1. Miss-Melly says:

    Ok I am sitting in a waterpark in Australia crying after watching this clip. Jesus is mighty to save, without Him we are all destined to hell and to die in slavery to satan. I am so grateful to you Lord Jesus for saving me even though I don’t deserve it, please help me Lord Jesus to turn away from my sin

  2. His album is hot! Never a disappointment with Da T.R.U.T.H. Da T.R.U.T.H. is one of my favorite artists along with others from CMR, Lampmode, and Reach. Christian Hip Hop for me personally ministers to me more than listening to a gospel song at times. Because with hip hop you can be a lil more creative and accurate in your expressions. Whenever I listen to artists from the labels I mentioned above I’m challenged and desire to read my Word more, and that’s the truth! I’ve been supporting and ministered to from Christian Hip Hop for years.

    Urbanitez Outreach

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