other things may find her associating with lesbian women.

    HOMOSEXUALITY is NOT genetic, physical afflictions and attributes are. over the years, leading up to adolescence’s time, picked on and pointed out by others. over years of this and loads of criticism homosexuality creates a strong bond with a same sex partner. we are not born formula one drivers (unless our rich fathers are involved)
    We are not born drug addicts and we are , 100% not born day

  4. phil says:

    post script… i love all men and women on Gods Earth.

  5. phil says:

    of course you can stop being gay. no matter what any doctor tells you, it is not genetic, you must learn to understand the nature of genetics, They are not predictive and they are not diagnosed retroactively. A man may have a gene that causes an affliction. that affliction is physical but it may cause him to associate with people who are already gay, They will make him feel normal and he may, eventually, learn to like and love other gays,

    Equally. a woman may be born with a gene which gives no desire to have children. This along with other things may find her associating with lesbian women.

    HOMOSEXUALITY is NOT genetic, physical afflictions and attributes are. over the years, leading up to adolescence’s time, picked on and pointed out by others. over years of this and loads of criticism homosexuality creates a strong bond with a same sex partner. we are not born formula one drivers (unless our rich fathers are involved)
    We are not born drug addicts and we are , 100% not born gay

    on August 1, 2009 at 4:00 am | Replyphil
    post script… i love all men and women on Gods Earth.

    • Chris says:

      B.S, u can just stop! I have been fighting these homosexual desires since I was 13. I have fallen to the floor crying my eyes out begging God to stop the gay desires in me That I don’t want to be gay! yet here it is I’m in my mid 20’s now and guess what I can’t stop the gay desires! I hate the gay life style, there is no such thing as a happy gay. and yet even though I see how bad the gay life style is. me mind keeps desiring guys not girls. So No there is no such thing as just stopping no matter what these ignorant goose stepping right wing ass holes want to tell anyone. so if anyone out there is listening to this idiot. No u can’t just turn it off. any more than a republican can stop being a lying, ignorant raciest pig.

      • John says:

        God can take away those desires. You have to have faith that He will save you. I encourage you to grow in your relationship with Him. Try fasting anything that would bring about those desires. And use the time to worship God. I agree u can’t just turn it off but if u give up it will never happen have hope. Also try to get an accountability partner (someone to help keep you on the right track).

      • Sara says:

        Chris, I’m sorry you are suffering. Every one of us suffers with desires we don’t ask for and struggle with in this life, they just come in different flavors. Unfortunately, homosexual desires have been singled out and those who have them have been lied to. It does not matter what your desires are, Jesus loves you. God’s grace is huge! If you are like me, you’ll give in time and time again to your desires in this life, but every time God will forgive you. And the more you struggle, the more God will grow you and the more you will be able to show grace to others because you have suffered. I pray that you realize that Jesus loves you and wants to be your Lord no matter what.

  6. stopmyeds says:

    If someone is on the journey of trying to find their true self why not try out homosexuality??

  7. Alan Higgins says:

    The number one reason is because God says it is wrong. Just because it may feel right doesnt make it right. May I encourage you to look at

  8. Lebasi says:

    I WOULD PROBABLY NEVER WEAR THE T-SHIRT 🙂 but I appreciated your testimony. It has helped me to see that there is hope. You said it right. Nothing is more worth it than God’s Love

  9. Kevin says:

    That’s like saying “because i said so” rather than supporting an argument.

    Why lead your life in opposition to your views when the only person saying it is wrong has no reason to back it up, or may not even exist for that manner.

