Charismatic Chaos

Posted: November 20, 2009 in False Doctrine, False Teachers, Theology and Doctrine
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Following my videos on Give me the Truth Part 1 and Part 2 and my post on ‘Did God actually say that?‘ I realise that the things mentioned in these posts happen predominantly in charismatic circles where I came from. Now let me say from the very start that not everything in charismatic churches is bad as there is bad in every church and I would agree with John Macarthur when he says:

I’m very much aware of the fact that not everyone who is associated with the Charismatic movement is engaged in the kind of extreme error that we will be, from time to time, referring to.  There are people who are more moderate.  There are people within the Charismatic movement who, themselves, are very, very concerned about the heresies and the aberrations that exist within that movement

However, there are so many things in there which is error that we cannot ignore it.

Here are some classic examples

Now there may be somethings below that you may not agree with but on the whole, I think that John Macarthur hits it right on the head. You can listen to each sermon by clicking on the appropriate link or download it by right clicking on the link and saving the files. 

Does God Still Give Revelation?

Does God Still Give Prophecies?

Proper Biblical Interpretation

Does God Do Miracles Today?

The Third Wave

How Do Spiritual Gifts Operate?

What Was Happening in the Early Church?

Does God Still Heal?

Speaking in Tongues

What Is True Spirituality?

Does God Promise Health and Wealth? Part 1

Does God Promise Health and Wealth? Part 2

Does Experience Determine Truth?

  1. Marie says:


    I continue to be amazed at how similar in some ways our faith journeys have been. “Charismatic Chaos” was a book that was life-changing to me – Macarthur confirmed what I had started, in doubtful moments, to suspect myself but didn’t have the courage to face. Hank Hanengraaf’s “Counterfeit Revival” was another one.

    For the longest time, I was afraid to read this stuff, but it brought me right back into the Bible and what it really says, as well as assured me being “intellectual” was not such a bad thing after all. If only more in the Church were more “intellectual” and discerning!

    The sermons posted above are transcripts from his website; basically cover the same material as the book but in slightly more condensed form.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hi Alan,

    If I didn’t see it, I would have a hard time believing it- people being deceived by the enemy himself through unholy evangelists! These counterfeit preachers are using God’s sacred word for their gain. Their time is coming! I just pray that Christ comes back before more are deceived.

  3. j.d. stegall says:

    this video is so true of what is happening in most churches unfortunately. we got clowns like Benny Hinn shooting lightning bolts andblowing hurricane winds across the stage of susposed healing power and other preachers preachin’ that get rich quick b/c Jesus can be your ‘sugar dady’ in so many words. the false preachers and prophets make a mockery out of God’s Word, but the bible is clear, “God will not be mocked, a man shall reap what he sows.” thanks for another powerful video to help those Christians decieved by these imposters of the faith to go back to the foundation of Gods Word.

  4. Okay Sorry Folks I 100% disagree what Macarthur stays in his Tongues Speech. To me there could not be more of a False teaching than listening to him. First I am a Baptist and was taugh Tongues do not exist today. Well one evening by myself I no longer have to work as my husband supports us. My son is grown up and I can devote myself 100% to God and when I told him that I got the Gift of Tongues!!! I did not know much about it and was a bit scared. I then had to research it. I of course am outcasted by most religions but I know it was given to me as a Gift from God. Macarthur distorts everything. Yes you do not think about what you are saying. If you do a youtube Google on Tongues there is even science proof that the language part of your brain is not used. When I speak in Tongues praying my mind I pray in English and my mouth prays in the Unknown language. I can do this for hours comfortably. Now can I pray in English outloud comfortable for an hour worshipping God.. NOPE.. but I can in Tongues. So what is so bad about that? When I speak in Tongues I cannot think Angry or awful things and I cannot willfully want to try and say something awful in Tongues.. hmm.. is that how God works or the Devil? Here is the Bottom line. Satan does not want us speaking in Tongues so he does everything to stop it. Yes I agree some of those Church might abuse the Gift and Also not everyone gets it so to push it onto people is not right. So just because you are not a healer does not mean you will not go to heaven. Just like if you do not talk in Tongues does not mean you are not filled with the Spirit.. BUT that is what they teach which is wrong. It clearly states everyone gets at least 1 of the Gifts but not all and per God’s will. The main issue is if you do not have Tongues you cannot understand it. Only if you have a close friend you trust that got it. That you trust. Otherwise it seems foolishness to the person who does not have it. Either way that man has it all wrong. Read the Scripture yourself.. he distorts it’s meaning.

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