genisisAgain, the christian faith has been cheapened and the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow has invited people to deface the bible. As per BBC News, “Jane Clarke, herself a Christian, had said she wanted people who felt marginalised to be able to write their stories back into the Bible.”

As a result the Stop Defacing the Bible website  

came about as a result of and installation at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, which openly invite people to write on and in the Holy Bible (As seen left). All Christians of all denominations consider Holy Indeed we consider this the inspired Word of God and an insult to faith.

Ill Conceived idea
The exhibition was ill conceived idea. Collectively, Christians were not properly consulted on this issue, neither proper consideration given to the offense it would cause.

The Wide Issues
This in itself raises wider issues about our society:

• How can this form of expression be deemed as acceptable within a country which was built on Christian values?

• Is it ok to publically insult the Christian faith?

• What is the state of leadership that does not call an immediate stop to this particular ‘type’ of expression?

•Is there an underline agenda by the people who put on the exhibition, or a misjudged concept?

• What message does this send out wider public about how to treat people of faith who follow God?

What Next
We would like all Christians to join our petition. Once collated, we intend to put forward our collective disapproval to our countries leaders, for the immediate removal of this exhibition.”

If this was the Koran, we all know what the uproar would be from the muslim community. How much more should we stand up for the one and only true God?

As per the above, please sign the petition by clicking on THIS LINK and encourage others to do so also. Please dont feel obligated at all to give any money on the next page after signing the petition. You will see it says ‘Your signature has been recorded’ on the same page.

  1. Erin says:

    This is purely disgusting!

  2. Marie says:

    I just signed, but I was disappointed by the screen immediately following it asking me for money. I won’t be forwarding this one, unfortunately, for that reason alone. iPetition really shouldn’t do that – it cheapens the message.

    BTW, I saw this on another blog, and someone made that same point – there is no WAY this would happen to a Koran. It wouldn’t be ‘politically correct’, after all. The ‘religion of peace’ would probably issue a fatwah and heads would roll!

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    Marie, it is not voluntary and not compulsary as it does say ‘Your signature has been recorded’ on the very next page. Dont feel obligated at all to give money

  4. j.d. stegall says:

    this is a shame– more like blasphemous. but in the end the bible will stand the test of time.

  5. Not as bad as what we did to it. In an Australian school when we got them handed out (should be illegal). We changed words, drew penises in them. I personallly just threw mine in the bin. Remember although Australia is mostly Christian (though not very devout ones), the children a majorly atheist.

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