  10. jerome says:

    I think any homosexual on this forum is in the wrong place for advice, almost anything on here is probably going to be biased for obvious reasons. My advice to you is do what makes you happy and dont listen to what anyone has to say, you are the only you and you know whats right for you. Furthermore, if you are christian or catholic etc. and also happen to be gay, you already know how “god” “feels” about your sexual orientation, so what are you looking for? You already have your answer on how your lifestyle should be played out, how easy is that? There’s a manual on how to live your life! WOW! If you couldnt pick up on the sarcastic undertone, I dont know what to tell you. But my point is this, and this goes for both sides of the argument, don’t shove your chosen lifestyle down anyones throat, if you want to be gay/were born gay, WHATEVER! I dont know how it works, I’m not gay, therefore, I cant give you advice on how NOT to be gay! You dont see me going around asking for advice on HOW TO become gay! As for the “anti gay’s” if you will, don’t you have anything better to do then worry about what other people are doing in the privacy of their own homes? GET A LIFE! Seriously, you should try it out, its pretty awesome.

    • Mel says:

      I don’t think that anyone is “shoving” their lifestyle on anyone. If you have come to this website you most likely have questions or concerns about what homosexuality means to your eternity. Its not biased, its just coming from people who have had eyeopening experiences with being gay and/or know what the Bible has to say about it and are just offering their stories and opinions. You don’t have to read it. I think an eternity (think about that…an ETERNITY) in heaven is completely worth changing your lifestyle in this small little life. That goes for alcoholics and theifs, and adulterers and liars too. Homosexuality isn’t the only sin. Theres no good or bad sins either. There all sins in God’s eyes.

  11. Cosy says:

    The issue is not about whether you are gay or not, the issue is about whether you believe in God or not. If you believe in God, then abide by his Laws for he says you will be judged by a measure of the light that you have. We believe in God by choice. Satan CHOSE not to follow God’s commandment and he was cast out. The most precious thing about God is that he has not hidden from us how we will get saved. But it is a choice. To indulge in SIN and come on a forum like this one trying to justify your sin…go ahead….its all been foretold in the bible…for in the last days they shall have itchy ears, wanting to hear only that which they want to hear. God is not going to care whether you were a good sinner or a bad one, if you chose sin willfully and willingly…God is very clear on this one…you cant serve God and mammon(sp). God has given you a choice….repent or perish. It does not matter how many pages of justification of SIN you write…in God’s eyes it will still be SIN and he will judge you for it. Are you not sure whether you are sinning or not…read the Bible, it will reveal it to you. Read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, read exodus chapter 20 and then pray to God for his saving grace, For he says….no temptation has come unto you that is new to men….and with every temptation he will provide a way out. God Bless you,

  12. lyn says:

    well said Cosy!! Thank you for that.

  13. Pontious Pilot says:

    As a pagan, who washed my hands of the Crucifixion of Christ, I can’t see anything wrong with pederasy or any other kind of male-male lust. The Judeans however anger me w/ their incindiary rhetoric against Caesar and the Pax Romana. Like my dear old friend Caligula once said, “If it’s vulgar, do it”

  14. sara says:

    Being gay is a complex subject. We know that no one just chooses it as if it were merely one of many flavors of ice cream (it usually involves great struggle) but we also know that there is no biological evidence for it and the object of our desires can change (it is a common human experience to find yourself attracted to someone and later not attacted or vice versa).

    What bothers me, though, is that we live in a world where we are told to let our desires define us as if we have no say in it. That removes human dignity and reduces us to animals. We each make choices as to whether we follow our desires tell us to go or we don’t. People do choose, ultimately, how they will let their desires will define them.

  15. Curt says:

    It’s nice to know that christians still force their reilgious views on others, this article is full of nonsense, I’ll fill in the gaps for you guys, people don’t choose their sexuality, it just happens, did you choose to be attracted to girls? no, then you can’t say the oppisite is true either, trying to ” pray” gay away has been tried before and nothing changes, for all you “ex” homosexuals, your all in massive denial, there is nuch so thing as changing your sexuality, and methods to become ” straight” are laughable, ” stop masterbating” stop watching porn” and bam your a god fearing christain right? easy as abc.

    I think its very sad that we live in a world with so much oppertunity and people waste their lives with such nonsense as reilgion, rather than progressing society, you guys are pushing it further back, you want to tell me that being gay is a sin, but your own lack of knoweldge of your own bible is laughable, the old testiment where it says to be gay is a sin was a guideline for preists in acient israel, did you know same tesitment says that wearing clothes of diffrent fabric is a sin? that stoning woman is a good idea? and tattos are forbidden? that you are foridden from eating pork? and the best one in my book, that polygamy is a good idea? good to know that you “choose” the guidelines that are convient for you

    But it’s okay, you can continue to pray the gay away and live in igorance all you want.

