What do you say to someone who has just blasphemed? Do you confront him? Must a person keep the Sabbath? Is the fifth of the Ten Commandments relevant when it comes to reaching the lost?

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  1. Yos says:

    The part on the Sabbath was very brief. Are your thoughts the same same as before on it?

  2. Yos says:

    Wait on that. I should finish the video as they may have came back to it.

  3. Yos says:

    Hmmm. The first statement stands.

  4. Alan Higgins says:

    Yos, my thoughts are the same as before. The bible says that noone should judge us concerning the sabbath. It also says that one person esteems one day above another and someone else esteems them all the same but let everyone be convinced in his own mind. That is why I do not make a big deal about it. If someone wants to observe it, then it is up to them but it has no bearing on a persons salvation

    Ps it was just a coincidence that I put this video up

  5. Yos says:

    (Ya had me wondering. haha)

  6. JJ says:


    I very much appreciate your website. I read it often and it is awesome to see the work you are doing in the UK. The Sabbath question definitely poses some interesting questions. Is the rest of the 10 Commadments still in force as God’s law but one he has made void (ie only for Jews). I am familiar with the writings in Paul where “sabbath” days are mentioned. While there is no conclusive evidence one interpretation could be that this referred to the many “Sabbaths” feast days etc. It seemed the early church held to the Sabbath tradition although changing it to Sunday. Just food for thought. This is an issue I ponder from time to time. I will continue to pray for wisdom and God’s holy spirit in this area.

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