After the whole Ambassador episode, I was saddened that it seemed that the whole thing was repeating itself once again with another one of my favorite christian rappers that I really look up to with biblically sound lyrics. You can read for yourself his statement below 

Da TRUTH apology

So what should our response be? Well we should pray for him and his family during this difficult period. We don’t know all the details but obviously his ministry and his witness has been damaged.

Now someone may say to me, why do I seem to be more defensive to these two rappers than I was with Juanita Bynum or Paula White? The difference is the way that they and the ministry dealt with the fall. You can see that in both cases, church discipline and/or a attitude of repentance was exercised by the person or the ministry, which is the sign of a healthy ministry. Falling is not the problem but how the fall is handled especially when someone is in a public ministry because it can have such a damaging effect. Is it handled with love and with in view of honoring God so that his name is not blasphemed? Does the person have or made to have a break from ministry (which is actually loving) or do they try to keep things going on to ‘keep the money coming in’ as some have done in the past?

David murdered and commited adultery. Yet David repented and God called him a man after his own heart. I pray that these two will come back with a great testimony of God’s grace.

  1. Nicholas says:

    This is a humbling reminder of the need for God’s grace in all of our lives. Grace to resist (Titus 2:11-12) and to receive forgiveness of sin (1 John 1:9).

  2. Nicole says:

    Agree Nicholas. I am praying their marriages as well as my own. Outside of Gods grace this could have been any of us! wow…

  3. srcrosby says:

    Thank you for your pasison for Truth. The book “Healing: Hope or Hype?” may be of interest to you.

    “Nonsense and reprehensible corruption frequently accompany the practice of believing prayer for the physical healing of our bodies within the Christian community. For the love of money and the gain of reputation and fame, unscrupulous “Christian” ministers often slander the Lord’s name and abusively victimize those with genuine physical need. Dr. Stephen Crosby presents a biblical, Christ-centered, reasonable and redemptive alternative to the saturation of hype and manipulation in popular Christian media, thought, and ministry regarding the power of God to heal our bodies.”

    Publisher’s Web site:
    ISBN: 978-1-60693-808-9 / SKU: 1-60693-808-8

  4. Brian Hughes says:

    What is a “moral indiscretion”? This statement reminds me of Bill Clinton when he said “inappropriate relationship” in regards to committing adultery with Monica Lewinsky…I don’t even see that term in any translations of scripture. This man has such legalistic lyrics in his songs and portrays a man willing to being transparent with such conviction in his album Open Book. This is a terrible example of confession my brother. I’m challenging you because of your public ministry to just let go of the self preservation of your image to the public and be real with everyone, whatever it is. We need to stop watering down sin and confession to suit our public relations and media presence on a personal level and a professional level. We are all lying, cheating, horrible wretches and the only One who redeems us and cleanses us is Jesus Christ…not our articulation and illusions of having it all together. Not our talents, skills and abilities. We need to stop trying to save ourselves and let Jesus do the saving. My prayers are with you and your family.

    • Alan Higgins says:

      He didnt have to go into detail t us. The fact is he has repented to God and he has apologized to his listeners. He has not tried to justify it in any way so I’m not sure what you exoected him to say.

    • denny says:

      sounds like you really want to know what he did. he has a ministry surrounding him and holding him accountable. why must you make it your job to do the same. we can pray for him. we don’t have to know all the details. is he required to confess to you or the whole public? I would think he should confess to God, his family, and his pastor, and close friends. the whole world doesn’t need to know his issues.

  5. D Carter says:

    Thank You Allan Higgins, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m so tired of Christians setting there own standard of righteousness slapping a cross on it and then calling it Christian. Da Truth has apologized, repented and most of all has been forgiven by God and thankfully his wife too. To Brian Hughes God forbid the next time you sin how would you feel about getting up in front of the whole church and just being “real with everyone!” Especially when it comes to the thoughts that enter our minds. I don’t think you’d want everyone knowing your business. Why? because it’s your business. It’s between you, God, and to some degree your wife depending on what the sin is. No the term “moral Indiscretion” is not in scripture but again who are you to say what wording he should use when apologizing. Unless you know him personally you sure do seem to know allot about the intentions of his heart as he was apologizing especially assuming that he’s trying to preserve his image. THE MAN BLEW IT! and there is not a rock big enough that he could crawl under to hide it either! He’s even written about it extensively on his newest project. That’s obvious to anybody who keeps up with his ministry and others like his. So please until you get your glorified body and sin no more or somehow reach perfection, lay off the guy. What ever you believe his intentions were or were not, the fact is he’s been forgiven by God, no longer declared guilty and that’s all that matters!

  6. The humility with which Da Truth came forth & the fact that he put ministry on hold in light of his “moral indiscretion” to me shows a sincere an truly repentant trying to do right before God and before man. We all fall short of the glory of God, but a sincere repentant heart is never rejected by God when we ask for his forgiveness because Christ died even for the sins we “sound Christians” haven’t committed yet. The grace of God in Christ Jesus is why we have hope today. I pray that this grace will allow us to grow in the Lord.

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