    Sincerely- Curt

    • michael m says:

      Curt missed an opportunity to make a homosexual rhym of how curt feels :It is this ,

      It’s ok
      You can try and wish away the ‘gay’
      But live in ignorance all the day . ?.

      Sounds to me that this is a cry from Curt that he has tried and failed , and tried and failed ?. Or it’s just Curt may want to hang on to what turns Curt on . Curt attacks because Curt is hurting ?. Keep the prayer going folks ; someone is praying for Curt and that may be why he is hurt because something may be happening .
      Talk to a smoker who wants to give up but can’t . Smokers hurt badly inside physically and spiritually .. Try and talk to them about giving up. After all the excuses they generally get angry . They know its hurting them ; but they just cannot give them up at the time .
      The Apostle Paul saw and heard the testimony of Stephen . Paul’s conscience was dissturbed . Paul got angry and went about on his mission to squash christianity out of existance more. Paul reacted against the goads on his mind before receiving his saviour , the Lord Jesus Christ .

      Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners ….. Paul exclaimed . Walk according to the new nature and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh . It you are still in bondage to a wrong lust , whether smoking of sex , you are probably not walking in the spirit . ?.??

  16. Curt says:

    Micheal, I am indeed gay, but I not tried to ever give it up, why would I, I’m not suffering, or ” walking in bondage lust “as you phrase it, nor is this a cry for help, this is a heads up for all you reilgious types who think its possible to change people by praying to a mysitcal unicorn in space,I find it rather funny how you’re sheeped into thinking this way, Why don’t you try thinking for yourself rather than listing to a book that outdates common sense

    • michael m says:

      Well Curt , you are a confessed homosexual , an athiest or an agnostic , and you infer you know a lot about the Bible ?. Have you read anything of note in it to cause you to say it ‘outdates common sense ‘ ?.
      Have you ever walked the ‘Roman Road ‘ it tells us we are all sinners , and we will all suffer the consequences of sin , but that God sent His own Son ,Jesus Christ to suffer the penalty of Sin for us and whoever believes and trusts in Him shall have deliverance from the consequences and the power of sin and also have Eternal life free from the grip of sin forever . Why don’t you at least type ‘the Romans Road ‘ and travel along it and see if the Bible actually does make sense ? 🙂

    • sara says:

      Curt- Your knowledge of scripture is limited. Homosexuality isn’t mentioned only in the Old Testament law, it’s in the New Testament too. Also, when Jesus defines marriage he starts with saying we are made male and female. Gender is central to marriage. Finally, in the Old Testament the laws did not all have the same weight, just like our own laws. There was no punishment for wearing clothes made from different materials, (it was to our understanding just a cultural marker) where on the other hand homosexual sex was punished by death-just like incest and child sacrifice.

      Whatever your orientation, it does not ultimately matter to Jesus. He knows you are a sinner just like us and he loves you anyway. Repent of your sins and you will be saved.

    • Marie says:

      Why were you wasting your time on this page? If you’re truly content with your life….

    • John says:

      Curt ask yourself where you are going when you die.

  17. Curt says:

    Micheal, yes, I am a homosexual, yes I do not believe in a god or gods, but I dont get your argument? ” you know about the bible, yet your a athiest/agonsitc” since when is it wrong to know knoweldge about the topic your trying to debate, and I’ll give you a tip, saying things like ” walking the roman road” what does this mean to a person whos agnostic? nothing, trying to argue a fact that means nothing to the other party is idoicy, and micheal, do you have any undestanding of a clut? what your telling me to do is join this clut and be brainwashed into thinking the way the chruch wants its peons to be.

    Sara, Yes my knoweldge of the bible is not 100%, but can you say yours is either? you say marraige, yet many places allow gay/lesbain/transgered marrige, again from my frist point, your chosing the rules that are convient for you, and brushed off a minor rule aka the frabic, and then you totally ingnored the stoning of women and polagamy,and totally focused on the homosexual part, which makes me think you have a rather strong opinion on just the homosexual part, I don’t like to jump to consulsions but it seems that you are just trying to flame me there.

    It seems to me your saying some rules dont hold the same weight as others, which is true but this logic is more towards a legal system, please do not mix state with reilgion,my understanding of the bible is that all the rules must be followed, would you skip one of the ten commandemts in favor of another?

    On a side note, I wish you people would give up the whole ” someone is praying for you” because this means nothing to me, it really feels like your trying to push your ideals and morals on me. I rember reading one part of the bible, where a man didnt understand the bible and he asked jesus, what should I do? jesus said ” love your fellow man” if you christains were really following the bible wouldnt this be the best policy for people who didnt belive or were gay or ect, rather than killing them? killing them instead of loving them seems like a BIG step from what your own savoir said.

    Im going to assuming your a woman. you would by your own choice join a reilgion that saying killing disbelivers and gays is the best policy, and if you dont behave like a woman should you could be stoned, or end up as a polgamists wife.

    I wish I had more time to write more

    • sara says:

      Hi Curt,
      I’m going to try to answer every point you’ve made. Forgive me if I miss one. But first I want to apologise. The church has done a bad job with homosexuality. I don’t blame you for being mad at the church. Your feelings are justified because having sex with someone of the same gender is no worse than any other sin a christian commits (and we all sin) yet we have treated it in a very unbalanced way. Anyway, on to my argument:

      Of course I can’t say my Bible knowledge isn’t 100%. I’m only human! But you are either unknowlegable about what the New Testament says about homosexuality or ignoring it. And as for many places allowing gay marriage, I don’t really care. We’re talking about Holy matrimony, being married in the eyes of God, not the state or particular churches.

      I’m focusing on homosexuality because this whole post is about homosexuality. Both men and women were stoned in Israel, it was a common form of capital punishment. While men in the Old Testament had multiple wives, it was not actually addressed in the law. All definitions of marriage in the Bible involves only two people. Israel was a theocracy (to my knowledge) so you are going to mix religion and law when discussing its legal system. And ours as well, since we orignally did form our legal system on a judeo-christian worldview.

      You are correct when you say all laws must be followed. They can’t and that is why we need Jesus! We can’t save ourselves. We are all lawbreakers unable to act like the God whose image we are made in. So when Jesus came he fullfilled the law so we don’t get the punishments we deserve for all the times we break it.

      I don’t know anyone who would kill a man for having sex with another man. If someone does that they probably deserve death themselves for some way they have broken the law. I know gay people and their sexuality is only a part of their identity, not all of it. I overlook how they are sinning in that area of their lives and am greatful when they overlook the ways I am bent towards sin (I have problems with anger and control).

      Human sexuality is complex. NO ONE is rejected by God just because they are attracted to someone of the same gender. That is a temptation and we are ALL tempted in some ways (if you could look into my heart you would see my struggles). The sin is to fullfill our temptations by doing things that displease God. Having sex or indulging in thoughts of having sex outside of marriage displeases God, all of it. Half of Christian men have problems with pornography, that is just as displeasing to God. God also says he hates divorce, but it still happens way too often in the church.

      When I say Jesus doen’t care about sexual orientation, I mean he isn’t going to not love someone just because they desire someone of the same gender. He is instead going to love them just as he loves me. His love is unconditional, but he does not leave us as we are. He instead helps us with our desires to sin. Having been around for a while, I don’t think my natural bents towards sin are ever going to go away. I’ll always be tempted to try to be in control or lose my temper, but God is working on me! When you say I am a liar, you are right. I’m also a thief. And an adulterer. God has every reason to hate me yet he sent Jesus to die for me. And he did the same for you.

      Finally, I don’t believe a woman can truly become a man. We cannot change things on the chromosomal level.

  18. Curt says:

    Sara, Another quick thing to think about, you said marriage is central to your gender, so does that mean a man who becomes a woman via gender reassignment therapy and marries a man, does that make him gay? or straight, And if Jesus really didn’t care about sexual orientation why is it even in the bible? contradiction right?

    And lol you say I’m a sinner but as a stated before, this means nothing to me, It may work with a person who believes in such things, but not with a person who doesn’t

    And I truly wonder, do you wish for peoples souls to be saved because the church requires you to love one another? or do you truly wish to help one another out of genuine caring and love, If the only reason you say things like ” repent and save your soul” is because the church is why even waste your time with false notions of caring, this sounds very much like lying to me

    Prov 6:16-19
    16 There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
    17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil,
    19 A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers.

    ” A False witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among bothers”

    something your lord HATES, off the top of my head there are 15 verses which talk against lying

  19. michael m says:

    If we say we have no sin , then according to God’s word . we lie and truth is not in us . All have sinned…. there is no one righteous . If we say we have no sin , the scriptures say , we lie and truth is not in us . If you say you haven’t sinned then you may feel you are righteous . But God’s word says ‘ their is none righteous , no not one ‘. It also says , The fool in his heart says , ‘ their is no God ‘ but we must acknowledge God , believe in Him , for Without faith it is impossible to please Him. Christ Jesus died for the unrighteous to bring us to God . Those who were satisfied with their own ‘righteousness’ He couldn’t help . But we must believe God and we must acknowledge we are sinners to say , and pray , God , be merciful to me a sinner ‘. If we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness . With such good news it makes sense to at least consider it ?.

  20. TJM says:

    I have a question. I’m a Christian man but am attracted to males. I choose not to lead that lifestyle of homosexuality but it isn’t easy. I understand that God drastically changes some people and their sin is “gone” per say. I want God to change me so I don’t have to deal with this anymore so it can go away. But it doesn’t. Am I just really messed up? I try to be as close to God as I can and I’m a leader in a Christian organization. But I’m still not changed inside. I’m my own worse enemy and no matter what I do no matter how hard I pray nothing changes inside of me with homosexuality. I’ve even told people about it. I just don’t know what to do.

    • sara says:

      I am a person who is really messed up. We all are. And you know what else is really messed up? I can tell that you are scared to tell people your struggles because the church does not handle this issue well and you are terrified of rejection. I wish I could hug you and cry.

      There is help out there. Temptation is not a sin and your temptations, like all temptations, are common to man. Have you heard of exodus international? They offer help from people who struggle with the same things you do. To be honest, you might always be attacted to other men to some degree just like I’ll always struggle with anger. But our stuggles make neither of us less as Christians. And I want you to know, no matter who you are attracted to you are my brother in Christ. Nothing can change that if Jesus is the true core of your identity.

      • TJM says:

        Thanks. I appreciate all what you have said. And my campus pastor and some of my brothers and sisters in Christ know and accept me. It’s just I guess there isn’t any support?? Like with pornography for instance, there are people that have that same problem and can all talk and support each other. I guess it’s just hard when I’m the only person with this sin in my church area. I just want someone to relate to or to talk to that understands what I’m going through I guess. I have fellowship, but it’s not really the same when people can’t relate. I guess.

  21. sara says:

    😦 Do you know the Gay Christian Network I don’t usually recommend them right off the bat because I don’t agree with the person who started the site, but I still think it can be a good resource because it is a site by people who struggle for people who struggle and it does allow for all points of view.

  22. HG says:

    Hey… I’m a teenage guy and I’ve been dealing with this sin ever since I can remember. This is my first time mentioning it even as I write this. I have also been a Christian and love the Lord. I believe He wants to use me for big things. I’ve just never been able to shake this sin! The Lord drew me to this post today and I wanted to say thank you. I never knew there were people out there who had actually CONQUERED this sin. I’ve always heard of people just “dealing with it” and pursuing heterosexual relationships. I was so encouraged when you pointed out that Satan makes repentance seem pointless by telling you that you can never change. I never realized it was Satan!! I laughed when I heard that because I thought, “How could I have not seen that?!” I am going to make it my goal to learn to love God with EVERYTHING and let Him restore me. Keep me in your prayers. God bless you and this ministry!

  23. all bark and bite says:

    HG, God bless you!

    (BTW, this is from a thirteen year old hardcore catholic hillbilly, living in a big city.
    this was my tangle with G6yness, and im sure others have hard a harder, more of ephiphanys about it, but, with my totally ME personal opinion through it all,here goes: )

    @everyone. I think our society is one that makes homos as quickly as it makes porn addictions, and liars, and that mean girl in your class. 🙂 i know myself that i never would have had any thoughts to be les, and when i heard ppl actually do this sort of thing, i was, to be truthful, disgusted. it made it difficult for me to be around other girls for a bit, and i started picking at my personality, trying to see if i was ***. and for a while, i thought i was, not because i felt attraction. oh no, but for the same reasons that, say, you know all the answers on a test, but when you think, “oh, no what if i forget them?!?!” and of course, then you do. if i had never found out about *** i wouldn’t even be here. (duh.) i was so nervous, wondering if i was gay that i almost was. ive prayed with my heart and mind open wide every night. guess what. IM NOT! no human is born a homo, same as they arent born a liar, or porn addicted, or a mean person. (well, maybe that last one some ppl ARE born with. 😉 ) homo is not the same as a mental illness or the same as being lactose intolerant. it is no where near as big a part of you. it IS a sin, same as lying, or…you know what i mean. it is a sin that you CAN overcome, same as you can (and i have…almost. :/ ) overcome lying. but our society teaches that it is not a sin, so then it does become a permanant part of your personality. just as lying would if it was promoted the same way. and for some ppl, lying is a part of them. but remember being tempted to sin, and sinning itself is a part of human nature. but the sin itself is NOT.

    God bless, (even you, curt,)
    bark and bite.

  24. Blake Segers says:

    I am 24 years old. I have been struggling with being gay for as long as I can remember. I have been raised in a Christian home all my life. My dad is a pastor so I know what the bible says about the homo sexual lifestyle. I don’t think people are born gay , myself included, I just don’t know when I started to slide into it. I’ve heard of people who fought with trying to compress their gay desires just to accept them years down the road. I told myself that that wouldn’t happen to me. The last few years however, I have become desensitized to my fantasies about other guys. At first I was very ashamed of myself when I would masturbate as I thought of my friends etc., but now it seems so normal. I go to church all the time and I use to regret the thoughts that I conjured up and would ask God to forgive me. Now my heart is growing hard and I’m just tired of trying. I’ve started to put myself out there for guys who might be interested and am starting to accept it. I hate being by myself because I’m seeing what I’m becoming yet, I still yearn for that lifestyle. Obviously, writing this I still have the desire to be straight. I argue with myself when I’m alone, beating up myself emotionally and even physically. I’ve started cutting myself because I just don’t have any self worth. I just wish I could talk to someone about this but if I do I’m afraid it would get back to my parents somehow. If they were to find out I know they would be devastated along with their ministry. I know that if I don’t have some help soon, then this time next year I won’t be able to turn around.

    • Sara says:

      Oh Blake,
      I am so sorry. Please, please contact Exodus International It’s an organization of other Christians who struggle with same sex attraction. God knows exactly how you feel and it’s ok to struggle, we all struggle with something. But living in secret and in shame will kill you. Please don’t hide in shame. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

  25. Joseph says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you have felt in your past because I am feeling that way now. In the past I was committing homosexuality and I knew its wrong but I ignored Gods voice too. I am now back on track. God will help me through it as we’ll as anyone else that follows him. Remember God doesn’t hate the person he hates the sin. People don’t always want to see the truth. Many people want to think that their feelings are always the right ones. If you look around more and more sins have became more acceptable around the world. We all need to keep praying for each other. God loves us all and wants the best for us.

  26. kenneth says:

    Thanks you god for this I’m battling with every day I want to stop but I give into my temptations….. Please pray for me and know I ready to change me life

  27. Dave Pierce says:

    My heart was touched by Jackie’s testimony. I didn’t know that there was a organized group of delivered homosexuals. My son is gay, and I have long prayed that he receives his healing as Jackie has. Thank you Jackie. Your words give me hope for my son. Stay strong in your walk and ministry. Your brother in Christ, Dave

  28. Ton Paliin says:

    Sorry, I copy my answer to my other posts on yahoo answer, please read it.
    I was gay myself, and I’m asking God great help for me to change.
    Hi, I’m author of a book about how a child can become gay, you can check it at
    There are many reasons why people can become gay.
    1. They are not around with men, or not mostly with them, and the child don’t have people on his background talking a lot about women.
    2. At age as young as 5 I’ve seen a young cute boy, holding a girl’s ass, and they are both stranger to each others, I look at the boy, and he just smiled at me. Because at young age, some child are already trained by their parents to love women. Even my nephew when he saw a woman riding on a motorcycle, he said, “wow, sexy.” Which I know he learned it from his uncle. But being far from father, not teaching his child to be strong, or things about girls, will make the child blank about women.
    3. Being friend with men, and talking lots about sex, will make the men’s hormone more active, for me, and having practice it day by day, will make a man think of a woman always. But having no male friends, and less active, will make the mind not operate like the other normal man.
    4. Having sex experience or sexually abused by heterosexual is worst thing, because it’s what happened to me that’s why I become gay. And I don’t have a father who tells me to be strong, nor about women, and no brothers to help, even though I have, and no male friends.

    Actions to become straight:
    1. It’s very hard to become straight, it’s a process, and here’s the process:
    a. Religion is not just a BS,
    b. Accepting God Christ is GREAT, but knowing and saying this to GOD as your prayer.
    FATHER GOD, you are the creator of me, and you know who I am. Through the help of Jesus Christ our Lord, please help me change my gayness. Please bring me HOLY SPIRIT to change my eyes, my heart, my lust and my struggle with my gender.

    What I did to help my self to stop from being gay.
    1st. I quit looking at a boy, if there’s a boy, and you see great body, quickly blur your view, or look down, or look left, wherever you’ll avoid that person or that man.
    Do that everyday, and you’ll see someday, you’ll ignore men when you see them walking by.
    2nd. Satan can put a lot of work on your body, and tease you more about women, but asking from HOLY SPIRIT a great help, will make your heart stronger and will help you change. It happened to me.
    3rd. Whenever you’re thinking of sex about man, quickly close the videos, quickly take off your sight from those magazines, and pray to God. Or do other things, but praying to God is best, or reading the Bible. Doing other things will make you practice that when you see hot men’s body, you quickly can ignore it, because you can quickly put your minds to other things. For example, if you see hot boy, on advertisement, don’t click it, or don’t look at it, minimize your browser, close it, or restore it or scroll down, just don’t pay attention to men, and you’ll help yourself with that. Until you practice yourself not paying attention or getting easily attracted to men.
    4th. Mind set- Always think of man like, they have balls, so what, you have balls as well!!! You say, theirs are bigger than yours, that’s why you’re attracted, then say, fine, mine is small, who cares, this is what God has given to me, and i’ll just be contented with it.

    There’s so many things about being gay that we can do, and here I wrote is not more than enough, but please do visit my website, and get my book, it’s full of stories about how a gay person can become gay. And don’t worry, it’s for free, unless you are very kind to donate.

    Just read the book, and there’s so many things there that will discuss how such parents will avoid children from getting sexually abuse, or to turn to become a gay person.

    My book is available at

    AND TO ALL GAYS WHO WILL HATE ME with my post, telling gay is not bad, NO ONE ON EARTH IS MORE F****** GAY THAN I WAS! But being gay, serves you a lot of troubles, and it’s really hard being gay. Some parents will wonder why, some men who doesn’t like gay will laugh, but just read my book and you will understand why.

    I wrote the book, because GOD told me to write it, so I can help people. Please do share it to your friends, on facebook, twitter, to your other social networking site. etc.
    Sorry for my Grammar.

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